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6th January 2023
SICK’s next-generation DGS80 hollow-shaft encoders open up universal compatibility

SICK has unveiled its next-generation family of large-bore hollow-shaft incremental encoders, the SICK DGS80.

7th December 2022
SICK launches the safeRS3

SICK has launched the safeRS3, a next-generation safe 3D radar system designed to enable maximum productivity with highly-reliable safe access protection for workers in hazardous industrial areas, including robot cells.

22nd November 2022
SICK’s MPB10 sensor bolts-on for continuous condition monitoring

SICK has announced the launch of its MPB10 Multi-Physics Box condition monitoring sensor, a rugged bolt-on device designed to deliver real-time, continuous service data from industrial machines, including electric motors, pumps, fans, and conveyor systems, even in the harshest industry environments.

14th November 2022
Sensor technology and machine vision from one source

SICK and MVTec Software are deepening their strategic cooperation. Algorithms of MVTec's HALCON machine vision software will be integrated into SICK's sensors. The corresponding agreement was signed by Dr. Martin Schenk, Senior Vice President Product Management SICK, and Dr. Olaf Munkelt, Managing Director MVTec Software, at the SPS trade fair in Nuremberg on the 9th November. 

7th October 2022
Getting close up to fibre optic sensors

Fibre optic sensors are often favoured in electronics applications for their high switching speeds and ability to detect tiny objects.

25th August 2022
SICK launches next generation WLL80 Fibre Optic Sensors

SICK launches its next-gen, intelligent and powerful WLL80 Fibre Optic Sensors, designed for simple configuration and versatile integration into machinery and conveyor systems in electronics production, wherever rapid, high accuracy detection is required in confined spaces.

19th April 2021
Compact 2D vision camera with deep learning app onboard

SICK has announced that it is launching its first vision camera with a pre-installed deep learning app onboard to make it simple to create custom quality inspections of complex electronics parts and surface mount assemblies. 

22nd March 2021
W4F miniature smart sensors with powerful optical tech

SICK has launched the versatile W4F family of miniature smart sensors, developed to achieve next-generation detection performance and incorporating powerful new optical technologies, each purpose-designed to master common sensing challenges in electronics with complete reliability.

13th October 2020
SICK’s deep learning brings simplicity to AI inspection

SICK has launched a suite of Deep Learning apps and services to simplify machine vision quality inspection for challenging components, assemblies, surfaces or food produce, especially those that have previously defied automation and remained distinguishable only by human inspection.

27th August 2020
SICK casts wide with versatile AS30 array sensor

SICK has developed a versatile, high-precision array sensor, the AS30, that is easily adapted to a multitude of machine guidance and process control tasks in manufacturing and logistics. With a repeatability of up to 0.03mm and a wide 50mm 2D light band, the SICK AS30 delivers industry-leading performance for classic array sensing tasks such as edge guidance or conveyor control.

23rd July 2020
SICK launches SensorApp for colour inspection and sorting

SICK is continuing the roll-out of its customisable SensorApps for ‘easy’ machine vision, with the launch of its Colour Inspection and Sorting App, a cost-saving and simple solution for common inline quality control tasks in automated production and packaging applications.

24th June 2020
SICK SensorApps help people to keep their distance

Responding to the need for technologies to slow the spread of COVID-19, SICK has developed PeopleCounter and DistanceGuard SensorApps which help to ensure that people keep to the recommended distance apart in working and public spaces.

19th May 2020
SICK switches up its cylindrical inductive safety offering

SICK has launched the SICK IME2S inductive safety switch for safe and easy non-contact position and safe area monitoring to help prevent accidents and unwanted collisions in production and logistics environments up to PL d (EN ISO 13849) safety requirements.

18th February 2020
Flow sensors expanded with thermal flow switch

SICK has extended its portfolio of industrial instruments with the SICK T-Easic FTS, a thermal flow switch designed as an easy, cost-saving answer to detecting liquid flow in pipes, for example in pumps, machine tool lubrication or industrial cleaning systems.

3rd February 2020
Linear motor feedback encoders get safety certified

SICK has released safety-certified versions of its TTK70 and TTK50 magnetic absolute linear motor feedback encoders with Hiperface interface, widening the opportunities for accurate, absolute motor feedback systems to be integrated into safe linear drives.

3rd December 2019
Powerful and accurate 2D LiDAR sensor

With its LMS4000, SICK has developed its most powerful and accurate 2D LiDAR sensor to date for materials handling and intralogistics applications, even at high speeds, in low ambient light or when goods, packages or parcels are matt black or glossy.

25th November 2019
Stereo camera makes light work of robot integration

SICK has extended its innovative family of 3D snapshot vision sensors with the launch of the SICK Visionary S stereo camera, enabling precise, high-speed capture of 3D colour images for integration into robot guidance and quality inspection applications.

17th July 2019
Reflex array sensors on the leading edge

SICK has unveiled its next-generation family of smart photoelectric light array sensors, the RAY10 and RAY26, to reliably detect even difficult-to-see objects in electronics and surface mount production. The SICK RAY10 and RAY26 Reflex Array Sensors create a wide 2D light band to reliably detect small, flat, clear or irregularly-shaped objects with protrusions or leading edges that are just a few millimetres thick.

19th December 2018
Sensor powers high speed image processing in compact device

SICK has pushed forward the boundaries of 3D vision inspection in a wide range of industrial applications with the launch of the SICK Ranger3 camera, thanks to a breakthrough CMOS sensor that powers unprecedented high speed image processing in a compact device. SICK’s Ranger3 high definition streaming camera is the first to be powered by SICK’s innovative Imager with ROCC (Rapid On-Chip Calculation technology).  

23rd October 2018
New gateway brings data control to your fingertips

With the launch of its Telematic Data Collector (TDC) gateway system, SICK has unlocked the power of data collected by multiple sensors in automated production environments and delivered it to the fingertips of engineers for real-time monitoring, analysis and alarms. The SICK TDC is a simple-to-use, remote-access plant management tool for both operators and system managers, aiding condition monitoring and prognostics as part of Industry 4.0-...

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