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ams AG, formerly known as austriamicrosystems AG and still known as AMS, is a multinational semiconductor manufacturer

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26th April 2021
High-performance readout ICs lower assembly costs

ams has added new products to its family of readout ICs for digital X-ray flat panel detectors (FPDs), providing new flexible connector options which are easier for customers to assemble into their products at lower cost. 

8th March 2021
ams innovation recognised with Elektra Awards nominations

ams has announced that it is shortlisted for three Elektra awards in recognition of recent breakthroughs made by the company in medical sensing technology. Two ams optical sensors have separately been shortlisted for the Award for Excellence in Product Design (Medical), while the company’s Advanced Optical Sensors division is shortlisted in the Award for Design Team of the Year.

24th February 2021
Rotary position sensor for automotive electrification

ams has announced the introduction of the AS5116 magnetic rotary position sensor, designed to support safer, smarter and greener mobility. By offering accurate, contactless angle measurements in demanding automotive applications such as high-speed motors, it enables automotive manufacturers to accelerate the electrification trend. 

23rd February 2021
Complete solution for 3D dToF sensing in mobile devices

ams has demonstrated a working system for 3D dToF sensing (direct Time-of-Flight), offering a complete solution for 3D sensing for use in mobile devices for Android.

16th February 2021
Small proximity sensor for wireless earbuds

ams has launched the TMD2636, a fully integrated proximity sensor which reportedly occupies 30% less space than currently available solutions, and so delivers trans-formational added value to manufacturers of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds.

15th February 2021
ams awarded IoT Wearables Innovation of the Year

ams has announced that it has been named winner of the IoT Breakthrough Award in the category of IoT Wearables Innovation of the Year for the AS7038RB, an ultra-thin sensor offering blood oxygen monitoring capability for earbuds, patches, and other wearable devices.

11th February 2021
New line scan image sensors enable higher throughput

ams has launched the 4LS series, adding new faster and higher resolution line scan image sensors to its broad family of sensors for machine-vision applications. Use of cameras equipped with 4LS sensors will help operators of the latest smart factories to maintain the highest standards of quality control while increasing the volume of production output.

8th February 2021
Lateral flow test solution to help fight COVID-19

ams has announced that it has chosen the high-performance cloud infrastructure developed by Extra Horizon to power a range of innovative point-of-care, spectral sensor-based solutions that harness the full power of digital health. Particularly in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic where fast and accurate testing is crucial to safeguarding public health, ams and Extra Horizon’s connected sensor solution and the highly accurate and ...

2nd February 2021
Miniature ambient light sensors for smartphone displays

ams has announced the TSL2520 and TSL2521 ambient light sensors which fit in a tiny bezel or gap to enable a smartphone’s screen to stretch from edge-to-edge of the chassis with no aperture. By using the TSL2520/21 to maximise the viewable screen area, smartphone manufacturers can provide the best possible user experience while enabling effective camera image correction. 

2nd February 2021
ams recieves Huaqin Technology Best Collaboration Award

ams has announced the company received the Best Collaboration Award at the 2020 Huaqin Core Supplier Conference for its product performance, delivery capability, and service. Xichun Yao, Vice President of Supply Chain at Huaqin Technology, personally presented the award to ams, confirming the high esteem of Huaqin Technology for the ams brand and a shared vision of long-term cooperation between the two companies.

26th January 2021
High-speed industrial image sensor family launched

ams has introduced the CSG family of image sensors, enabling manufacturers to develop industrial vision equipment which achieves higher resolution at very high frame rates. The new CSG14K and CSG8K sensors, supplied in – respectively – a standard 1” or a 1/1.1” optical format, allow factory operators to increase throughput while improving quality, providing for better detection of defects in high-speed inspection applicati...

14th January 2021
VCSEL IR emitter family for industrial mass market

 ams has introduced a family of infrared VCSEL IR emitter (Vertical-Cavity Sur-face-Emitting Laser) flood illuminators which help industrial manufacturers to develop new and innovative applications for robots, cobots, autonomous guided vehicles, and smart devices which perform 2D and 3D optical sensing. 

11th January 2021
VCSEL flood illuminator for IR illumination sensing

ams has announced the pre-release of the new TARA2000-AUT family of VCSEL (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser) flood illuminators for automotive applications which are to be qualified to the AEC-Q102 automotive quality standard and the ISO 26262 functional safety standard.

6th January 2021
Rapid saliva antigen testing device for COVID-19

ams and Precision Biomonitoring have announced a global partnership to share technologies to develop an innovative rapid saliva antigen testing device for the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus. The partner-ship will see ams’ innovative spectral sensor technology paired with Precision Biomonitoring’s lateral flow and digital capabilities.

18th December 2020
IQbuds2 MAX smart hearing buds to enhance experience

ams has disclosed that its Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) chip technology provides the personalised noise attenuation in the new IQbuds2 MAX product from Nuheara. The appeal of the Nuheara earbuds is that they combine playback sound quality with personalised augmented hearing features to enhance the hearing of users with mild hearing challenges.

16th December 2020
ams recognised in Diversity Leaders 2021 survey

ams has been recognised in The Diversity Leaders 2021 survey, published by the Financial Times, which ranks Europe’s most inclusive companies in terms of diversity of gender, age, ethnicity, disability, and sexual orientation.

9th December 2020
New demo system combines 3D sensing with eye tracking

ams has enabled automotive manufacturers to create proof of concept demonstrations through a new automotive driver monitoring system (DMS) demonstrator which implements 3D and eye tracking for use in advanced safety functions such as drowsiness detection and distraction alerts.

8th December 2020
Accurate digital temperature sensor for wearable devices

ams has announced the launch of the AS6221, an accurate digital temperature sensor. The AS6221 achieves measurement accuracy of ±0.09°C, over a temperature range from 20 to 42°C, making it ideal for the measurement of human body or skin temperature. No competing digital temperature sensor on the market today can achieve accuracy better than ±0.10°C. 

3rd December 2020
Small form-factor colour detection sensor for smartphones

ams has releases the TCS3410, a combined ambient light/RGB colour and flicker detection sensor with a tiny 2x1mm footprint, further expanding customer options for use in their bezel-less and ultra-narrow bezel smartphones.

3rd December 2020
Lateral flow test device for providing fast COVID tests

ams has announced that it has been awarded funding by the Austrian Federal Ministries for Transport, Innovation, and Technology, and for Digital and Economic Affairs, to speed development of a cloud-connected, highly-sensitive, accurate and unique Lateral Flow Test (LFT) to be used in the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus. 

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