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Test & Measurement
12th June 2020
Reinforced isolated high-power shunt modules from Riedon

Riedon has announced its plans to redefine the current measurement landscape with the introduction of its SSA Smart Shunt series of reinforced isolated high-power shunt modules..

12th November 2019
Taking advantage of TCR for simple, accurate heating

Taking advantage of the temperature coefficient of resistance in metals can result in elegant, cost-effective and innovative responses to engineering challenges that involve heating or precision temperature sensing.  By Phil Ebbert, VP of Engineering, Riedon

25th October 2019
Self-controlled temperature sensing solutions

Riedon has introduced three new product lines leveraging its precision-resistor knowhow to simplify thermal sensing and monitoring, including miniature self-controlled heaters and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). The PTC series of miniature heaters are positive-temperature-coefficient devices that stabilise quickly at 100 to 125°C depending on voltage and power rating. 

24th May 2019
High-performance metal-clad braking resistors deliver for heatsink

Specialist manufacturer of cutting-edge power and precision resistors, Riedon, has announced an expansion to its extensive line of high-power wirewound resistors, with a new series of rugged metal-clad braking resistors that deliver high levels of performance and a reduction in the need for heatsinking.

26th April 2019
Power and precision resistor offering strengthened

Specialist manufacturer of power, precision and shunt resistors, Riedon, has announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire KRL/Bantry Components, a long-standing manufacturer of high quality wirewound resistors. The acquisition will enhance Riedon’s offering across key areas while enabling it to further expand its product lines.

1st September 2017
Resistors enable design of portable medical electronics

Electronics equipment for medical applications has escaped the confines of medical facilities and entered the outside world. It’s not just the location of medical electronics that has changed, though – they are no longer the sole preserve of medical professionals. These changes have been enabled by modern design techniques. Today’s medical electronics devices are smaller, lighter and designed to be easy to operate. By Phil...

31st May 2017
The wirewound resistor - alive and kicking

The wirewound resistor – alive and kicking, by Phil Ebbert, VP Engineering, Riedon. As with every other type of component, the techniques for fabricating resistors have changed over the years as new technology and materials emerge.

18th May 2017
Ultimate Guide to Resistors already available

  Riedon has announced the publication of the Ultimate Guide to Resistors as a downloadable e-book on Amazon. The nine-chapter book is a comprehensive guide for equipment design engineers, beginning with an overview of resistors and the criteria that need to be considered as part of the process of selecting the right resistor.

9th May 2017
Current shunts enable accurate measurement of high currents

Manufacturer of power and precision resistors, Riedon, has expanded its portfolio of precision current shunts to provide what it claims to be one of the broadest range of current ratings available today. Responding to increases in the output levels from renewable energy sources, higher capacity batteries that require shorter charging times, and the widespread electrification of heavy industry, Riedon has designed its shunt resistors to enabl...

13th October 2016
Ultra-small resistances and the methods of measuring them accurately

Measuring resistance is usually quite straightforward. You take the Device Under Test (DUT) connect both wires from the Digital Multimetre (DMM) to it and read the result on the screen.  Guest blog by Phil Ebbert, VP of Engineering, Riedon.

20th September 2016
TO thermal resistance and beyond

Heat dissipation is a key factor in the design of a power system; in a world where the trend is for more power in a smaller space, are TO-style packages still the best solution?  TO packages were originally intended for discrete transistors, in fact TO stands for ‘transistor outline’. The metal flange that protrudes from the top, or the mounting hole in the packaging, makes them easily identifiable.  

19th July 2016
Stretching the TO to its thermal limit

Riedon investigate the key factors that impact the thermal resistance for TO-packaged resistors and the factors that need to be understood to get the maximum from a TO package.

3rd September 2014
UL listed shunts target renewable energy market

A range of UL listed, RoHS-compliant, precision current shunts have been launched by Riedon. Designed for DC ammeters and similar instruments, the base-mounted RS Series offers current ratings from 5A to 1200A and are targeted at applications in the renewables energy market, such as solar arrays, wind turbines, and battery chargers. The company claims that the shunts deliver the industry’s shortest lead-times.

5th November 2013
Low ohmic value resistors target low-cost current sensing

Targeting the demanding requirements of current sensing and shunt applications, Riedon offers a comprehensive portfolio of low ohmic value resistors. This portfolio ranges from the economical bare metal element MSR series through to its CLSA series chip resistors that provide AEC-Q200 compliance for use in harsh automotive environments.

8th August 2013
Riedon power film resistors offer high-frequency performance

Riedon has today announced a cost-effective power resistor design achieving superior performance in high-frequency applications and high-speed pulse circuits. The various TO-style resistors within Riedon’s PF family are non-inductive and use an advanced power film formed on a heat-conducting alumina substrate that is metalized and soldered to a heat-dissipating copper plate tab.

5th June 2013
CHR and HVS chip resistors from Riedon deliver high resistance values and high temperature performance

Riedon enables electronic equipment designs capable of meeting the demanding requirements of medical and aerospace applications and operating in the extreme environments encountered in the oil and gas industries.

13th May 2013
Ultra-High Precision Foil Resistors Deliver Superior Performance

Riedon introduce two new series of resistors that use Bulk Metal Foil technology to deliver superior performance. The new UHPL series of through-hole moulded resistors provides high precision with a tolerance of ±0.005%, a TCR of ±2ppm and a load life stability of ±0.005%. The ultra-high precision, surface mount UHPC series achieves an extremely low TCR of ±0.05ppm with a power coefficient of 5ppm at rated power and a load life stability of ...

22nd March 2013
Riedon offers easy customization of wirewound resistors and readily available off-the-shelf designs

Riedon reveals that they provide all the advantages of precision wirewound resistor technology with designs that are easily customized for specific applications and can also be produced economically in low volumes. Riedon’s standard wirewound resistors are offered in various series to meet different performance requirements across a range of body styles.

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