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18th February 2020
Flow sensors expanded with thermal flow switch

SICK has extended its portfolio of industrial instruments with the SICK T-Easic FTS, a thermal flow switch designed as an easy, cost-saving answer to detecting liquid flow in pipes, for example in pumps, machine tool lubrication or industrial cleaning systems.

3rd February 2020
Linear motor feedback encoders get safety certified

SICK has released safety-certified versions of its TTK70 and TTK50 magnetic absolute linear motor feedback encoders with Hiperface interface, widening the opportunities for accurate, absolute motor feedback systems to be integrated into safe linear drives.

3rd December 2019
Powerful and accurate 2D LiDAR sensor

With its LMS4000, SICK has developed its most powerful and accurate 2D LiDAR sensor to date for materials handling and intralogistics applications, even at high speeds, in low ambient light or when goods, packages or parcels are matt black or glossy.

25th November 2019
Stereo camera makes light work of robot integration

SICK has extended its innovative family of 3D snapshot vision sensors with the launch of the SICK Visionary S stereo camera, enabling precise, high-speed capture of 3D colour images for integration into robot guidance and quality inspection applications.

17th July 2019
Reflex array sensors on the leading edge

SICK has unveiled its next-generation family of smart photoelectric light array sensors, the RAY10 and RAY26, to reliably detect even difficult-to-see objects in electronics and surface mount production. The SICK RAY10 and RAY26 Reflex Array Sensors create a wide 2D light band to reliably detect small, flat, clear or irregularly-shaped objects with protrusions or leading edges that are just a few millimetres thick.

19th December 2018
Sensor powers high speed image processing in compact device

SICK has pushed forward the boundaries of 3D vision inspection in a wide range of industrial applications with the launch of the SICK Ranger3 camera, thanks to a breakthrough CMOS sensor that powers unprecedented high speed image processing in a compact device. SICK’s Ranger3 high definition streaming camera is the first to be powered by SICK’s innovative Imager with ROCC (Rapid On-Chip Calculation technology).  

23rd October 2018
New gateway brings data control to your fingertips

With the launch of its Telematic Data Collector (TDC) gateway system, SICK has unlocked the power of data collected by multiple sensors in automated production environments and delivered it to the fingertips of engineers for real-time monitoring, analysis and alarms. The SICK TDC is a simple-to-use, remote-access plant management tool for both operators and system managers, aiding condition monitoring and prognostics as part of Industry 4.0-...

26th June 2018
Easy vision guidance for robot picking

2D and 3D vision guidance systems for easy and quick set-up for robots picking products in electronics applications has been introduced by SICK. Suitable for both cobots and conventional industrial robots, the SICK PLOC2D and PLB 520 have been developed to facilitate affordable, or entry-level pick and place robotics.

3rd April 2018
Cobot collaboration delivers entry-level vision guidance

  SICK has collaborated with Universal Robots to develop anentry-level vision-guided cobot system for pick and place, quality inspection and measurement in the electronics industries. The SICK Inspector PIM60 URCap is simple yet powerful toolkit for creating a vision-guided robot task with minimum time and effort.

26th February 2018
Next-gen photoelectric sensors pilot the future of sensing

SICK’s next-gen W16 and W26 smart sensors with ‘BluePilot’ alignment are at the helm of a streamlined portfolio of photoelectric sensors, radically-upgraded to optimise ease-of-use with complete object detection reliability. The W16 and W26 proximity, reflex and through-beam sensors are manufactured at a purpose-built, fully-automated production facility in southern Germany. They mark the culmination of a two-year, multi-mi...

29th January 2018
Fully-programmable stainless steel encoders for harsh environments

A stainless steel version of its fully-programmable DFS60 incremental encoders and AFM60 and AFS60 absolute encoders has been launched by SICK, making them available for duties in hygienic and corrosive environments for the first time. The SICK DFS60 Inox, the AFM60 Inox and the AFS60 Inox programmable encoders feature a rugged stainless steel housing, flange and shaft.

24th November 2017
Sensor Intelligence helps manage Smart Factories of the future

With Industry 4.0 on our door step and smart factories predicted to be the next big thing, SICK has got its head screwed on and is concentrating on intelligent and communicative sensors and sensor solutions for use in smart factories at this year’s SPS Drives show in Nuremberg. With years of experience under its belt, combined with intensive research and development work, SICK has a range of products and solutions that help to lay the ...

Test & Measurement
8th September 2017
Specialist 3D vision solution

SICK has just launched its Pinspector, a specialist 3D vision solution that claims new levels of repeatability and accuracy for high-speed precision inspection of connector pins and press-fitted pins in printed circuit board and electronics manufacturing applications. The Pinspector delivers automated contactless measurement and validation before press fit to control insertion of pins and after press fit to validate the presence and height o...

7th September 2017
Incremental encoders help plug the technology gap

To provide users with a versatile and economical user-configurable motion control sensor, SICK has launched the DUS60 incremental encoder and DUV60 measuring wheel encoder with DIP switch programmability. The shaft-mounted SICK DUS60 rotary incremental encoder can be installed and commissioned quickly for a wide-variety of conveying and rotation monitoring applications in automated processing and production. 

Events News
4th November 2015
Intelligent sensor technology of the future

The safety technology of the future and solutions for vision and identification tasks are the focus of SICK's presentation at the SPS IPC Drives trade fair in Nuremberg. Exhibiting from Stand 340 Hall 7A, SICK will be using this event to gather information about current trends and as an opportunity to present its products and technical innovations. The manufacturer will also be demonstrating its wide range of solutions for industrial applications...

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