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24th March 2023
Experiments to study brain tumours and muscle ageing heading to space

Scientists will use the International Space Station to carry out experiments seeking to improve understanding of currently incurable child brain tumours and the muscle ageing process, thanks to UK Space Agency funding.

Aerospace & Defence
17th March 2023
UK Space Agency backs Rolls-Royce nuclear power for Moon exploration

The UK Space Agency is backing research by Rolls-Royce into how nuclear power could be used to support a future Moon base for astronauts.

Aerospace & Defence
7th March 2023
Funding to support space exploration using Moon resources and nuclear power

The UK Space Agency is investing in projects that could revolutionise our ability to journey deeper into space – and even travel to Mars – safely and efficiently, using remote technologies and supplies found in space to sustain astronauts and spacecraft.  

Aerospace & Defence
27th February 2023
UK companies to provide services for future Moon missions

The UK Space Agency has announced over £50 million for UK companies to develop communication and navigation services for missions to the Moon.

Aerospace & Defence
14th February 2023
Levelling-up boost for the UK space sector with new funding for growth

Eighteen projects aimed at boosting the UK space sector are to receive funding from the UK Space Agency.

23rd January 2023
UK Space Agency announces £50m for satellite comms

The UK Space Agency has announced £50 million of funding for ambitious and innovative projects that will supercharge the UK’s satellite communications industry.

20th January 2023
Astronaut Tim Peake assumes ambassadorial role for space

The UK Space Agency has paid tribute to Tim Peake, following his decision to step down from the active European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut corps and assume an ambassadorial role for space.

Aerospace & Defence
16th January 2023
First launch from the UK

On 9 January 2023, the first ever orbital launch attempt from UK soil took place by Virgin Orbit from Spaceport Cornwall.

Aerospace & Defence
6th January 2023
First ever UK space launch could lift off next week

A bold new era for the UK space industry could start next week after partners announced the opening of the window for the first ever space launch from British soil.

Aerospace & Defence
31st December 2022
New Year Honours recognition for space experts

Two leading lights from the space sector, including one from the UK Space Agency, have been recognised in the New Year Honours list 2023.

Aerospace & Defence
16th December 2022
Satellite to measure Earth’s water levels blasts into space

A UK-backed mission, which will observe huge swathes of ocean and surface water in unprecedented detail, has launched into space.

Aerospace & Defence
15th December 2022
Lift-off for launch technology with UK Space Agency funding

The UK Space Agency has announced £2.7 million for 13 early-stage technology projects across England, Scotland and Wales to support the growing satellite launch sector.

Aerospace & Defence
9th December 2022
UK Space Agency & NNL work on first space battery

The UK Space Agency and the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) are to collaborate on the world’s first space battery powered by Americium-241.

Aerospace & Defence
8th December 2022
Climate change instrument arrives at Harwell Space Cluster

A joint British and French satellite dedicated to monitoring atmospheric carbon dioxide has arrived in the UK where assembly and testing will be completed.

28th November 2022
UK experiment to create materials for metal & medicine launches

A UK experiment to find new ways of creating materials to be used for medicines and metal alloys launched to the International Space Station (ISS).

Aerospace & Defence
24th November 2022
New UK astronauts unveiled

The UK has a new career astronaut, a parastronaut and a reserve astronaut, following a rigorous selection process and record UK Space Agency investment in the European Space Agency (ESA).

Aerospace & Defence
17th October 2022
Life-size replica rocket lands in London

A 72ft life-size replica of the first rocket that will launch from UK soil later this year went on display outside the Science Museum in London this weekend (15 and 16th October). 

17th October 2022
UK Space Agency invests £15m in satellite communications

UK Space Agency invests £15m in satellite communications. Science Minister Nusrat Ghani has unveiled a £15m fund for UK businesses to revolutionise satellite communications technology.

Aerospace & Defence
26th September 2022
UK builds leadership in space debris removal and in-orbit manufacturing

Two UK-based companies are designing missions to clear hazardous space junk alongside the launch of a new programme to back cutting-edge space technology, the UK Space Agency has announced.

28th July 2022
Kathy Bass, Director, presents UK Space Strategy's plans

Kathy Bass, Deputy Director of UK Space Strategy for BEIS, has highlighted the UK’s recent space progress and reaffirmed plans for the UK to be the first in Europe to launch a satellite into orbit later this year.

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