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Vicor Corporation designs, manufactures and markets modular power components and complete power systems used in the communications, data processing, industrial controls, test equipment, medical and defense electronic markets.

Engineers use the combined advantages of Vicor components to create compact, highly functional, economical products with streamlined development cycles that minimize time to market.


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28th April 2023
Series 12 – Episode 2 – Powering the high-performance compute market

Paige West speaks with Ajith Jain, Vice President AI & HPC, Vicor about the trends and developments for power in the HPC market.

21st March 2023
Knightscope’s Autonomous Security Robots delivers detection technology

The concept of automated policing began as a science fiction concept years ago, but Knightscope has made it real and impactful in local communities.

News & Analysis
22nd February 2023
Vicor and Avnet ink global distribution pact

Vicor has signed a global distribution agreement with Avnet.

31st January 2023
Vicor podcast: CCell Renewables' coastal erosion fight

Vicor explored a new technology that naturally deters coastal erosion on the Powering Innovation podcast. The latest episode examines the challenges facing coastal environments and communities when it comes to the devastations caused by erosion caused by waves and how CCell Renewables, this month's guest, can combat this by propagating coral reefs.  

22nd December 2022
Boeing launches O3b-mPOWER satellite

The launch of Boeing’s O3b mPOWER communication satellite marks a milestone for Vicor, whose high-performance, radiation-tolerant modules support Boeing’s satellite mission.

5th December 2022
CCell wins Power System Product of the Year at Elektra Awards

CCell, whose mission is to combat coastal erosion by working in harmony with marine habitats, won the 2022 Elektra Award for Power System Product of the Year.

News & Analysis
22nd November 2022
Vicor releases podcast episode featuring DPI UAV systems

The Powering Innovation podcast focuses on innovations, examining how electronics technologies can be applied to solve real-world challenges. The first episode in the series features DPI UAV Systems(DPI), a manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems.

Events News
31st August 2022
Vicor showcases power density solutions at Space Comm Expo

Vicor plans to unveil modular solutions for powering high performance ASICs and FPGAs for broadband communications satellites as the company exhibits at its first space engineering event in Europe, Space Comm Expo on Sept 7-8, 2022. 

7th June 2022
Vicor opens “ChiP” fabrication facility

Vicor celebrated the opening of its state-of-the-art power module manufacturing facility. The ChiP (Converter housed in Package) fabrication facility enables the most scalable, automated, cost-effective manufacturing of power modules to support customers worldwide.

Aerospace & Defence
22nd April 2022
UAVs: the ever-present eye in the sky

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), more commonly known as drones, have moved away from the world of science fiction and found their place in the mainstream market where their effectiveness, efficiency, and levels of security benefit numerous industries.

29th March 2022
Vicor demonstrates power density automotive solutions

Vicor will unveil three approaches for powering xEVs at the premiere global automotive engineering event, World Congress Experience (WCX) in Detroit on April 5-7, 2022. Proven Vicor solutions using high density power modules and new power delivery architectures, deliver up to a 50% reduction in power losses.

12th January 2022
Vicor adds new global automotive segment director

Vicor Corporation has announced the appointment of Chinmaya Joshi as Global Automotive Segment Director. Chinmaya joins Vicor from the Jaguar Land Rover group where he served as a Senior Manager for powertrain power electronics.

11th January 2022
2022 predictions: electrification growth

Vicor Corporation released its industry predictions for 2022, covering three areas: automotive, hyperscale computing and aerospace & defence.

21st December 2021
Vicor wins 2021 World Electronics Achievement Award

Lateral power delivery solution for AI processors wins Product of the year

19th November 2021
Season 5 – Episode #9: Vicor's solution for automotive electrification

As the OEMs become increasingly focused on transport electrification, questions arise about how the automotive industry can optimise its vehicles to meet the demands of traditional transport while also ensuring that they are economical. Anna Flockett spoke to Nicolas Richard, European Director of Automotive Business Development at Vicor about the various automotive solutions needed.

13th October 2021
Digital electricity accelerates digital transformation

VoltServer is changing the future of energy delivery with its patented digital electricity technology that safely transmits up to 2 kilowatts of power across long distances using low-cost, off-the-shelf data cables.

6th August 2021
Preparing the way ahead for a compatible EV infrastructure

Onboard conversion enables EVs to charge at any station, says Haris Muhedinovic, senior field application engineer EMEA Automotive, Vicor, solving the 400V/800V EV fast-charging incompatibility problem  

Alternative Energy
27th July 2021
Engineering a sea change in ocean wave energy harvesting

Columbia Power Technologies has announced that it is helping to expand the marine economy by providing reliable, cost-effective energy harvesting and storage, data and communication services for offshore assets.

17th May 2021
Modular ROVs quickly adapt to risky underwater missions

Underwater explorations and targeted missions have always been risky, time-consuming and costly. However, VideoRay tethered, underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are becoming ubiquitous for today’s toughest aquatic missions. From mine countermeasures and underwater search and rescue to port security and surveillance, VideoRay ROVs are helping reduce risk and achieve results faster and easier. Vicor’s portfolio of DC/DC power c...

7th May 2021
Season 3 - Episode #5 - A better way to power mobile robots

This year robotics will see a significant acceleration in innovation, driven largely by the COVID-19 pandemic, as companies look to use robots to safely perform tasks without exposing people to the virus. To meet demand, robotics developers will need to leverage existing designs, treating them as platforms, rather than trying to develop new robots from the ground up.

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