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31st July 2023
Premo Group 3D coil receiver antenna for VR/AR

Premo Group has announced the launch of the 3DCC03 series, one of the smallest 3D coil receiver antennas on the market.

27th June 2023
PREMO's latest innovative product for air-cooled EV charging stations

At the heart of Premo's innovation lies a compact 50KW transformer set meticulously engineered to meet the demanding power requirements of modern EVs. Housed within a sleek 300 x 174 x 100mm aluminium casing, this high-performance transformer boasts remarkable efficiency, delivering power with over 99% efficiency.

14th June 2023
The door handler module that lets you open your vehicle with your smartphone

The latest addition to PREMO's product line, the KGEA-DH-NFCTS door handler module, is a product that combines advanced NFC technology with touch sensing capabilities embedded in a small form factor device.

9th May 2023
The latest innovation in common-mode chokes for on-board chargers in electric vehicles

PREMO releases its newest products, the 4CMCN065R0-16H, and 4CMCN065R0-32H, 4-Phases high-power common-mode chokes designed for EMC noise filtering in on-board chargers of up to 22Kw in electric vehicles.

13th April 2023
Inductive couplers for electric vehicle sniffing/CCS listener applications

PREMO, a manufacturer of inductive components, has unveiled its latest product – the MICU 300A-S/LF series of inductive couplers, designed specifically for electric vehicle sniffing applications.

31st March 2023
PREMO extends the transformer series with FLYT-004 and FLYT-005 products

Flyback transformers are a popular choice for cost-effective, high-efficiency isolated power converters from one to 10s of Watts power size.

23rd March 2023
PREMO releases series BCBM-11KW-004

On-board chargers are typically integrated into the vehicle's powertrain and require transformers to convert the AC power from external charging stations or home charging units, into the DC power needed to charge the vehicle's battery.

21st March 2023
PREMO releases new series BCBM-11KW-004, an 11 KW LLC set

PREMO has developed an efficient triple 3.6kW LLC (suited for 400V Input) set with transformer and resonance inductor specifically designed for on-board chargers capable of handling up to 11 kilowatts of power. Its compact design, durability, and high efficiency make it a popular choice among OBC manufacturers.

29th October 2021
PREMO adds to its 3DP-series for automotive applications

PREMO has released the 11kW 3DPower solution, a full bridge LLC transformer 150 µH and resonant choke 25 µH merged in one single unit. This provides up to 40-50% reduction in volume compared with current discrete industrial solutions for the same power management.

15th March 2021
Pushbutton Switches for Automotive and harsh environment

PREMO has announced the Pushbutton Switches series PB-Sx, with a superior electrical, mechanical, and waterproof performance that have been especially designed for vehicle access and other applications in harsh environments.

2nd March 2020
3D emitter antennae brings fully isotropic approach

PREMO has released a family of small 3D emitter antennae for VR/AR and motion capture applications with a very good radiation performance and isotropy relative to size, and fully industrialised for SMT assembly lines.

20th January 2020
Electromagnetic motion tracking system with six degrees of freedom

The new generation brings improvements in performance and use. The system includes several hardware and firmware updates. The users will be able to install updates of the system firmware by themselves. Amfitech will be releasing new firmware updates which can be uploaded without having to return the kits for service.

6th November 2019
Wireless power transfer for electric vehicles

PREMO has announced the WC-RX-Series (compact secondary coils) that brings to the market a highly reliable receiver coils for wireless charger applications for electric vehicles. Currently, the market for hybrid and electrical vehicles is growing fast. These are alternative and improved solutions to common internal combustion engine vehicles to reduce global pollution.

14th October 2019
Fully isotropic electro-magnetic sensor for smartphones

PREMO has announced the 3DC14EMR-ULP series, a low profile 3D antenna coil. The majority of the 3D electromagnetic sensors available in the market have minimum heights of 3.2mm. The lowest profile 3D coil prior to the release of the ULP series was the PREMO 3DC06 series with a maximum height of 2.5mm. 

14th January 2019
Ultra-long-range versions for automotive applications

Manufacturer of inductive components, PREMO, has announced the KGEA-AF-Series of long-range and ultra-long-range flexible antennas, providing up to five times more H-field than standard antennas up to 2.5 times the mid-range one. Most of the LF antennas in the market has a length 70 to 80mm for standard range, 150 to 170mm for mid-range, 250 to 350mm for long-range and 500 to 700mm for Ultra-Long-Range (Alma core).

3rd November 2018
PREMO announced the 3DP-Series Transformer + Chokes

PREMO announced the 3DP-Series (3kW_HVLV & 7kW_HVHV) Transformer + Chokes, providing up to 40-50% reduction in volume compared with current discrete industrial solutions for the same power management. Other topologies and powers are under design (11kW and 22kW).

9th October 2018
Mid-range antenna problems solved with magnetic emitter

Manufacturer of inductive components, Premo, has announced the LFAD-Series (Diabolo-shape) antennas, providing up to 50% reduction in length aiming to produce same H-field with a different L/D core relationship. Most of the LF antennas in the market have a length 70 to 80mm for standard range, 150 to 170mm for mid-range and 250 to 350mm for long-range (Alma-Core).

27th September 2018
Electro-magnetic sensor designed for 3D virtual experiences

  PREMO has announced the 3DC14EM-ULP Series, the smallest in height (less than 50% of the parts in the market today). Most of the 3D-electromagnetic sensors in the market has a height around 3.2mm. The smallest height before ULP series was the PREMO 3DC06 invention, with 2.5mm.

18th December 2017
Establishing a partnership in the VR market

Manufacturer of inductive components, PREMO, and NDI, a manufacturer of 3D measurement technology systems, are working towards establishing an agreement that will expand their respective positions in the Virtual Reality (VR) market.

24th October 2017
VR 3D electromagnetic motion tracking sensor

Inductive component manufacturer, PREMO, has announced the 3DV06 series, which it claims to be the smallest Virtual Reality (VR) electromagnetic motion tracking sensor with a size of just 6x6x2mm. These components are fully magnetically isotropic 3DCoil trimmed for VR devices. They have been designed with a fully protected LDS metallised housing that makes the external footprint 7x7mm and includes three identical axis of 1mH at 20kHz.

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