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30th August 2017
Embedded FTP server available in a free PC tool

Supplier of software, hardware and development tools for embedded systems, SEGGER, has introduced a free tool empowered by its embOS/IP FTP Server add-on. The tool serves as a full FTP Server that is set up with minimal effort. It will run on a Windows, Mac or Linux based machine. The FTP server tool enables a simple and convenient way to exchange data between any device that can support the FTP protocol as a client and an associated co...

3rd August 2017
IP-over-USB technology enables easy browser access

Developer and distributor of hardware and software development tools, SEGGER, has introduced its new IP-over-USB technology. It lets the web browser easily access a USB device from any host: Windows, Linux, or macOS. Communicating with the built-in web server of the USB device, it can visualise status information in real-time, as well as configure the device. With this new IP-over-USB technology, no driver needs to be installed, it is p...

22nd June 2017
SEGGER introduces compact version of J-Link for verification & test beds

The compact variants of the J-Link models are designed for minimal footprint and to mount securely and unobtrusively into development or end user equipment.
 Two mounting holes and small size make it simple to place the J-Link into existing equipment housings or to reserve space for direct-to-PCB mounting. The compact J-Link models enable fixed setups to be deployed using identical fea...

6th June 2017
Development tool focuses on educational market

In another move to address demands from the educational community for professional but low-cost development tools , SEGGER introduces the J-Link EDU mini. It offers the advanced features associated with a commercial J-Link solution while being priced at only $18. These include the use of SEGGER's leading IDE Embedded Studio, Ozone Debugger and GDB Server, as well as other powerful visualisation tools, such as SystemView and J-Scope.  

Test & Measurement
11th May 2017
PRO version of the SystemView released

SEGGER has announced SystemView PRO, which allows recording and live analysis of interrupts, task switches, API calls and other events without limiting recording time or number of events. To facilitate analysis of large amounts of data, custom event filters have been added to the feature set of this latest version of the powerful system analysis tool.

8th May 2017
SEGGER introduces Enterprise License for Embedded Studio

Following numerous requests from customers, SEGGER introduces the Enterprise License for Embedded Studio. The Enterprise License provided by SEGGER addresses the special requirements of larger corporations. The Enterprise License is a company-wide license for Embedded Studio use with an option for access to the Embedded Studio source code. Enterprise licensing removes any administration overhead to track licenses within the corporation.

25th April 2017
SEGGER releases cryptographic library emCrypt

SEGGER has announced immediate availability of its emCrypt cryptographic algorithm library. emCrypt is a complete software library of cryptographic algorithms, written entirely in C, with high performance. It can easily be fine-tuned to favor smaller or faster code. Hardware acceleration for various popular MCU families such as STM32, Kinetis, EFM32 and LPC18S/43S is available.

Test & Measurement
23rd March 2017
Handheld programmer suits in-field-services

SEGGER has announced the release of Flasher Portable PLUS, a new member of the company’s widely popular Flasher family. This compact unit uses a rechargeable Li-Ion-battery to enable more than 10 hours of continuous, untethered stand-alone operation. It incorporates an LCD to display additional information on the programming process. The Flasher Portable PLUS can be loaded with multiple programming images and configurations.

14th March 2017
First in-circuit-programmer secures off-site production

For high volume production it is common to employ a contract manufacturer (CM). This setup introduces a new threat for the intellectual property (IP) of the original owner. To limit the risk of IP theft and overproduction, SEGGER announces the new production programming system Flasher SECURE. CMs have access to customer IP and large quantities of the components they are contracted to produce.

12th January 2017
Secure data exchange for IoT devices using Dropbox

SEGGER announces a Dropbox client as part of their IoT offerings. IoT devices have different communication needs. The new Dropbox client is ideal for projects which need to manage various amounts of data. This is accomplished by loading or storing files, even large data files, in a secure and reliable way using the public Dropbox API. Typical use cases include; firmware updates, log files, and for that matter, any information shared bet...

22nd December 2016
IoT communication made easy using MQTT

Embedded devices joining the IoT exchange data with other devices using a network. SEGGER’s new MQTT client helps these devices to communicate with each other, using wired or wireless connections, anywhere in the world at any time. SEGGER’s MQTT client is a lightweight communication protocol perfectly suited for constrained environments such as IoT and Machine to Machine (M2M) contexts.

16th December 2016
Introduction to software development for ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers

  SEGGER has launched an extensive training program for 2017. Through this, the company’s team of Embedded Experts will be able to give guidance to software developers to help them get the most out of ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers. All participants will be given extensive opportunities to work hands-on with the evaluation boards provided.

9th December 2016
Record-breaking crypto performance with NXP Kinetis MCUs

SEGGER has announced the availability of hardware acceleration support for its emCrypt offering. emCrypt is a comprehensive library of cryptographic algorithms which are at the heart of all cryptographic software products from SEGGER, such as emSSH and emSSL, as well as security focused products like emSecure. This pure software solution is the fastest available, achieving a performance of 2.17MBytes/s AES-128 encryption on a 168MHz NXP...

17th November 2016
SEGGER introduces Wi-Fi Quick start

SEGGER introduces Wi-Fi modules (2.4GHz and 5GHz supported) for its emPower Cortex-M Evaluation Platform. Getting a project with Wi-Fi off the ground has never been easier. Evaluation software is included enabling a Web Server via Wi-Fi in mere minutes. The available modules in combination with the emPower platform permit comparison of different Wi-Fi modules, as well as evaluation of the SEGGER embOS/IP stack.

11th November 2016
Fastest in-circuit-programmer for Infineon microcontrollers

SEGGER announces in-circuit-programming support for the XMC1000 microcontroller family of Infineon Technologies AG. Production of XMC1000 microcontrollers now benefits from the fast flash programming algorithms developed by SEGGER. Small series and mass production environments benefit from the reliability and performance of SEGGER’s in-circuit-programming solution.

4th November 2016
embOS port for automotive RH850 microcontrollers

SEGGER presents an embOS port for the Renesas Electronics’ automotive RH850 MCU Family. The efficiency of embOS complements the high-performance and very low power consumption characteristics that are inherent within RH850 MCUs. The embOS port comes with board support packages for all popular Renesas RH850 MCUs plus their related evaluation boards.

5th October 2016
J-Trace PRO for Cortex-M

In order to make it easy to get true instruction trace up and running, SEGGER has just introduced the new Cortex-M Trace reference board. This compact board now ships with every J-Trace PRO for Cortex-M. It can also be purchased apart from the J-Trace PRO unit, so every customer can take advantage of the new reference board. By referring to the detailed tutorial on the SEGGER web site, engineers can experience streaming trace, real-time code...

19th September 2016
Updates made to enable live profiling and code coverage

  Enhancements have been made to the J-Trace PRO and Ozone debugger products by SEGGER. The new functionality incorporated will enable continuous trace, endless streaming and live analysis of application trace data for ARM Cortex-M projects.

31st August 2016
Cross platform development software offers higher speed

Version 3.10 of SEGGER's cross platform development software 'Embedded Studio' has been released. The new version comes with multiple improvements, most notably even higher speed and the ability to build programs using compilers other than the included GCC and Clang/LLVM. These other compilers can be integrated seamlessly into Embedded Studio and the resulting programs can be debugged using the built-in debugger.

22nd August 2016
BBC micro:bit gets J-Link firmware upgrade

J-Link support for the BBC micro:bit has been introduced by Segger. It provides students with a path to using a production grade IDE for their next micro:bit project. SEGGER offers the capability to upgrade the firmware on the BBC micro:bit DAPLink to a J-Link OB (On Board). This firmware makes the on-board debug solution on the BBC micro:bit compatible to J-Link, allowing users to take advantage of all J-Link features.

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