Season 5 – Episode #9: Vicor's solution for automotive electrification

19th November 2021
Sam Holland

As the OEMs become increasingly focused on transport electrification, questions arise about how the automotive industry can optimise its vehicles to meet the demands of traditional transport while also ensuring that they are economical. Anna Flockett spoke to Nicolas Richard, European Director of Automotive Business Development at Vicor about the various automotive solutions needed.

In this week’s podcast, Anna’s guest Nicolas Richard discusses various design considerations in automotive electrification, particularly in terms of electric vehicle size, power, and weight. Richard explains: “There simply isn't enough space [in vehicles] to accommodate all the electrical equipment if car manufacturers proceed with traditional methods of power delivery.

“[A]utomakers want to find a solution that is not only lightweight and compact to mitigate the enormous increase in power, but is also flexible and can be reused across their vehicle platforms.”

As Nicolas Richard explains in this podcast, many of the design challenges that this brings about can in fact be overcome using some of the many solutions that Vicor offers.

To listen to this podcast, click 'Play' below, and you can also hear it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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