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24th August 2023
Anyone can add new devices to SEGGER Flasher DSK

The new Flasher Device Support Kit (DSK) provides everything necessary to extend the device support of the Flasher in-circuit/in-system production programmers.

9th August 2023
SEGGER releases the Flasher Hub-12

Flasher Hub-12 controls up to 12 Flasher Compact devices so that they program simultaneously.

Test & Measurement
19th June 2023
SEGGER adds STOP technology to Embedded Studio for ARM

The latest release of SEGGER's Embedded Studio for ARM comes with STOP technology, designed by SEGGER to reliably prevent stack overflows.

17th May 2023
SEGGER adds 64-bit support to Embedded Studio for ARM cores

The latest release of Embedded Studio, SEGGER’s all-in-one IDE solution for building embedded applications now comes with support for ARMv8-A CPUs, such as Cortex-A53, Cortex-A57, and Cortex-A72.

Component Management
12th May 2023
SEGGER and Nuvoton extend emWin GUI software partnership

Nuvoton Technology Corporation has announced the extension of their multi-year software partnership.

11th May 2023
SEGGER introduces Test Farm Power Adapter to aid building energy-efficient test farms

A test farm is a way to make a large number of systems easily available over a network to any number of users for manual or automated testing. 

25th April 2023
SEGGER’s SystemView adds heap monitoring

SystemView, SEGGER’s real-time recording, visualisation, and analysis tool for embedded systems, can now monitor how applications use dynamic storage.

19th April 2023
SEGGER announces support for ST’s STM32C0 MCU series

SEGGER's embOS is a preemptive RTOS, designed to be the foundation for developing embedded applications.

13th April 2023
SEGGER announces J-Link support for the TDK-Micronas HVC 5x SOC series

SEGGER’s debug probe J-Link now fully supports the new programmable SOC (system-on-chip) series by TDK-Micronas.

14th March 2023
SEGGER fully supports ST’s STM32H5 MCU series

SEGGER announces that its J-Links, Flashers, full suite of development tools, and its emPower OS operating system fully support the STM32H5 family of MCUs from STMicroelectronics.

9th March 2023
The complete SEGGER ecosystem fully supports ST’s MPUs

SEGGER announces that its J-Link debug probes, Flasher in-circuit programmers, emPower OS as well as the development tools Embedded Studio, SystemView, and Ozone fully support the STM32MP13 family of MPUs from STMicroelectronics, serving as a reliable foundation for any embedded software project.

3rd March 2023
SEGGER J-Link and Flasher fully support Nations Technologies’ N32 series MCU

SEGGER announces that its J-Link debug probe, and its Flasher family of professional in-circuit programmers, now fully support the N32 series MCUs from Nations Technologies.

22nd December 2022
SEGGER J-Link software update saves power

With the latest software update, SEGGER has further reduced the power consumption of its J-Link line of debug probes, introducing Standby and Eco modes.

8th December 2022
SEGGER introduces VNC over USB

For an embedded system with a display, this display can be mirrored on the remote computer.

25th November 2022
SEGGER Embedded Studio Version 7 includes source code of libraries

SEGGER’s latest version of Embedded Studio comes with the source code and on-demand build of the included C runtime library, emRun, and C++ library, emRun++.

27th October 2022
SEGGER introduces streaming trace probe for SiFive RISC-V cores

SEGGER’s J-Trace PRO with streaming trace, Live Code Profiling, and Live Code Coverage now supports all E-Series SiFive RISC-V cores with the BTM trace module.

30th September 2022
SEGGER licenses C++ runtime library to SiFive for code size and performance efficiency

SEGGER announces that SiFive, Inc., the founder and leader of RISC-V computing, has licensed SEGGER’s cutting-edge emRun++ C++ library for RISC-V.

9th September 2022
SEGGER and Geehy partner to fully support the APM32 series MCU

As part of a partnership with Geehy Semiconductor, SEGGER’s J-Link debug probes, as well as its family of Flasher in-circuit programmers, fully support the Geehy Polaris APM32 series MCU.

7th July 2022
SEGGER’s product line fully supports Arm Cortex-M85

SEGGER’s product line now fully supports the Arm Cortex-M85. This includes SEGGER’s Embedded Studio IDE, its J-Link debug probe, its Ozone debugger and its emPower OS all-in-one embedded operating system.

23rd June 2022
SEGGER announces Flasher support for Infineon TriCoreTM AURIX

SEGGER’s family of Flashers support the Infineon TriCoreTM AURIX. Supported devices include: Aurix (SAK-TCxx) and Aurix2 (SAK-TC3xx).

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