Thirona raises €7.5M to accelerate precision medicine

11th September 2023
Sheryl Miles

Thirona, a global company specialised in advanced analysis of thoracic CT images with artificial intelligence, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of its new investment.

The Company has secured €7.5 Million ($8 Million) of financing through a €5 Million investment round from HERAN Partners and Borski Fund, and a €2.5 Million grant from European Innovation Council (EIC).

Thirona is at the forefront of transforming medical treatment and intervention pathways for lung diseases through artificial intelligence technologies, ultimately improving patient care and outcomes. The Company's advanced capabilities in pre-operative and intra-operative imaging have the potential to significantly enhance the precision, accuracy, and efficiency of (robotic) bronchoscopic and surgical lung interventions, enabling easier-to-perform and less invasive procedures.

Thirona’s LungQ platform powers a growing number of imaging-based exploratory research studies and clinical trials for development of novel pharmaceutical drugs. Having surpassed a total number of 15 million images analysed, the company evolved to a technologically mature, globally recognised expert in advanced image analysis.

With this financing, Thirona plans to accelerate the adoption of its break-through innovations for precision medicine.

"We are very pleased with the confidence our investors have shown in our vision and capabilities," said Eva van Rikxoort, Founder and CEO of Thirona. "This funding will enable us to continue pushing the boundaries of AI-powered imaging and help advance personalised treatment for lung patients around the world."

Katleen Vandersmissen from HERAN Partners, one of the key investors of this round, expressed enthusiasm about the company's potential impact, stating: "Thirona has demonstrated exceptional promise in the field of medical imaging. We are excited to support their mission to revolutionise healthcare through AI technology."

According to Simone Brummelhuis from Borski Found, the latest investment will provide the company with the resources to expand its market presence.

As Brummelhuis said: “Thirona has achieved major growth milestones, forged co-innovation partnerships with leading medical companies, and became leader in the MedTech space for lung image analysis.”

Rita Priori, Chief Technology Officer at Thirona, concludes: “The future of healthcare is undergoing a transformation, and we are at the forefront of this evolution, leading the way in our field. With the support of the investors, we are well geared to have our technology make a significant impact on patient care and the medical industry.”

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