Ultimate Guide to Resistors already available

18th May 2017
Enaie Azambuja


Riedon has announced the publication of the Ultimate Guide to Resistors as a downloadable e-book on Amazon. The nine-chapter book is a comprehensive guide for equipment design engineers, beginning with an overview of resistors and the criteria that need to be considered as part of the process of selecting the right resistor.

The chapters that follow cover the characteristics of resistors, before going on to look at the different types of resistor that are available: wirewound, thick and thin film chip, and the metal foil resistors that are employed in applications requiring the highest precision, such as audio and medical.

Phil Ebbert, VP Engineering at Riedon, said: ‘It was important to us to offer engineers at any level a comprehensive guide to resistors. The proper utilisation of resistors and knowing which type of resistor to use for a specific application can sometimes cause confusion. This book offers engineers a quick reference that details different types of applications and the best solutions available.’

In each chapter, the requirements of individual applications are discussed in full. Comprehensive coverage of each topic is accompanied by schematics in the form of circuit diagrams and tables, where appropriate.

The e-guide ends with a section devoted to resistance technology for the beginner. An appendix covers the basics of resistive technology, ranging from terminology, to how to make resistors for electrical and electronic circuits, factors that can affect resistor performance, and a definition of the units in use.

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