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Sectigo announces automation of AWS and Google Cloud platform certificates

30th January 2023
Sheryl Miles

Sectigo, a global specialist in digital certificates and automated Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM), has announced the latest expansion to its CLM ecosystem, via Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM).

Organisations can now seamlessly issue and manage digital certificates originating from Google Cloud Platform (GCP), AWS Cloud Services, as well as publicly trusted CAs, providing complete visibility and lifecycle control over all public and private digital certificates within a single platform. This functionality builds upon Sectigo’s already robust capability and enables enterprises to discover, deploy, install, and renew the lifecycles of all digital certificates deployed within an enterprise ecosystem. 

These additional integrations further deliver on Sectigo’s CA agnostic commitment and add to a growing roster that enables the issuance and management of digital certificates within Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS), other public CAs, popular DevOps platforms such as Kubernetes, Docker, HashiCorp, and more than a dozen leading technology integrations.

According to Gartner, “Security and risk management leaders are increasingly dissatisfied with the operational inefficiencies and the lack of integration of a heterogenous security stack. As a result, they are consolidating the number of security vendors they use.” Since 2020, Sectigo’s ongoing strategy has been built around this trend.

Sectigo is focused on helping organisations establish digital trust and reduce risk by developing its SCM platform with openness and interoperability at its heart. This allows IT security leaders and their teams to consolidate existing technology silos, achieve crypto-agility, reduce security-stack complexity, optimise resources, enable compliance, and deliver ROI.

“Certificate Lifecycle Management is increasingly becoming mission-critical for IT leaders as they work to establish digital trust for their enterprises in remote and hybrid work environments. CISOs and their teams must acquire and manage multiple, expensive, and siloed public key infrastructure and CLM solutions to tackle human and machine identity management,” said Kevin Weiss, CEO, Sectigo. “Our priority is to help them with security vendor consolidation by combining public and private certificate issuance and CLM into one single pane of glass. Our customers see substantial cost savings and management efficiencies.”

Sectigo’s universal SCM platform represents market-leading innovation and is CA agnostic, meaning it can work with a host of different IT environments, digital certificate types, use cases, and Certificate Authorities. SCM provides a modern approach to securing massive amounts of human and machine identities at scale. The platform can request, deploy, and manage any public or private certificate from Microsoft ADCS, Google Cloud Platform, and AWS Cloud Services, alongside public and private certificates from third-party vendors, all within one cloud-based interface.

Key benefits of Sectigo Certificate Manager

  • Crypto agility – A single pane of glass to manage both public and private certificates issued from Sectigo and other Certificate Authorities.
  • Vendor consolidation – An open and easy-to-deploy certificate management solution to avoid platform proliferation and vendor lock-in.
  • Zero-touch deployment – Advanced capabilities to automatically install user and device certificates with a single click.
  • Certificate management in the Cloud – Cloud-based efficiency means lower cost of deployment, faster threat discovery, automation, and perimeterless security across cloud and multi-cloud environments.
  • Enterprise integrations – Integrations with technology providers that give customers deployment flexibility and customisations to work within their unique environments.
  • Dedicated support – Excellent customer support with white glove service from onboarding to continued account services.

“As IT teams face a widening security perimeter with millions of endpoints and siloed certificate and identity management, Sectigo offers simple, cost-effective, and comprehensive solutions providing enterprises with a single pane of glass for all their human and machine identities,” Weiss said. “An identity-first security approach with SCM is key for every modern business to access, authenticate, and secure its IT security stack and processes. We are pleased to announce our latest innovations which further solidify Sectigo as the leader in establishing digital trust.”

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