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17th April 2020
Keeping the turbines turning

  As the need for renewable energy grows, so too does the need for reliable electronics for turbines. Design engineers are charged with the task of keeping turbines turning and ensuring that power flows reliably, says Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK.

17th March 2020
Getting the UK up to speed with EVs

You’ve doubtless heard of the UK Government’s plans to ban the sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars from the year 2035. That’s less than 5,500 days left to run out and buy that gas-guzzling SUV you know you shouldn’t, but it also means the days remaining to electrify the UK’s road network are rapidly running out. Here, Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK, points out some potential potholes on the roa...

5th March 2020
Streamlining electrical components

Variety is the spice of life. But, as anyone who’s tried to throw a curry together without a recipe knows well, you can certainly have too much. When specifying electrical components, engineers are often presented with dizzying spreadsheets filled with technical datapoints, for hundreds of devices.

18th February 2020
Private workshop upgrades machine tools with REO

Power quality specialist, REO deals mainly with large or medium-sized equipment manufacturers and electrical installers. So, it was pleased to be contacted directly by the private owner of a small vintage car parts workshop in the South Downs, UK. The customer was experiencing power issues while upgrading its machine tools, for which the CNW933 sine wave filter was identified as the best solution.

20th January 2020
An insight into the future of engineering

  In November 2019, REO UK celebrated 30 years of excellence in electrical engineering by releasing its book, R30: The past, present and future of power, on Amazon Kindle. Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK and author of R30, shares some of the top-level insight explored in the book.

19th December 2019
Electronics – 30 years of smart evolution

REO UK has produced a new infographic reflecting key changes in the electronic and electrical engineering sectors over the last 30 years. The infographic charts significant developments in a continuing electronic evolution that’s seen the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), surgical robots, and electric vehicles (EVs).

4th December 2019
How to stop a speeding train

After doubts about the future of the UK’s high-speed rail link HS2, the government has said the project will go ahead, although delayed by up to three years, in 2029. The prospect of 250mph rail travel is again real and, while the brakes have been put on HS2 for now, OEMs and engineers should consider how the trains will function safety. That includes their braking systems. 

4th December 2019
Thirty years smarter, a timeline of change

For its 30th anniversary, power quality company, REO UK has produced a new infographic reflecting key changes in the electronic and electrical engineering sectors over the last 30 years. The infographic, which is now available on the REO website, charts significant developments in a continuing electronic evolution that’s seen the rise of the IoT, surgical robots, EVs and more.

20th November 2019
Keep track of greenhouse gases with electric trains

   Moving from air and road to rail would reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly, says Caroline Hayes

11th November 2019
Avoiding shocks when electrifying rail

The political wind has been blowing towards complete rail electrification for decades now without significant progress, so it’s clearly not a straightforward problem to tackle. If it’s to be done, it needs be done right. Here, Steve Hughes, Managing Director of power quality specialist REO UK, explains the importance of ensuring the components underpinning electric trains are carefully considered.

22nd August 2019
Bringing high power to small resistor

REO UK has brought high power brake resistors into the 21st century with its new REOHM series 155 braking resistors for industrial control cabinets. The product can deliver up to 3,500W of continuous power to drives with medium- and high-power frequency converters, with isolation voltages to 4.4kV, in a compact design that helps the product overcome the common problems with electrical braking resistors.

5th August 2019
Engineering a safer future for medtech

  Political and social conversations frequently overlook the role of design and electrical engineers in improving the health of the sector, warns Steve Hughes, REO

18th February 2019
Medical isolation transformers receive certification

The power quality specialist REO UK has launched its latest edition of REOMED, a range of medical isolation transformers (MIT) for the galvanic and safe isolation of medical equipment from the mains supply. The latest generation of REOMED has been designed to comply with the fourth edition of the IEC/EN60601-1 medical use directive, the safety standard for medical electrical equipment and any additional equipment used in a medical environment.

29th January 2019
Is your equipment working harmoniously?

  Many of us are familiar with the rhyme about eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away, but how many design engineers or Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) know how to keep poor power quality at bay? Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK, explains why many businesses should re-evaluate their existing equipment.

10th January 2019
Trends in power quality for 2019

Despite advancements in renewable energy, electric vehicles and medical technology, these areas face an ongoing challenge with power quality. Variations in voltage and frequency can result in power fluctuations, interruptions and transients that can cause damage to networks. Here, Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK, explains the trends in power quality for 2019.

3rd November 2018
Rethinking electric vehicle components

Electric vehicle power electronics manufacturer REO UK has released an infographic explaining the three key areas for improvement in EV components. The infographic is available to download for free from the REO UK website and aims to help electrical and design engineers choose high quality electrical components to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their upcoming EV projects.

11th September 2018
Why is there an electronic component shortage?

Since the launch of the Model 3, Elon Musk has been under significant pressure to scale up Tesla’s manufacturing capacity and overcome its current struggle with meeting demand. Currently, the electronic component supply chain is trying to tackle a similar challenge, as Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK, explains in this article.

31st July 2018
Design considerations for next-gen of Formula E

In its first season, all teams competing in the ABB FIA Formula E championship were supplied with the same electric vehicle (EV). Now, teams can get more creative under the bonnet and automotive manufacturers are using Formula E as a test bed to fine-tune their green technology. 

25th July 2018
Smart meter requirements for business energy savings

UK industrial electricity prices are among the highest in Europe and, in light of this, a number of businesses are taking direct action to reduce their energy consumption. Power quality specialist, REO UK, has published a SlideShare on LinkedIn, which outlines three tips for businesses looking to reduce their energy costs.

10th July 2018
Resistor for renewables launched

With UK Government figures reporting that renewable energy accounted for almost 30% of energy generated, REO UK is focusing on reliable power generation for the future. The company has launched the REO BW151 Resistor Kombi, a braking resistor for renewable applications such as wind turbines and electric cars.

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