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Aerospace & Defence
14th May 2024
£9M funding for satellite instruments to monitor climate

The UK Space Agency has announced its largest investment into an early-stage technology programme to enhance the UK’s Earth observation technologies, to improve how space is used to understand and protect the planet.

Aerospace & Defence
28th March 2024
C-LEO: £60M for innovative satellite constellation ideas

Up to £60 million is available for innovations that will help boost the UK’s satellite communications sector, following the record number of global satellite launches in 2023. 

26th February 2024
New funding puts UK at heart of next-gen telecommunications

The UK Space Agency has unveiled a £10 million funding competition aimed at propelling UK firms to the forefront of the burgeoning telecommunications sector globally.

Aerospace & Defence
14th February 2024
New funding ensures UK role in global exploration to the Moon, Mars, and Venus

UK scientists and engineers are set to play a role in global missions to the Moon, Mars, and Venus following new funding from the UK Space Agency.

Aerospace & Defence
9th February 2024
UK Space Agency making satellites sustainable

The UK Space Agency has announced funding for work which aims to prolong the life of satellites, as part of efforts to ensure space remains sustainable for future generations.

Aerospace & Defence
5th February 2024
MicroCarb CO2 monitoring satellite ready for launch

MicroCarb, designed to monitor carbon fluxes on Earth by measuring carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, has completed assembly and qualification in the UK.

Aerospace & Defence
13th December 2023
UK Space Agency fuels sustainable spaceflight with £6.7 million funding

The UK Space Agency has awarded over £6.7 million to two companies for the development of pioneering launch technologies, reinforcing the UK's ambition to be Europe's top destination for commercial spaceflight activities.

22nd November 2023
£47 million investment to supercharge UK space infrastructure

Space infrastructure across the UK will get a boost thanks to a new fund from the UK Space Agency.

Aerospace & Defence
21st November 2023
UK aims to join the Atlantic Constellation

The UK is aiming to join Portugal and Spain as a member of the Atlantic Constellation and is contributing a new pathfinder satellite designed and built by a UK-based company adding to the innovative Earth and coastal monitoring and data sharing network.

Aerospace & Defence
7th November 2023
UK Space Agency allocates funds for space preservation efforts

The UK Space Agency recently allocated a £2m investment for research into the refuelling of a mission designated for the removal of space debris.

Aerospace & Defence
27th October 2023
Funding boost for satellite launch from Shetland

Satellite launch company RFA UK (Rocket Factory Ltd) has received £3.5 million to support its plans to launch from SaxaVord Spaceport in the Shetland Islands. 

Aerospace & Defence
25th October 2023
A chance for UK astronauts to fly to space

Astronauts from the United Kingdom could fly to space on a future Axiom Space mission, thanks to a new agreement signed between the UK Space Agency and the Houston-based space company.

Aerospace & Defence
18th October 2023
UK Space Agency is Unlocking Space for Business

The UK Space Agency has launched a new programme to help businesses unlock the benefits of satellite data and services.

Eco Innovation
22nd August 2023
Space-driven climate services to tackle environmental risks

Ten new projects will use Earth observation tools, satellite tracking, and data on population demographics, supported by artificial intelligence (AI), to produce forecasts and models that can be used by sectors ranging from agriculture and energy, to finance and insurance.

Aerospace & Defence
2nd August 2023
Funding for technologies to monitor the Earth from space

New funding for satellite Earth Observation technologies, which are critical to improving humanity’s understanding of our planet and its climate, is now available for UK organisations.

Aerospace & Defence
12th July 2023
£20 million UK Space Agency funding to support aerial connectivity

Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology, Chloe Smith, announced the £20 million funding from the UK Space Agency – the biggest investment into these types of services to date – to support the development of future telecommunications technologies and aerial connectivity projects, which would be used onboard drones or high-altitude platforms to provide wireless coverage.

Aerospace & Defence
23rd June 2023
UK Space Agency funding to boost technology development

A new funding injection from the UK Space Agency will boost UK-based space technologies, focusing on innovations such as harnessing solar power for reusable spacecraft and new propulsion systems.

Aerospace & Defence
22nd May 2023
Beam-hopping OneWeb satellite soars into space

OneWeb uses advanced UK technology to switch coverage between different places on Earth up to 1,000 times per second has been launched into space.

Aerospace & Defence
25th April 2023
UK Space Agency announces £20m International Bilateral Fund

The UK Space Agency has announced it is launching the £20 million International Bilateral Fund (IBF) to strengthen strategic relationships with international partners and boost new partnerships from emerging space nations.

Aerospace & Defence
28th March 2023
UK space sector income reaches £17.5bn as jobs grow

The amount the UK space sector brings to the UK economy has grown by £1 billion, helping to launch new business and create jobs across the country, according to latest figures.

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