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Five-level transmitter supports 16 outputs

16th April 2024
Mick Elliott

Authorised distributor Mouser Electronics is now stocking the TX75E16 16-channel five-level transmitter from Texas Instruments.

Designed for ultrasound imaging systems, the transmitter integrates on-chip floating power supplies to reduce the required number of high-voltage power supplies.

The device is a highly integrated, high-performance transmitter ideal for a range of applications, including non-destructive testing, SONAR, LIDAR, and marine navigation systems.

It features a pulser circuit that generates five-level high-voltage pulses (up to ±100V) that excite multiple channels of an ultrasound transducer.

The TX75E16 transmitter supports 16 outputs and offers a maximum output current of 2A. The TX75E16 integrates all the decoupling capacitors required for the floating supplies and internal bias voltages, which significantly reduces the required number of external capacitors.

The device, specified for operation from 0°C to 70°C, is available in a 10 mm × 10 mm 144-pin FC-BGA package (ALH package).

An on-chip beamformer enables long-duration patterns for Shear Wave imaging.

To protect the device from damage due to improper configuration, an internal error flag register can detect faulty conditions and configure the device in shutdown mode automatically.

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