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7th July 2021
AMS reference design kit for Tanner IC design tools

X-FAB Silicon Foundries has announced the release of a reference design kit for Tanner analogue/mixed-signal (AMS) software from the EDA segment of Siemens Digital Industries Software. The new kit is based on silicon-proven circuitry, providing full coverage of the flow to design and simulate analogue and mixed-signal ICs.

16th April 2021
Automotive embedded flash with 180nm high-voltage CMOS

X-FAB Silicon Foundries has introduced a new embedded Flash memory capability for its XP018 high-voltage automotive process. This new Flash IP leverages X-FAB’s already widely proven Silicon Oxide Nitride Oxide Silicon (SONOS) technology, which offers a combination of elevated levels of performance and best-in-class reliability.

29th March 2021
Process variant brings boost in photodiode responsiveness

X-FAB Silicon Foundries has made augmentations that extend the scope of its XS018 180nm sensor process. As a result, the company is now able to offer a photodiode-specific process core module. Whereas previously the XS018 process had been mainly focused on the fabrication of multi-pixel CMOS image sensors, this new module is dedicated to photodiode fabrication.

26th March 2021
X-FAB enters into collaboration with IHP

X-FAB Silicon Foundries and IHP have announced an industry-academic partnership. The objective of the cooperation between these two bodies, which brings together X-FAB’s proficiency in semiconductor manufacture with IHP’s wireless communication expertise, is to exchange knowledge and establish mutually beneficial engineering synergies.

12th February 2021
APD and SPAD devices enhanced with photon detection

X-FAB Silicon Foundries has just introduced its latest generation of avalanche photodiode (APD) and single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) devices. Leveraging its proven automotive-qualified 180nm XH018 high-voltage process, X-FAB’s new APDs and SPADs benefit from innovative architectural modifications, with substantial improvements in performance exhibited compared with the company’s earlier devices (which were initially announced back...

1st December 2020
Microfluidic structures on CMOS dies

X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE has announced that it is now able to offer a series of solutions that support the implementation of microfluidic structures directly on to CMOS dies. Through these, customers will be better able to address commercial opportunities arising that relate to lab-on-a-chip, DNA sequencing and synthesis, rare cell sorting, medical implants, pharmaceutical research, drug administering, food safety testing and many other applica...

7th October 2020
I-fuse OTP memory solution on X-FAB 130nm RF-SOI

X-FAB Silicon Foundries and with Attopsemi, have entered into a collaboration to satisfy the memory requirements of 5G technology. The companies have announced successful qualification of Attopsemi’s I-fuse OTP memory in relation to X-FAB’s XR013 open-platform foundry 130nm RF-SOI technology.

1st July 2020
Jörg Doblaski takes on the role of X-FAB CTO

X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE has announced the appointment of Jörg Doblaski as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). He fills the role of former CTO Dr. Jens Kosch, who is becoming an X-FAB Fellow and will serve as an adviser to the company’s CEO Rudi De Winter.

21st May 2020
X-FAB expands offering for silicon-based microfluidics

In order to address heightening demands, X-FAB Silicon Foundries has taken steps to simplify the integration of microfluidic elements with CMOS and SOI dies. Part of its extensive MEMS-oriented technology offering, the company is now able to provide a large variety of process capabilities for silicon- based microfluidic systems.

11th May 2020
MEMS-based innovation to help the visually impaired

X-FAB, along with technology partner EUROPRACTICE, have announced the winning project in their competition to encourage further MEMS-based innovation. The triumphant project, entitled ‘Capacitive MEMS Sensors for High-Resolution Interactive Vibrotactile Displays’, was submitted by a team of engineers from the University of Bath.

19th March 2020
X-FAB expands its SiC capacity

X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE continues to drive the adoption of silicon-carbide technology forward by offering SiC foundry services at the scale of silicon.

Mixed Signal/Analog
21st February 2020
Automotive medium-voltage transistors cover 12-32V

X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE, the leading analogue/mixed-signal and specialty foundry, has announced the availability of new medium-voltage transistors – complementing the company’s leading 180nm BCD-on-SOI technology platform (XT018). The new medium voltage devices cover voltages from 12 to 32V. With that customers now have access to a complete portfolio of different voltage options – covering a ten to 200V voltage range.

10th January 2020
Broadening the scope of cooperations

  X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE has announced that it is broadening the scope of its cooperation with the EUROPRACTICE Consortium which counts high profile institutions such as Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits and imec as members.

31st July 2019
CMOS semiconductor process available for automotive applications

X-FAB Silicon Foundries has announced that its high-voltage 180nm CMOS semiconductor process (XH018) is now available for automotive applications via the company’s production facility in France. This is a major step in X-FAB’s plan to offer dual sourcing for all its 180nm processes (in both CMOS and SOI), so that continuity of supply is always assured.

12th July 2019
High voltage devices designed for next-gen automotive applications

X-FAB has announced the availability of new high voltage primitive devices targeted at the growing market for automotive 48V board net and Battery Management System (BMS) ICs. Covering voltages of 70-125V, these complementary NMOS/PMOS devices are based on the company’s XT018 BCD-on-SOI platform with Deep Trench Isolation (DTI) and support for automotive AEC-Q100 Grade 0 products.

Mixed Signal/Analog
5th July 2019
Highly sensitive SPAD devices based on modular process technology

X-FAB Silicon Foundries continues to develop semiconductor solutions to address the most difficult of design challenges. It has now announced the availability of Avalanche Photodiode (APD) and Single-Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) products for implementation in scenarios where there are extremely low light conditions to contend with and augmented sensitivity is required, as well as tight timing resolutions involved.

17th June 2019
Successful silicon of open-source RISC-V microcontroller

Analog/mixed-signal and specialty foundry, X-FAB Silicon Foundries, together with crowd-sourcing IC platform partner Efabless Corporation, have announced the successful first-silicon availability of the Efabless RISC-V System on Chip (SoC) reference design. This open-source semiconductor project went from design start to tape-out in less than three months using the Efabless design flow based on open-source tools. 

31st January 2019
High-voltage galvanic isolation technology

Analog/mixed-signal and specialty foundry, X-FAB Silicon Foundries, has announced the full volume production release of its new high temperature galvanic isolation semiconductor process. This proprietary technology is fully automotive qualified, and offers greater reliability levels compared to options offered by the competition.

31st August 2018
SiC foundry capacity doubled in response to customer demand

  X-FAB Silicon Foundries has announced plans to double their 6" Silicon Carbide (SiC) process capacity at its fab in Lubbock, Texas in response to increased customer demand for high efficiency power semiconductor devices.

Mixed Signal/Analog
3rd May 2018
Galvanic isolation technology enables signal solutions

The availability of a new galvanic isolation process technology that enables the fabrication of robust and reliable high voltage signal isolation solutions, has been announced by X-FAB Silicon Foundries. According to the company, the new process achieves best-in-class isolation performance. By leveraging it, X-FAB’s customers will be able to design their own capacitive or inductive couplers for a wide range of applications. ...

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