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14th September 2020
SEGGER J-Link adds support for Raspberry Pi as host

SEGGER has just introduced a version of its J-Link software specifically for Linux Arm. Aimed at industrial automation and other applications utilising Raspberry Pi and other single board computing platforms, this new package contains all command-line versions of the softwares

10th August 2020
SEGGER Embedded Studio V5 minimises code size

The newly released SEGGER Embedded Studio V5 for Arm processors comes with the company’s Compiler, Linker, Runtime and Floating-Point libraries included. All components are designed from the ground up for use in embedded systems and work seamlessly to help generate extremely small programs.

14th April 2020
SEGGER's J-Link software available for macOS and Linux

With the v6.70 release of SEGGER’s J-Link software, all the included tools are now available on the most popular operating systems (OS) options: Windows, macOS and Linux. While the J-Link software and its accompanying command line tools have been cross-platform for years, the applications with graphical user interfaces (GUIs) have only been available on Windows.

30th March 2020
Support for SiFive Insight debug/trace platform

It has been announced that SEGGER’S products are fully compatible with SiFive’s RISC-V processor cores, and now its J-Link probes deliver support for the new SiFive Insight debug/trace platform. This includes SiFive’s latest Nexus-based trace implementation, which enables ongoing monitoring and recording of processor instruction execution.

24th March 2020
Debug from home with J-Link remote server

SEGGER’s J-Link Remote Server is a proven way to debug remotely. It has been used for years to debug target systems, thousands of miles away, even behind firewalls. Of its many uses in the past, a particularly important one was for system bring-up when hardware availability was limited, expensive, or otherwise difficult. Today an even more important application has moved into focus.

17th March 2020
Full support for Nuclei RISC-V processor SoCs

In August of 2019, Nuclei and GigaDevice announced the first RISC-V general-purpose MCU, the Bumblebee. Support includes SEGGER's Embedded Studio IDE, its market-leading J-Link debug probe, and its Ozone debugger.

12th February 2020
Floating-point library to support RISC-V

SEGGER's stand-alone Floating-Point Library has now been extended to include an assembly-optimised variant for RISC-V implementations. The library contains a complete set of high level mathematical functions that have been written in C, and uses advanced algorithms to maximise performance levels.

30th August 2019
Full support for first flash-based RISC-V microcontroller

SEGGER has announced full support for the first commercially available flash-based RISC-V microcontroller introduced by GigaDevice Semiconductor. This support includes SEGGER's Embedded Studio integrated development environment for RISC-V.

15th July 2019
Additional support added to the latest multiprotocol SoC

SEGGER added support for the latest Hilscher multiprotocol SoC 'netX90' to J-Trace and J-Link. Software engineers working with Hilscher's netX90 can now enjoy not only the high download speeds of the J-Link and advanced features, such as breakpoints in flash memory, but also the additional features brought to the table by J-Trace-PRO, such as live code profiling and coverage.

26th April 2019
Embedded file system to maximise data integrity

It has been announced by SEGGER, that the RAID5 delivers data integrity in providing an additional layer of fail-safety on top of the CRC and/or error correction used by the underlying driver or storage medium. With RAID5, the storage device is divided into several partitions, one of which holds parity information allowing data recovery in case of a partition fail.

7th February 2019
Software brings compression to smallest embedded computer systems

A new lossless compression algorithm tailored to resource constrained systems, boosting performance of embedded systems, has been announced by SEGGER, with the SMASHv2. The software reportedly allows both compression and decompression on any embedded system, in real time, even with no work RAM available. 

26th July 2018
Complete operating system for all IoT and non-IoT systems

SEGGER has introduced emPack, the complete operating system for IoT devices and embedded systems. It is delivered in source code for all 8-/16-/32-bit microcontrollers and microprocessors. emPack is optimised for high performance, and small memory footprint and easily fits onto typical microcontrollers without requiring expensive external memory, keeping the cost of the embedded computing system to a minimum.

17th July 2018
Duo collaborate to provide customers with embedded software

Nuvoton Technology and SEGGER have announced their cooperation to make SEGGER’s emWin GUI library available for developers using Nuvoton’s microcontrollers. Product developers can now add more value to their end products by utilising the library and its tools to develop smooth, high quality Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) quickly and efficiently.

10th July 2018
New development solutions with advanced development tools

It has been announced by SEGGER that they are in support of Microchip's new SAML11 devices within their complete lineup of embedded development solutions. They started developing with SAML11 with SEGGER's IDE Embedded Studio, RTOS embOS, J-Link debug probes, and SystemView runtime visual analysis tool, which are all utilised in the ready to go evaluation package, which is free for educational and non-commercial use without limitation.

11th June 2018
IoT and security components added to Embedded Studio PRO

SEGGER has expanded the scope of the Embedded Studio PRO software package by adding IoT, security and connectivity related software modules to the package. The newly added modules are SEGGER's IoT Toolkit, the security libraries emSSL, emSSH, emSecure and emCrypt as well as the communication stack emModbus and the compression algorithms emCompress.

Test & Measurement
8th February 2018
RTOS certified for safety-critical applications

A certified version of embOS, SEGGER’s signature RTOS, is now available for safety-critical applications. Certified by TÜV SÜD, embOS-Safe complies with the functional safety standards IEC 61508 SIL 3 and IEC 62304 Class C (medical devices). The certification highlights the high quality standards of SEGGER’s development processes, now making it even easier to use embOS in safety-critical key market segments such as...

29th January 2018
SEGGER opens new office in Silicon Valley

  SEGGER Microcontroller has welcomed Axel Wolf as its new Sr. Staff Field Applications Engineer. Based out of Milpitas, California - in the heart of Silicon Valley - Wolf is available for support, on-site demonstrations, and site visits.

24th January 2018
RTOS, stacks, middleware for RISC-V architecture

A new embOS port for the Open Source RISC-V CPU architecture has been announced by SEGGER. In addition to embOS, SEGGER offers emWin to construct user interfaces, emSSL, emSSH and emSecure to secure internet communications, cryprographic and security libraries for encryption, code signing and authentication (digital signatures), embOS/IP, emModbus, emUSB-Host and emUSB-Device communication stacks for Internet and industrial applications, and emLo...

5th December 2017
Upgrade supports open source RISC-V architecture

  The new edition of SEGGER Microcontroller's multi-platform Embedded Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has been announced by the company. SEGGER claims that the Embedded Studio is the first professional IDE which supports the open source RISC-V CPU architecture.

29th November 2017
Software enables users to design HMI with license-free emWin GUI

Provider of software, hardware, and development tools for embedded systems, SEGGER and Renesas Electronics, supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions has announced a collaboration that makes SEGGER’s powerful emWin GUI software package available for commercial use at no cost to customers using the new lineup of Renesas RX65N/RX651 microcontrollers (MCUs).

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