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11th March 2024
SEGGER and ARTERY support the AT32 series MCU

ARTERY and SEGGER have announced that SEGGER's J-Link and J-Trace family of debug and trace probes, plus the Flasher family of in-circuit programmers, fully support the ARTERY AT32 MCUs, increasing the speed and efficiency of development and production.

8th March 2024
SEGGER and GigaDevice partner to provide emWin GUI software

SEGGER and GigaDevice announce their collaboration to provide customers with SEGGER emWin embedded system graphics library, free of charge.

Test & Measurement
6th March 2024
SEGGER’s J-Link debug probes for Renesas RZ/V2H MPU

SEGGER announces that its J-Link debug probes now support the new RZ/V2H MPU from Renesas Electronics Corporation.

28th February 2024
SEGGER delivers Ozone for Windows on Arm

SEGGER announces that its debugger and performance analyser, Ozone, is now available for Windows on Arm.

25th January 2024
SEGGER introduces Arduino MKR Adapter for J-Link

SEGGER has announced the release of the Arduino MKR Adapter, simplifying the connection of J-Link debug probes to Arduino boards from the MKR series.

24th January 2024
SEGGER adds SVG support to emWin embedded graphic library

SEGGER has introduced support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) in emWin, providing developers with a powerful and efficient solution for rendering scalable and rotatable graphics in embedded applications.

18th January 2024
Window cache boosts performance of SEGGER’s emWin graphic library

SEGGER introduces a window cache feature for the emWin embedded graphics library, typically increasing performance by a factor of four in larger systems with sufficient RAM. 

11th January 2024
SEGGER’s Embedded Studio: one IDE for both Arm and RISC-V

SEGGER is excited to announce the new Embedded Studio – V8.10. This multi-platform IDE now also supports multiple architectures with a single setup, and the same software can be used to build and debug programs for both RISC-V and Arm targets.

8th January 2024
SEGGER simplifies rapid production programming of SD cards and eMMC

SEGGER's FAT Image Creator is a utility designed for preparing a FAT file system, optimised for the swift programming of embedded or removable media in a production setting.

21st December 2023
SEGGER and CVA Innovation to fully support the CVM01xx series MCU

SEGGER’s J-Link debug probes, along with its range of Flasher in-circuit programmers, now offer complete support for the CVA Innovation CVM01xx series MCU.

21st December 2023
SEGGER’s turns the cable connection into smart tech

SEGGER’s emUSB-C PD is an embedded software library for managing the power delivery (PD) protocol.

Component Management
15th December 2023
SEGGER introduce multi-architecture streaming trace probe

The new flagship model J-Trace PRO is now the "all-in-one" probe for any popular CPU core and architecture. It combines all the debug capabilities of the market-leading J-Link series with all the analysing, verifying and code-profiling features of the J-Trace series to get a truly one-stop solution.

30th November 2023
SEGGER emWin supports Arduino

SEGGER announces the integration of emWin into the Arduino platform, offering users a seamless way to use emWin in their projects.

15th November 2023
SEGGER’s STM32-SFI Flasher Commander secures firmware right up to the target

SEGGER has announced the introduction of the STM32-SFI Flasher Commander, a complimentary command line interface (CLI) tool, designed to support the Secure Firmware Installation (SFI) feature from STMicroelectronics.

Test & Measurement
9th November 2023
SEGGER officially supports debugging in Visual Studio Code

SEGGER has announced its official support for debugging embedded systems in Visual Studio Code (VS Code) with all members of the J-Link family, from J-Link BASE to J-Link PRO, including J-Link EDU Mini and J-Link OB.

1st November 2023
SEGGER J-Link debugger support for Cortex-M85 device

SEGGER has added complete debugger support for the first commercially available Cortex-M85 device, the RA8M1 MCU group from Renesas.

27th October 2023
SEGGER Flasher Secure with TELP secures programming end to end

SEGGER’s Target Encrypted Link Package (TELP) ensures the protection of intellectual property (IP) from end to end, including the last few inches to the device.

24th August 2023
Anyone can add new devices to SEGGER Flasher DSK

The new Flasher Device Support Kit (DSK) provides everything necessary to extend the device support of the Flasher in-circuit/in-system production programmers.

9th August 2023
SEGGER releases the Flasher Hub-12

Flasher Hub-12 controls up to 12 Flasher Compact devices so that they program simultaneously.

Test & Measurement
19th June 2023
SEGGER adds STOP technology to Embedded Studio for ARM

The latest release of SEGGER's Embedded Studio for ARM comes with STOP technology, designed by SEGGER to reliably prevent stack overflows.

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