Transmitter charges multiple devices wirelessly over long range

26th September 2018
Caroline Hayes


Multiple consumer devices can be charged wirelessly using the PowerSpot transmitter from Powercast. The transmitter can automatically charge up to 30 PowerSpot-enabled devices and at a range of up to 24m (80 feet)

The 3.0W Bluetooth-approved transmitter using Powercast’s patented, remote wireless charging technology to create a coverage area and automatically powers or charges PowerSpot-enabled devices when they are within range. The transmitter uses the 915MHz ISM band to send RF energy to Powercast’s Powerharvester receiver chip which is embedded in a device. The chip converts it to DC to either directly power or recharge that device’s batteries.

The transmitter can automatically charge up to 30 PowerSpot-enabled devices. The precise number depends on the device type and power consumption.  For example, heavily used devices like game controllers, smart watches, fitness bands, hearing aids, or headsets charge best up to 0.6m, keyboards and mice can be charged at up to 1.8m, smart cards and TV remotes can be charged at a distance of up to 3.0m and low-power devices like home automation sensors can be charged up to 24m (80 feet) away. An illuminated LED on the transmitter indicates devices are charging and audible or visual alerts indicate when devices move in and out of the charge zone.

In Q4 2018, the company will begin shipping a PowerSpot development kit, for engineers to test the PowerSpot's capability to charge devices using multiple battery types. It includes the PowerSpot TX91503 transmitter, a development board able to charge three kinds of batteries (a Li-ion 2032 coin cell battery, a Li-Mn single AA, and 3 Ni-MH AAAs in series), two Powerharvester receiving antennae (patch and dipole), and two PS915 illuminated RF field detectors. The development board communicates via BLE to turn it on and off, and communicates key data to the development kit’s Powercast Charging Monitor app.  

The PowerSpot transmitter is approved to FCC (ID: YESTX91503) and ISED (Canada IC: 8985A-TX91503).  

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