VR 3D electromagnetic motion tracking sensor

24th October 2017
Alice Matthews

Inductive component manufacturer, PREMO, has announced the 3DV06 series, which it claims to be the smallest Virtual Reality (VR) electromagnetic motion tracking sensor with a size of just 6x6x2mm. These components are fully magnetically isotropic 3DCoil trimmed for VR devices. They have been designed with a fully protected LDS metallised housing that makes the external footprint 7x7mm and includes three identical axis of 1mH at 20kHz.

These products target systems that compete with IMU (Inertial Measurement Units), which have several disadvantages solved by 3D Electromagnetic Tracking.

The 3DV06 series features a low profile – less than 2.5mm – and is fully isotropic. These parts are delivered in tape and reel for SMT pick & place according to EIA 481 (2,000 pcs/reel). It has been engineered to be RoHS and REACH compliant and has been also tested to endurance in conformity with AECQ200 for automotive and wearable applications. Some examples are VR gloves, motion capture clothing, AR/VR pointers for tools/medical devices for training purposes.

Its size is 50% smaller than its closer competitor and, when combined with PREMO 3DcoilCube Emitter Antennas for VR, it can be read from 8m. Its optimal performance is at 20kHz show a high immunity to shielding due to its long wavelength.

The 3DV06 series has been specially engineered to offer the best performance with Sixsense STEM technology and NDI (Northern Digital Inc.) 3D VR Immersive systems.

“IMU systems are complex from a mechanical point of view and are prone to accumulated errors, since they integrate acceleration vs time in order to calculate speed and position,” stated Sergio Cobos, R&D Engineer at PREMO. “This accumulates errors along time, and creates a drift that affects position, latency and accuracy. Instead, EM systems do not experience this error, and that enables this technology to reduce latency and increase accuracy.”

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