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Vicor Corporation designs, manufactures and markets modular power components and complete power systems used in the communications, data processing, industrial controls, test equipment, medical and defense electronic markets.

Engineers use the combined advantages of Vicor components to create compact, highly functional, economical products with streamlined development cycles that minimize time to market.


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8th April 2020
What are the benefits of a decentralised power architecture?

See how a decentralised 48V power architecture lowers weight and cost, improves efficiency and reduces emissions. Adding a 48V power delivery network (PDN) to hybrid vehicles and deploying a decentralised power architecture, significantly reduces CO2 emissions. Visit this page to download the white paper now!

9th March 2020
ZVS buck-boost regulator operates down to -55°C

Vicor has released its PI3740 ZVS buck-boost regulator with an extended operating temperature range of -55 to +115°C and optional Tin-Lead BGA packaging. The PI3740 is a high-density and high-efficiency buck boost regulator with an eight to 60V input voltage range and supports output voltages from ten to 50V. 

31st January 2020
Power electronics at a crossroads

Designing high-performance power systems continues to increase in complexity year after year, to the extent where the industry has reached a milestone moment, which presents challenges and opportunities in equal measure. Electronic Specifier Editor Joe Bush caught up with Phil Davies, Corporate Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing at power module manufacturer Vicor to find out more.

9th October 2019
Lower-power family of isolated regulated DC/DC modules

Power density, low weight and ease-of-use are critical considerations when designing isolated, regulated DC/DC converter systems for a broad range of robotics, UAV, rail, communications and defence/aerospace applications. The new DCM2322 ChiP family, a lower-power variant of the Vicor DCM3623 series, delivers on these important requirements. 

11th September 2019
Mobile satellite broadband connectivity challenge solved

Phasor has worked with Vicor to develop a power solution for its new system that provides connectivity speeds and bandwidth previously unachievable while on the move. The technology reportedly represents a major breakthrough in delivering reliable satellite connectivity in aeronautical, maritime, land mobile and defence applications.

4th September 2019
High-performance power conversion seminar and workshop

Vicor will share its expertise in a High-Performance Power Conversion Seminar and Workshop series that will visit eight countries and 12 cities worldwide in Autumn 2019, including London on 30th October, 2019. 

19th June 2019
Fixed-ratio 800V bus converter module

The 800V BCM4414 is a 1.6kW, isolated, 1/16 fixed-ratio, bus converter module (BCM), that can operate from a 500 to 800V input voltage, to deliver SELV output voltages with 97% peak efficiency. The new 800V module complements the existing Vicor 700V BCM4414, to create a family of products with reinforced isolation (4,242VDC) and bidirectional voltage conversion capability.

16th April 2019
Collaboration on advanced power-on-package solutions

It has been announced that Kyocera Corporation and Vicor Corporation will collaborate on next-generation Power-on-Package (PoP) solutions to maximise performance and minimise time-to-market for emerging processor technologies. Kyocera will provide the integration of power and data delivery to the processor with organic packages, module substrates and motherboard designs.

28th February 2019
New 400-700V input DC/DC converter

This 400-700V input, ultra-low-profile DC/DC converter incorporates integrated EMI filtering and PMBus interface in a chassis-mount or PCB-mount form-factor. The BCM4414 allows you to use a simple, low-profile design, which will differentiate your end system without compromising on cost or performance metrics.

21st February 2019
Family of power supplies for MIL-COTS VPX applications introduced

  Vicor Power Systems new line of VITA 62 compliant power supplies are designed for 3U Open VPX systems and achieve high efficiency and high power density in a rugged, conduction-cooled chassis.

18th February 2019
Tightly regulated DC-DC converter ChiP modules introduced

The new entries in the extensive DCM family from Vicor are available in the 3623 (36x23mm) ChiP (Converter housed in Package) with an unrivaled power density of 1,032W/in3. The new 80W DCM ChiPs, feature a wide-input voltage range of 9-75V and are available with nominal output voltages of 12V, 24V, 28V and 48V, with a voltage regulation range of ±1%.

19th December 2018
Efficiently bridging 12V to 48V power supplies

The NBM provides bidirectional 48V to 12V conversion with 98% peak efficiency at 750W continuous and 1kW peak power in a package less than 3.3cm3. Switching at 1.7MHz, the NBM takes up a fraction of the space consumed by slow switching (sub 1MHz) solutions requiring a large multiplicity of discrete components. The NBM responds to transient loads quickly (1 microsecond) while maintaining its output within a narrow voltage band. 

1st November 2018
Power tablet RFM enables high-density server racks

A three phase, AC/DC converter module (RFM), capable of delivering 10kW of regulated 48VDC in a power tablet configuration measuring 9.4x5.9x0.6”, has been announced by Vicor. The RFM provides a power-factor-corrected, regulated, and isolated DC output with integrated filtering and built-in fault protection for redundant operation. 

Events News
5th October 2018
Power solutions for AI enabled cloud data centres

A keynote presentation at the 2018 Open Data Center Committee (ODCC) Summit in Beijing is set to be given by Robert Gendron, Vicor Corporate Vice President. He will present on the ‘Progression & Evolution of Power Technology within Cloud Data Centres’, which outlines the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) present within the cloud, and AI processors taking power demands to even higher levels. 

19th September 2018
3-phase to 48V and 48V direct-to-load modular power solutions

Vicor will be participating at China’s leading data center event, Open Data Center Committee (ODCC) Summit in Beijing, China, from 16-17th October. It will be presenting its new modular power solutions for 48V rack power distribution architectures and advanced AI (artificial intelligence) processors.

22nd August 2018
BGA package option for cool-power ZVS buck regulator

  The PI354x-00-BGIZ is the latest addition to the 48V Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulator portfolio, offering a new BGA package option to the existing PI354x-00-LGIZ LGA series. 

15th August 2018
Webinar covers challenges to rail power engineers

  Railway applications present challenges to power engineers with increasingly complex on-board systems, demands for higher efficiency, higher reliability and the need to meet stringent certification requirements.

11th July 2018
DCM in ChiP package expands enhanced output voltage

It has been announced that Vicor has introduced 25 new products to its growing family of DC/DC converter modules (DCMs), with a tighter output voltage regulation of ±1%. With power densities of 1,032W/in3, the new series allows engineers to drive loads requiring tighter regulation with minimal additional circuitry or downstream components. 

5th June 2018
Bidirectional converter for data centre applications

Vicor has announced a bidirectional non-isolated fixed-ratio converter for hybrid 48V/12V power systems in data centre and automotive applications. The 2317 NBM is a bidirectional converter capable of providing up to 750W continuously at 48V from 12V, or at 12V from 48V, with over 98% peak efficiency. With up to 1kW of peak power capability (for up to 2ms) in a 23 x 17 x 7mm surface-mount package, the NBM provides a solution with no external...

26th May 2018
Package prepares for AI computing

  Recent advances in AI computing have led to a significant increase in the need for high-power processing. Paul Yeaman, Vicor, explains how Power-on-Package (PoP) technology brings power delivery to the substrate for efficiency

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