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Cyber Security
15th November 2019
Keeping medical devices safe from cyber attacks

In the last few years, hospitals and medical facilities have been successfully targeted by cyber crooks looking to exploit or wreak havoc on the healthcare sector and its patients. Emboldened by the industry’s slow progress in adopting technologies that harden medical devices and data systems, criminals have upped their game. By Alan Grau, VP of IoT/Embedded Solutions, Sectigo

7th October 2019
The search for quantum-resistant cryptography

Quantum computing is set to transform the IT industry. This new computing architecture takes advantage of quantum mechanics to deliver capabilities beyond what traditional binary computing can achieve. However, these capabilities come at a cost. Once quantum computers reach a certain state of maturity, they are destined to render the cryptographic underpinnings of today’s digital systems insecure.

6th August 2019
Partnership to protect the edge of IoT

Sectigo has announced a secure edge computing technology pact with NetObjex, an Intelligent Automation Platform for tracking, tracing, and monitoring digital assets using AI, Blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT). The collaboration provides enterprises and manufacturers with a secured, trusted computing infrastructure that extends from IoT edge devices to the cloud and blockchain.

9th July 2019
Anatomy of a ransomware attack

There have been a few real-world cases where white-hat hackers and researchers have been able – in limited, controlled instances – to actually penetrate a car’s electronics and communications systems, take over the car’s steering and acceleration systems, and potentially do real damage. By Alan Grau, VP of IoT, Embedded Systems, Sectigo

2nd July 2019
Return of the IoT Botnet: exposing the soft underbelly of IoT devices

Like the Fast and Furious movies, IoT botnets and cyber attacks just keep coming. The most recent attack, the Silex botnet, is particularly nasty. It doesn’t use devices to create DDoS attacks or attempt to steal personal data. As ZDNet explained in its June article about the attack, the new malware simply deletes the software from the device rendering it useless, or 'bricking' the device. By Alan Grau, VP of IoT, Embedded System...

Cyber Security
13th May 2019
Delivering an end-to-end IoT security platform

Commercial Certificate Authority (CA) and a leader in web security solutions, Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA), has announced that it has acquired Icon Labs, a provider of cross-platform security solutions for embedded OEMs and Internet of Things (IoT) device manufacturers. 

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