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4th July 2018
Rethinking component design for electric vehicles

  Despite being first invented in the 1830s, Electric Vehicles (EVs) have only become commercially viable in the last decade. Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK, explains the challenges faced by automotive companies designing the next generation of EVs.

19th June 2018
New whitepaper explores the challenges of EV adoption

As sales of electric vehicles rise and companies begin to capitalise on the increased adoption of the technology, REO UK is urging the industry to consider the three areas of concern: component design, charging infrastructure and battery technology. As part of its call-to-action, the company has released a whitepaper exploring these issues, which can be downloaded from the REO UK website.

11th June 2018
Medical cyber-security vs. power quality

The security of patient data is of the utmost concern to healthcare organisations, due in no small part to the increase in number and severity of cyber-attacks in recent years. However, this isn’t the only risk to digital medical records and sensitive data. Here, Steve Hughes, managing director of medical power quality specialist REO UK, explains the threat poor power quality presents to healthcare.

18th May 2018
REO awarded highest quality management system standard

  As part of its commitment to providing high quality components and services, REO UK has achieved its certification to Quality Management Systems (QMS) Standard ISO 9001:2015. The certification demonstrates the company’s position as a trusted manufacturer and supplier to existing and prospective customers.

3rd May 2018
Powering renewable energy companies

Renewable energy companies are being urged to reconsider their supporting electrical infrastructure. The call comes from REO UK, who is advising businesses to invest in its RE-GEN CNW957 harmonics filter. Designed to eliminate Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) frequencies to protect the electrical infrastructure, the filter also increases the efficiency of the drive by improving power quality.

27th April 2018
Power quality in hybrid operating theatres

If you told a NHS director of finance that they could reduce patient operating times and reduce the time that in-patients spend in hospitals, they’d most likely snap your hand off. This could soon become a reality with the introduction of hybrid operating theatres, which combine high end imaging equipment with a traditional surgery environment. However, there are several considerations that must be made to make the investment a success, as ...

28th March 2018
Why AC/DC variable voltage sources are still necessary for testing

Producing robust variable-output power for electronic applications has not always been easy. Even now, in many higher current and high voltage applications, variable voltage sources that use modern electronics can become expensive and less robust. Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK, explains why AC/DC variable voltage sources are still essential in testing applications.

8th March 2018
The importance of engineers in the UK’s MedTech industry

  The UK’s medical industry is being overwhelmed by market uncertainty, cost restraints and technological advancement. This is the worrying diagnosis according to a new medical technology (MedTech) industry whitepaper by power quality company, REO UK.

22nd February 2018
Industry is wasting potential 44TWh each year according to whitepaper

A whitepaper proposing that a lack of efficiency in industrial power drive systems means there is currently 44TWh/a of energy savings that could be made across the sector has been released by REO UK. The company has demonstrated the results in its own laboratory tests outlined in the paper and suggests that better harmonic mitigation and a change in the rules is required.

25th January 2018
Improving power control in Industry 4.0 applications

The industrial Ethernet communication standard PROFINET and the industrial network protocol EtherNet/IP has been added to REO UK's range of Fieldbus interfaces. The two additions will help manufacturers improve power control in Industry 4.0 applications in food and beverage manufacturing, process engineering, water treatment and electroplating. REO UK has added the flexibility of PROFINET and EtherNet/IP to models in its range of REOTRON pow...

19th December 2017
Can power electronics support market growth?

According to recent market research by Grand View Research, the global power electronics market will be valued at $39.2bn by 2025. To ensure electrical products and infrastructure are capable of supporting this 40% growth, REO UK is calling on laboratories and testing facilities to invest in stable DC power supplies for electrical testing. Electrical testing is a critical part of the design and development of power electronics and electrical comp...

8th December 2017
Eliminating poor quality electrical components

In 1897, the conflicts between the increased use of bicycles alongside horses and pedestrians in Germany created chaos and disruption on the roads. Implementing a less disruptive system for the different methods of transport became critical to organising the flow and safety of traffic. In this article, Steve Hughes, Managing Director at REO UK, explains how the company is resolving similar problems with the increasing use of electrical components...

7th November 2017
Making energy cleaner with harmonic filters

Power systems manufacturer, REO UK has extended its range of harmonic filters with the REOWAVE passive plus. The new product features specially developed control circuitry that minimises reactive power by only activating the filter circuit at certain currents, while also protecting the device against overheating and electrical overload. This technology reduces power consumption of the overall electrical system by approximately 20%.

30th October 2017
Keeping your systems cool when things get hot

Most people can remember a time when they've walked into a room and seen one person dressed for the Arctic while the person next to them looks like they're in the Bahamas. Although disagreements over heating like these have led to fights in some offices, for most businesses poor power quality in HVAC systems can do more damage financially. Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK, explains how to keep your HVAC running cool when things...

16th October 2017
Offshore wind farms: what you need from your resistor

Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK, explains how engineers can keep offshore turbines turning safely. Most tourists and holiday fanatics appreciate the value of the ocean air, either to ease flu-like symptoms or as a means of relaxation. However, the salty air is not as kind to offshore wind turbines, with the salt particles accelerating corrosion and hindering performance.

21st September 2017
Change your approach to renewable energy

REO UK has urged businesses to reconsider their relationship with renewable energy. The company has released a whitepaper exploring the state of the renewable energy sector and argues that the time is ripe for organisations to think about how they can overcome problems such as the changes to feed-in tariffs, power quality problems, planning permission and the threat from cheap imports of renewable technology.

10th August 2017
REO UK becomes member of Rail Forum East Midlands

The Rail Forum East Midlands (RFEM) has gained another new member with power quality specialist REO UK being the latest addition to the organisation that operates as a source of knowledge and a voice for the rail industry. REO UK’s membership represents the company’s increased focus on helping businesses tackle electrical interference problems in the sector.

3rd August 2017
Improving power quality in the HVAC and medical sectors

Power quality company, REO UK, has released a whitepaper addressing electrical interference and power quality problems in the food and beverage, HVAC and medical sectors. The whitepaper outlines the issues caused by technological development in each industry, as well as how electrical engineers and plant and facilities managers can mitigate these problems. Many of the electrical problems mentioned in the whitepaper, such as harmonics and power li...

21st July 2017
Transforming power quality for the renewable age

Following the landmark COP21 agreement to reduce carbon emissions, Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK explores why rail providers need to be prepared for the inevitable shift to renewable energy and to manage potential power quality issues that may arise.

10th July 2017
Balancing risk with IoT benefits

The British media widely reported how the recent WannaCry cyber attack largely targeted NHS trusts across the country. However, what was not as widely reported was that the attack also affected many factories across the world, shutting down production and causing concerns about data security. Here, Steve Hughes, managing director of power quality specialist REO UK, looks at how companies can reap the benefits of interconnected devices while stayi...

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