Bluetooth LE SiP enables connectivity to small products

9th September 2020
Mick Elliott

Silicon Labs has unveiled the BGM220S, a System in Package (SiP) which extends the company’s reach into Bluetooth Low Energy Solutions.

At just 6x6 mm, Silicon Labs says that the BGM220S is one of the world’s smallest Bluetooth SiPs. It is an ultra-compact, low-cost SiP module that adds turnkey Bluetooth connectivity to extremely small products.

It offers five- to ten-year battery life on a single coin cell.

Also launching is the BGM220P, a slightly larger PCB variant optimised for wireless performance along with a better link budget for greater range.

BGM220S and BGM220P are among the first Bluetooth modules to support Bluetooth Direction Finding, all while delivering up to ten-year battery life from a single coin cell. 

The products enter a market where Silicon Labs’ progress is already humming along. 

“We have shipped over three billion wireless connectivity devices to 35,000 customers,” says Matt Saunders, Silicon Labs Vice President of Sales and Applications. Sales are growing at a CAGR of 20% to 30%.

Saunders describes the Bluetooth Lowe Energy market as a massive opportunity.

“Bluetooth Low Energy continues to be the fastest growing Bluetooth radio with a 26% CAGR.”

These SiP modules are ideal for device makers needing the smallest form factor pre-certified Bluetooth Low Energy with little to no RF design or engineering required, while PCB modules offer many of the benefits of SiP modules, but at a lower cost.

Saunders explains, “Both the BGM220S and BGM220P have built-in antennas which simplify RF design. Temperature rating is up to 105°C and the devices have regulatory certifications for all the major global markets.”

“The BGM220P is a traditional pcb module measuring 15mm x 13mm. The BGM220S comes in a much smaller footprint than a traditional module making it ideal for small products including wearables,” he adds.

Silicon Labs will be expanding its NCP portfolio with new Bluetooth Xpress BGX220 pre-certified PCB and SiP modules. Launching by the end of September, BGX220 UART to Bluetooth Low Energy bridge modules are expected to offer the fastest path to deliver secure, Bluetooth Low Energy connected products to market. Like the BGM220, the Bluetooth Xpress BGX220 simplifies design by giving customers a certified hardware platform that also streamlines code development by implementing the stack up to a simple API that can be used with an external microcontroller.

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