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10th June 2021
Silicon Labs and Wirepas enable IoT for asset tracking

Silicon Labs has announced the release of a combined hardware and software solution for large-scale mesh networks in partnership with IoT leader Wirepas. Wirepas Massive is now available on Silicon Labs’ EFR32BG21 (BG21) and EFR32BG22 (BG22) modules and SoCs.

17th May 2021
Calculating real-world battery life for wireless IoT devices

If you’re a design engineer working on an IoT product, how do you choose the best wireless IC for your new device? This question is answered by Matt Maupin, Senior IoT Product Manager, Silicon Labs.

12th May 2021
Matter solution unifies the IoT connectivity experience

Silicon Labs has announced that wireless solutions are available for development of Matter solution end products that support Thread, WiFi, and Bluetooth protocols. Matter, formerly named ‘Project Connected Home over IP’ or ‘CHIP’, is designed to provide interoperable, reliable, secure connectivity across IoT devices and networks.

16th April 2021
IoT wireless portfolio with standards-based Wi-SUN tech

Silicon Labs has annnounced its new standards-driven Wi-SUN technology, opening the door to new Internet of Things (IoT) market opportunities and accelerating smart city application development.

17th March 2021
Secure vault achieves PSA Certified Level 3

Silicon Labs has achieved PSA Certified’s highest level of IoT hardware and software security protection. PSA Certified – a respected security body for Internet of Things (IoT) hardware, software and devices co-founded by Arm – awarded PSA Certified Level 3 status to Silicon Labs’ EFR32MG21, a wireless SoC with Secure Vault.

25th February 2021
Bluetooth modules for life-saving baby car seat alarm

Silicon Labs has announced that Italian IoT startup Filo has leveraged Silicon Labs Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) solutions in their Tata Pad and Tata Band baby car seat alarms. A Bluetooth-connected cushion, the Tata Pad is placed in the car seat to detect the child’s presence and will alert the caretaker’s smartphone if connection is lost while the child is in the car.

22nd February 2021
Partnership brings high-performance power module solution

Silicon Labs has introduced the new Si823Hx Gate Driver Board, an all-in-one isolation solution suited for the recently launched Wolfspeed WolfPACK power module. Wolfspeed power modules are used across numerous power applications, including EV chargers and motor drives in the industrial and automotive markets.

2nd December 2020
Pre-certified wireless module connectivity for IoT

Silicon Labs has announced a portfolio expansion of pre-certified wireless modules specifically designed to address modern needs of IoT application development. The portfolio consists of the only modules in the industry with full stack support for multiprotocol solutions to enable commercial and consumer IoT applications, with flexible package options and highly integrated device security.

19th November 2020
IEEE 1588 system integration with timing solution

Silicon Labs has announced a new complete solution designed to simplify implementation of IEEE 1588 in communications, smart grid, financial trading and industrial applications.

29th October 2020
Bringing isolation technology to space sectors

Silicon Labs has announced a new high-reliability (HiRel) isolation technology partnership with Teledyne e2v HiRel. Under the new agreement, Teledyne will offer a new specialised line of high-reliability products based on Silicon Labs’ isolated gate driver technology optimised for space, aerospace, military and oil and gas markets.

12th October 2020
Silicon Labs and STRATIS bring smart home solutions to apartments

Silicon Labs and STRATIS have collaborated on a new smart home solution built specifically for apartment complexes. The STRATIS 3.0 Gateway (STRATIS G3) hardware uses Silicon Labs’ multiprotocol SoCs to provide multiprotocol wireless capabilities for its robust IoT platform that connects smart devices throughout apartment communities.

Test & Measurement
5th October 2020
Low jitter I2C-programmable crystal oscillators

Silicon Labs has introduced a new family of small form-factor, high-performance crystal oscillators (XOs) and voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (VCXOs) for applications that require low jitter and frequency-flexible clock synthesis.

11th September 2020
Silicon Labs simplifies IoT development with Simplicity Studio 5

Silicon Labs has delivered a major upgrade to its Integrated Developer Environment (IDE) with the launch of Simplicity Studio 5. The latest version of Simplicity Studio now offers the same access and developer experience across a wide range of wireless protocols, all within a central web-style user interface.

9th September 2020
Bluetooth LE SiP enables connectivity to small products

Silicon Labs has unveiled the BGM220S, a System in Package (SiP) which extends the company’s reach into Bluetooth Low Energy Solutions.

2nd September 2020
IoT security suite wins key endorsements

Key security endorsements have been announced by Silicon Labs. The company’s Secure Vault security suite of hardware and software technologies dedicated to securing Internet of Things (IoT) devices against growing and evolving threats has earned third-party IoT security certifications from both PSA Certified and the ioXt Alliance.  

6th August 2020
Bluetooth SiP for wearable social distancing device

Maggy, a Belgium-based start-up specialising in Bluetooth-enabled, rechargeable, social-distancing devices, has chosen a Silicon Labs Bluetooth SiP (System in Package) module to enable a new, compact wearable that warns users when the length between people becomes too small and could pose a risk of COVID-19 infection transfer.

21st July 2020
Benefits of an integrated secure element

To help secure the Internet of Things (IoT), connected devices require an array of on-chip security features such as an immutable device identity, secure boot with root of trust, secure key storage and hardware crypto accelerations paired with a high-entropy random number generator. Marius Munder, Senior Staff Engineer, Systems Architect, Silicon Labs, explains the role an integrated secure element can play in achieving this.

30th June 2020
Silicon Labs strengthens commitment to Wi-SUN

Silicon Labs is deepening its commitment to Wi-SUN, an increasingly popular and widely deployed industrial mesh networking standard well suited for smart utility, smart city and IIoT applications.

20th May 2020
Karuna Annavajjala joins Silicon Labs as CIO

Silicon Labs has announced the appointment of Karuna Annavajjala as Chief Information Officer. As CIO, Annavajjala will oversee information technology (IT) services for Silicon Labs’ global business operations including strategic planning, infrastructure services, business application platforms, cyber security and data privacy, and IT service delivery.

6th May 2020
Power management ICs enhance battery-powered IoT

Silicon Labs has announced a new line of energy-friendly power management ICs (PMICs) serving as dedicated companion chips for EFR32 wireless devices and EFM32 microcontrollers (MCUs).

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