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3rd August 2021
Linux Studio available to Linux developers

Linux Studio is a development environment designed specifically for native host development, making the features of SEGGER's Embedded Studio IDE available to all Linux application developers. With its Visual Studio-style user interface, powerful project management and integrated source-level debugger, Linux Studio helps to simplify development on Linux.

23rd July 2021
RTOS embOS receives quality label ‘MadeForSTM32 v2’

SEGGER’s real time operating system (RTOS) embOS has been awarded STMicroelectronics’ ‘MadeForSTM32 v2’ certificate. embOS is part of SEGGER’s all-in-one embedded operating system emPower OS.

14th July 2021
Communication solution for industrial Ethernet-APL

SEGGER Microcontroller has announced a collaboration with Analog Devices, in order to provide embedded engineers with a new solution for the development of industrial Ethernet applications including the new Ethernet-APL standard.

24th June 2021
emPower OS enables production during chip shortages

SEGGER has introduced its all-in-one embedded operating system emPower OS. It uses proven components from the software toolbox that already lays the groundwork for many customer products and for SEGGER’s successful J-Link debugger. emPower OS provides an out-of-the-box experience for complex embedded software applications on close to one thousand hardware platforms while supporting many more.

3rd June 2021
emRun runtime library licensed by SiFive

The SEGGER emRun runtime library is available as part of the recently announced SiFive 21G1 release. SiFive’s focus on toolchain and library support enables key market requirements, including reduced code size and lower memory footprints. To support this goal, SiFive has licensed emRun as part of the SiFive Freedom Tools and Freedom-E-SDK packages. This integration enables chip designers to easily achieve optimum performance, while reducing...

17th May 2021
Flasher PRO XL programmer with extra-large memory

The SEGGER Flasher PRO XL is a full-featured, in-circuit, universal flash programming tool with extra-large memory capacity. With two gigabytes of storage, the Flasher PRO XL is designed to program large images and/or hold multiple images for use during the production programming process.

30th April 2021
Microchip licenses SEGGER emFloat floating-point library

SEGGER Microcontroller has announced that Microchip Technology has licensed SEGGER’s optimised floating-point library, emFloat, for Microchip’s XC32 V4.0 compiler toolchain and Arm Cortex-M devices. emFloat is a complete, fully optimised and verified floating-point library for embedded systems.

19th April 2021
SEGGER J-Link now supports CMSIS-DAP

SEGGER's latest J-Link software has reportedly made it possible to turn J-Link into a high-speed CMSIS-DAP debug probe. In this mode, it can be used with any toolchain or application that is compatible with this standard, such as pyOCD, KEIL MDK and Arm Development Studio.

15th April 2021
Licensing of embedded file system emFile includes PSoC 6

Semiconductor manufacturer Cypress, a subsidiary of German chipmaker Infineon, has extended its licensing for SEGGER's emFile embedded file system, emFile, to its latest hardware platform PSoC 6.

1st April 2021
SEGGER Embedded Studio available for the Renesas RE MCUs

Embedded developers can now use SEGGER Embedded Studio IDE with the Renesas RE Family of microcontrollers (MCUs). Embedded Studio is SEGGER’s cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) for embedded systems development.

22nd March 2021
J-Link supports Raspberry Pi RP2040

Microcontrollers are the workhorses powering the digital transformation of our world. RP2040 is the debut microcontroller from the Raspberry Pi Foundation and is now fully supported by SEGGER J-Link.

2nd March 2021
Frank Riemenschneider joins SEGGER as marketing manager

Starting 1st March 2021, Frank Riemenschneider will further strengthen the marketing team at SEGGER Microcontroller, joining as Marketing and PR Manager. Together with Dirk Akemann, he will amplify the work of expanding and solidifying SEGGER’s position in Europe, the USA and Asia as a manufacturer of innovative products; already very well-known and used by world-renowned market leaders in industry.

22nd February 2021
SEGGER Flasher Compact: the almost-anything-programmer

The SEGGER Flasher Compact is a full-featured, in-circuit, universal flash programming tool in a housing with a footprint smaller than that of a credit card. While the Flasher Compact can be used in stand-alone or PC-based mode, it is primarily designed for integration into production rigs or automated test equipment (ATE) where space is limited.

16th February 2021
Apple M1-optimised SEGGER Embedded Studio available

SEGGER announces its Embedded Studio build for the newly released Apple M1, Apple’s first ARM-based system-on-chip (SoC) designed specifically for Mac. Embedded Studio is SEGGER’s cross-platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for ARM/Cortex and RISC-V.

5th February 2021
SEGGER ecosystem available for the Renesas RE MCUs

SEGGER Microcontroller, in cooperation with Renesas, has announced the availability of its entire product portfolio for the Renesas RE Family microcontroller units (MCUs). This includes a full line of development tools, embedded software and production tools, making firmware development for the Arm-based Renesas RE MCUs fast and easy.

1st February 2021
Open Flashloader for direct programming of RISC-V systems

SEGGER has released a new Open Flashloader for RISC-V systems. The template, which can be adjusted to fit any RISC-V system, allows engineers to write flash loaders which fit into just 2kB of RAM. This enables J-Link debug probes to download directly and easily into the flash memory of a RISC-V Microcontroller or SoC.

22nd January 2021
SEGGER's J-Link OB plays crucial role in HiFive Inventor

SEGGER’s J-Link on-board debug probes can be found on hundreds of different evaluation boards and single-board computers around the globe. But few are as prominent as the BBC Doctor Who HiFive Inventor Coding Kit. It is a new children’s IoT coding platform created by US educational coding firm Tynker and RISC-V IP provider SiFive, and backed by BBC Studios.

15th January 2021
Complete J-Link software now available for Linux on ARM

SEGGER’s entire portfolio of J-Link software is now available for Linux on ARM, for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. This includes both the command-line programs and GUI tools such as J-Flash, J-Flash SPI, J-Scope, the J-Link Configurator and the GUI version of the GDB Server.

11th January 2021
Programming QSPI at maximum speed with Flasher PRO

SEGGER has added quad mode programming for QSPI Flashes to its universal flash programmer, maximising programming speed for production environments. Flasher PRO ensures that the time gained using four-pin transfer translates directly to increased productivity. Operating in either PC-based or stand-alone mode, the Flasher PRO reaches the theoretical minimum programming time of the QSPI device itself.

17th December 2020
J-Link remote debugging accelerated by server network

The J-Link Remote Servers are available to every J-Link user at no cost. While using the closest server significantly increases communication speed, customers still have the option to set up their own server if desired or required by company policy.

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