Series 12 – Episode 2 – Powering the high-performance compute market

28th April 2023
Paige West

Paige West speaks with Ajith Jain, Vice President AI & HPC, Vicor about the trends and developments for power in the HPC market.

The high-performance computing market is expected to grow from $36 billion in 2022 to almost $50 billion by 2027.

The COVID-19 pandemic opened the eyes of many corporations, as well as customers, that they can use 21st Century tools to a much better extent than they ever have in the past.

“AI is driving big changes in our industry,” said Jain. “We welcome those changes because all of them directly relate to how much power we can give.”

Trends, like AI, are demanding a lot of data. And it’s not just quantity of data, it’s quality.

“The hyper scaler data centre is putting a lot of strain on the power converter components,” notes Jain.

Delivering enough power to the processor today needs innovation to try to get ahead of the status quo. Work by the Open Compute Project (OCP) consortium has helped establish a framework of standards for designing rack- and card-based processor developments.

Leveraging FPA, Vicor minimises the ‘last inch’ resistances via lateral power delivery (LPD) and vertical power delivery (VPDd).

Jain goes on to talk about the difference between lateral power delivery and vertical power delivery, Vicor’s Factorised Power Architecture, and his predictions for the HPC market in 2023.

To hear more about the high-performance compute market and much more, you can listen to Electronic Specifier’s interview with Ajith Jain on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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