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13th June 2022
How to support the electrification of industrial vehicles

REO UK has released a new whitepaper which explores how technology can be used to facilitate growth in industrial EV usage.

11th May 2022
REO releases book ahead of EMC & Compliance International

REO UK will showcase its latest book on EMI Filters as well as its range of high quality power equipment, which includes components, electrical regulators and electrical controllers.

9th March 2022
Will electric cars overload the power grid?

According to Next Green Car, in the UK, electric passenger car sales increased by 74% in 2020. With the number of electric car owners growing, there is concern about the need for more charging points and the impact this will have on the National Grid, especially during peak charging times. 

Aerospace & Defence
2nd September 2021
Smooth sailing with braking resistors

The company supplied its REOHM series BWD158 water-cooled braking resistor to the design of a luxury vessel, with the resistor able to ensure long-lasting safety and reliable performance in a compact, simple-to-integrate footprint. 

2nd August 2021
Are electric vehicles heading for a bump in the road?

Year-on-year, the market for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow. As the G7 commits to the target of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050, actually achieving these lofty goals will rely on all sectors adapting to encompass these green ambitions. In transport, many people look to EVs as a means of reaching national targets. Here, Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK, discusses the growth of the EV industry.

9th June 2021
New high current variable test power supplies

The test engineering division of REO has developed the REOLAB 220, a range of three-phase high current, low voltage AC variable power supplies for test laboratories. The units can supply voltages of up to 10V and currents up to 10kA (10,000 Amps), but this can be tailored to meet customer requirements. REO UK is providing the REOLAB 220 units to test and quality assurance laboratories in the UK.

22nd February 2021
Ensuring consistent power supply in medical care

In England alone, the NHS deals with over one million patients every 36 hours. With an ever-growing need for better healthcare and facilities, hospitals are demanding better network solutions, with information technology and its supporting infrastructure becoming critical components within the industry. Here, Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK, has discussed the need for consistent power supply to continue life-saving treatments.

6th January 2021
Exploring EN 60601-1 for safety and reliability

All types of electrical medical equipment can present a range of hazards to the user, the patient and to service personnel. Most design engineers recognise that conformance and verification of medical devices to BS EN IEC 60601-1 will meet the safety standards required for such an item. Here, Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK, has explored the EN 60601-1 standard and how it helps keep both patients and caregivers safe.

30th November 2020
Ensuring continuity of medical power

In June 2020, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave a speech announcing some plans for the nation’s recovery from lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic. This recovery plan included the availability of funds for the NHS, part of which would support the building of new hospitals. These new buildings would allow healthcare providers to ensure reliable medical power supply from the outset.

23rd November 2020
Laying the groundwork for rail electrification

Network Rail recently laid out its preliminary plans to decarbonise the rail network, which involved finding alternatives to diesel trains and electrifying more than 7,000 miles of track by 2050. The addition of more electric trains to tracks, alongside greater electrification, will add a new need for robust electrical infrastructure to support the network in a clean and safe way. Here, Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK, explains&nbs...

4th November 2020
Powering the rise of e-mobility

REO UK will be exhibiting at the UK’s premier low-carbon vehicle event CENEX-LCV, from 18th-19th November, 2020. The event, which had record-breaking numbers of attendees in 2019, will be held virtually this year and is a chance for attendees and exhibitors alike to share practical insights, industry knowledge and announce new innovations, products and initiatives.

28th September 2020
Exploring advancements in EVs and charging in 2020

Electric Vehicles (EVs) and the wider electric transportation has gone from strength to strength in the past decade. Over the next five years, a total of eight million drivers in the UK will switch to Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (HEVs) according to CompareTheMarket, driving demand for robust charging infrastructure. Here, Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK, explores how the industry is shaping up for the 2020s.

24th September 2020
Choosing transformers for critical medicine

Modern examination and operating methods would not be possible without the use of electricity. Transformers used in these applications are designed to protect patients, staff and the equipment used in their care, and as such are required to meet demanding specifications. Steve Hughes, Managing Director at REO UK, explains the key considerations when specifying a medical transformer.

17th August 2020
Sailing on a sea of electricity

We’re taught that electricity and water don’t mix. The truth is they mix very well - far too well, in fact. Electricity travels through water far more efficiently than it can through air, so it’s not hard to imagine the problems that water can cause when it gets into electronics. Here, Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK, covers the challenges modern electronics face on the high seas.

17th April 2020
Keeping the turbines turning

  As the need for renewable energy grows, so too does the need for reliable electronics for turbines. Design engineers are charged with the task of keeping turbines turning and ensuring that power flows reliably, says Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK.

17th March 2020
Getting the UK up to speed with EVs

You’ve doubtless heard of the UK Government’s plans to ban the sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars from the year 2035. That’s less than 5,500 days left to run out and buy that gas-guzzling SUV you know you shouldn’t, but it also means the days remaining to electrify the UK’s road network are rapidly running out. Here, Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK, points out some potential potholes on the roa...

5th March 2020
Streamlining electrical components

Variety is the spice of life. But, as anyone who’s tried to throw a curry together without a recipe knows well, you can certainly have too much. When specifying electrical components, engineers are often presented with dizzying spreadsheets filled with technical datapoints, for hundreds of devices.

18th February 2020
Private workshop upgrades machine tools with REO

Power quality specialist, REO deals mainly with large or medium-sized equipment manufacturers and electrical installers. So, it was pleased to be contacted directly by the private owner of a small vintage car parts workshop in the South Downs, UK. The customer was experiencing power issues while upgrading its machine tools, for which the CNW933 sine wave filter was identified as the best solution.

20th January 2020
An insight into the future of engineering

  In November 2019, REO UK celebrated 30 years of excellence in electrical engineering by releasing its book, R30: The past, present and future of power, on Amazon Kindle. Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK and author of R30, shares some of the top-level insight explored in the book.

19th December 2019
Electronics – 30 years of smart evolution

REO UK has produced a new infographic reflecting key changes in the electronic and electrical engineering sectors over the last 30 years. The infographic charts significant developments in a continuing electronic evolution that’s seen the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), surgical robots, and electric vehicles (EVs).

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