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28th June 2022
Powercast & InPlay team on battery-free BLE sensor beacon

Powercast Corporation and InPlay have created a platform for designing battery-free, maintenance-free, long-range wireless IoT sensor systems that deploy easily for monitoring in the retail, medical, warehousing and industrial IoT markets.

7th January 2022
Power is in the air at CES 2022

Beginning a new year, CES 2022 has some headline grabbing and eye-catching exhibits. Caroline Hayes sought out the innovative technologies that mean power can be wireless and anywhere

2nd December 2020
Hang up your clothes to charge

  Using RF technology, a wireless charging wardrobe could build a wireless power network for e-textiles and wearable technology

1st July 2020
Wireless power for ePaper displays

  Engineers from E Ink and Powercast have collaborated to integrate RF wireless power technology into ePaper devices for low power, wireless charging to liberate screens and ease users’ range anxiety or fear of power loss

11th May 2020
Printed electronics venture to enable durable e-textiles

Powercast and Liquid X have announced a printed electronics venture to enable garment manufacturers to easily integrate wireless power functionality into washable, flexible, high performance and durable e-textiles.

26th September 2018
Transmitter charges multiple devices wirelessly over long range

  Multiple consumer devices can be charged wirelessly using the PowerSpot transmitter from Powercast. The transmitter can automatically charge up to 30 PowerSpot-enabled devices and at a range of up to 24m (80 feet)

17th May 2018
Wireless power receiver slims down to charge smartcards

  Powercast has slimmed down the design of its Powerharvester wireless power receiver to 0.3mm, making it suitable to charge compact devices, like smartcards, over-the-air, without interrupting service.

3rd January 2018
Transmitter is FCC-approved for power-over-distance wireless charging

CES 2018: In Las Vegas (9 to 12 January 2018) Powercast will show its FCC-approved PowerSpot transmitter for power-over-distance wireless charging.

20th November 2017
Wireless power development kit targets wearables

  Designed to help manufacturers to design and deploy smart, connected devices that use its wireless power technology, Powercast has introduced a development kit, which includes boards in typical device shapes (wristbands, smart cards).

12th May 2017
Multi-sensor RFID tags offer 10m read range

Powercast has announced what it claims to be the industry’s first RFID sensor tags which can include multiple sensors in a single tag, and provide the industry’s longest read range of 10m, or 32ft. High accuracy temperature, humidity and light sensors are now available, with more sensor types planned for the future. Tags for sensing the RFID reader’s field are also available and use an on-board LED to show field strength.

27th April 2011
Powercast Debuts Battery-less, RF-Powered Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor System for Building and Industrial Automation

Powercast Corporation announces its Lifetime Power® Wireless Sensor System for wireless environmental monitoring in HVAC control and building automation. Remote radio frequency (RF) transmitters broadcast RF energy that perpetually powers wireless sensor nodes without batteries or wires.

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