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Top 5 innovations following the Farnborough International Airshow

25th July 2022
Paige West

Electronic Specifier takes a look at the top 5 innovations announced during the Farnborough International Airshow 2022.

Raytheon UK and alta announce plan to join forces

At the Farnborough Airshow 2022, Raytheon UK and alta, the mentoring platform for women in aerospace, announced a partnership to further support women in aviation and aerospace as they work together towards a gender-balanced industry.

alta is a mentor matching platform hosted by the Royal Aeronautical Society, and developed with a range of partners, to provide mentoring opportunities and a support network to professional women in the aviation and aerospace sectors as a practical solution to the lack of gender diversity in the industry.

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eVTOL vehicle cabin concept unveiled at Airshow

Supernal revealed its initial eVTOL vehicle cabin concept at Farnborough International Airshow, providing the first look at how Hyundai Motor Group is integrating automotive capabilities to develop the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) market.

Supernal partnered with Hyundai’s design studios to create the cabin concept as it works to certify its eVTOL vehicle for commercial use in the United States starting in 2028 – and in the EU and UK shortly after. Beyond the vehicle, Supernal is collaborating with external partners and Hyundai’s more than 50 affiliates – which span automobiles, automotive parts, construction, robotics and autonomous driving – to responsibly co-create the expansive AAM value chain.

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Unlocking innovative hypersonic technologies

A new programme supported by leading aerospace companies aims enhance UK defence capabilities through the development of innovative hypersonic technologies.

The Hypersonic Air Vehicle Experimental (HVX) programme is currently supported by Reaction Engines, Rolls-Royce, the Royal Air Force’s Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO), the UK Government’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and the UK’s National Security Strategic Investment Fund (NSSIF).

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easyJet and Rolls-Royce to develop hydrogen combustion engine technology

easyJet and Rolls-Royce announced a new partnership, H2ZERO, to develop hydrogen combustion engine technology capable of powering a range of aircraft.

Both companies have committed to working together on a series of engine tests on the ground, starting later this year and have a shared ambition to take the technology into the air. The objective of the partnership is to demonstrate that hydrogen has the potential to power a range of aircraft from the mid-2030s onwards.

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Propelling the design and development of a unique freight delivery service

Hybrid Air Vehicles has launched a partner programme to propel the design specification of Airlander 50, its freight delivery solution.

Airlander 10 is the world’s largest aircraft. A plane/airship hybrid, it is designed to stay airborne for up to five days at a time to fulfil a wide range of communication and survey roles, as well as cargo carrying and tourist passenger flights. As Airlander 10 gears up to go into full-scale production, Airlander 50 is the company’s next focus.

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