IQbuds2 MAX smart hearing buds to enhance experience

18th December 2020
Alex Lynn

ams has disclosed that its Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) chip technology provides the personalised noise attenuation in the new IQbuds2 MAX product from Nuheara. The appeal of the Nuheara earbuds is that they combine playback sound quality with personalised augmented hearing features to enhance the hearing of users with mild hearing challenges.

The buds, retailing online at €379, deliver an option for consumers who are not ready for hearing aids, but who are looking for an outstanding music listening experience as good as that of conventional earphones. 

“Nuheara is blazing a trail for a new type of smart hearing device that enhances the hearing experience of those consumers who up until now have been underserved by traditional hearing solutions,” said Christian Feierl, Head of Segment Audio Sensing at ams. “For this type of product, broadband ANC from ams is a must-have feature to enable the hearing buds to block out acoustic distractions from the ambient environment.”

The IQbuds2 MAX have met with critical acclaim around the globe, including TIME 100 Best Inventions of 2020 and winning three CES Innovation Awards in 2020. Many reviewers are particularly impressed by Nuheara’s EAR ID personalisation system. This enables users to assess their own hearing thresholds in each ear and calibrate the buds to their own hearing profile. 

The outstanding sound reproduction and hearing enhancement which have impressed reviewers are dependent on the excellent noise attenuation – typically more than 30dB over a broad frequency range – provided by ams’ class-leading ANC chip technology. ANC from ams provides the near-silent acoustic background on which Nuheara’s IQbuds2 MAX project the user’s chosen types of sound, delivering on the promise that you ‘hear what you want to hear’.

The recent ‘Comfortable, Smart, High-Performing Earbuds’ survey by ams found that alongside performance, comfort and secure fit, digital ANC is a major differentiator for earbud manufacturers.

“ams’ ANC technology is at the heart of the hearing enhancement features provided by the IQ-buds2 MAX,” said David Cannington, Cofounder and CMO of Nuheara. “That’s in part because of the attenuation provided by the ams ANC chip, but it’s also thanks to the excellent support for tuning and design implementation which the audio experts at ams provided to our design engineering team.”

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