Low ohmic value resistors target low-cost current sensing

5th November 2013
Nat Bowers

Targeting the demanding requirements of current sensing and shunt applications, Riedon offers a comprehensive portfolio of low ohmic value resistors. This portfolio ranges from the economical bare metal element MSR series through to its CLSA series chip resistors that provide AEC-Q200 compliance for use in harsh automotive environments.

Offered in various package formats, Riedon resistors provide ±1% tolerance resistances from 0.5 milliohms up to 1 ohm, TCRs as low as ±20ppm/oC and power ratings up to 5 Watts. For tolerances down to ±0.1%, Riedon is also able to supply four terminal versions of its axial lead low ohm power resistor.

Using a bare metal element in an all-welded construction for through-hole circuit board mounting, the MSR series provides resistance values from 5mΩ to 100mΩ, while also achieving low inductance (<10nH) and low TCR (±20ppm/oC). Available in 1, 3 and 5-Watt power ratings MSR resistors feature tolerances of ±1% or ±5%.

Phil Ebbert, Riedon’s VP of Engineering, comments: "Resistance values of just a few milliohms allow currents of several Amps, even tens of Amps, to be handled with device power ratings up to 5 Watts. Riedon’s capability to produce such low ohmic values, with well defined tolerances, enables it to serve a wide range of current sensing and shunt resistor applications.”

Riedon offers several chip resistor solutions for surface mount applications. Providing excellent long-term stability and low inductance, the MNRS chip shunt resistors feature 4- and 6-Watt ratings and resistances from 1mΩ to 4mΩ. Ultra-low ohm metal strip chip resistors, the CSR family come in three sizes (1206 / 2010 / 2512) for power ratings from 1 to 3 Watts, with standard and customized resistance values from 0.5 mΩ to 15mΩ. Operating over -55oC to +155oC, the CLS/CLSA series chip resistors feature an alumina substrate for high power dissipation, with the CLSA parts meeting the Automotive Engineering Council’s AEC-Q200 stress test qualification.

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