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1st February 2021
Designing secure electronic software

In all kinds of software, the development stage is where the majority of future vulnerabilities originate, and can ultimately lead to performance issues, or be the ingress point for malicious attacks. The consequences of not dealing with these vulnerabilities can be substantial, especially in safety-critical products involving embedded software. Steve Howard of Perforce Software explains.

6th January 2021
Ensuring software quality in ADAS

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have an important role to play in ensuring the safety of modern vehicles - to help remove the human errors that cause the majority of road accidents (94% according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Jill Britton, Perforce Software, explains.

16th December 2019
Software for automotive design - the questions and answers

Chuck Gehman, Perforce Software, explains the integral role that software will have in the cars of tomorrow. Automotive software is being developed at an unprecedented scale. Future vehicles will have more than a billion lines of code. With an estimated 50% of a future vehicle’s value being derived from its software capabilities, development of that software plays a more crucial role than ever before. 

26th September 2019
Understanding and overcoming IoT software development challenges

The rapid growth of the IoT market has put huge pressure on software development process. Not only do connected devices need to be brought to market fast, be cost effective and work efficiently, they often also require regular software updates, and in many cases, to comply with safety and security standards. By Chuck Gehman, Perforce Software.

15th May 2019
Device development without sacrificing compliance

Balancing innovation and compliance is a challenge in any heavily regulated market with a large dependency on embedded software. Gerhard Kruger, Perforce Software, discusses further.

Events News
25th January 2019
Support for embedded systems designers at every stage

It has been announced that the portfolio from Perforce will be showcased at embedded world. The range reportedly now supports embedded systems designers at every stage of the software lifecycle, with the aim to help teams work more securely and faster, shorten testing processes, discover vulnerabilities early and create consistently high-quality code that meets compliance standards.

3rd November 2017
Is it time to take a fresh look at the IoT?

By its very nature, the Internet of Things (IoT) introduces greater dependency on good software - more so than ever before. The IoT also brings increased software development challenges, thanks to the wide variety of different components (such as sensors), control systems and other digital sources to connect, and where these ‘assets’ comprise far more than just code. Perforce Software explain.

12th October 2017
Helix ALM chosen for Medtech development and test management

  Perforce Software has announced that IMT Information Management Technology AG (IMT) has chosen Helix ALM to support the development lifecycle and testing of products it develops for its customers, many of whom are primarily in the medical-device industry.

5th March 2015
Collaboration platform supports engineers & enterprises

Designed for enterprises building modern software products, IoT devices and digital media, the Helix SCM and content collaboration platform has been introduced by Perforce Software. The platform provides enterprises with distributed workflows, Git management, advanced threat detection and new deployment options.

16th January 2015
Life in the fast lane

  The need for automotive component designers to embrace a new way of working and thinking. By Mark Warren, Perforce Software.

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11th February 2014
Building better embedded systems with Perforce

Perforce understands that collaborating to build electronic products or embedded systems is a complex and precise undertaking. It requires teamwork, as well as the right tooling, if you are to achieve a regular release cycle that both meets user requirements, and is on schedule. At Embedded World 2014, Perforce will exhibit from Hall 5 Booth 180.

11th December 2013
Seven steps to SCM selection

Version management, or Software Configuration Management (SCM) systems have become an integral part of the embedded software development process, as they help keep (distributed) teams and vast amounts of information on track in the face of tight deadlines. By Mark Warren, European Marketing Director at Perforce Software.

7th May 2013
Software Agility

With a proven track record in IT, can Agile software development work in embedded electronics? By Randy De Fauw, Perforce Software Technical Marketing Manager, and Mark Warren, European Marketing Director with Perforce Software.

18th February 2013
Want To Build Better Embedded Systems? Find Out How At Embedded World Hall 4 Booth 612

Perforce is delighted to be exhibiting at Embedded World, 26-28 February 2013, in Nuremberg, Germany. Creating the development environment necessary to support embedded engineers can be daunting. Distributed teams of chip designers, engineers, developers, and testers each working at different rates, using a wide range of design and development tools need to be coordinated.

15th February 2013
Perforce Joins Linux Foundation Increasing Commitment To Open Source Collaboration

Perforce Software announces that it has joined the Linux Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux – the renowned open source operating system. This membership is part of a continued commitment by Perforce to encourage collaborative software development on both sides of the firewall.

9th January 2012
Perforce Software Introduces Workflow to its Version Management System

Perforce Software's newest version management system is now available. This latest release includes built-in code management workflow called Perforce Streams. The Perforce Streams model and the associated visualization tools give organisations more control and visibility over complicated software development design projects. Out of the box, streams offer a predefined branch-and-merge strategy based on Perforce’s own best practices. Companies ca...

11th January 2010
Perforce releases new version of its Software Configuration Management (SCM) system for electronics designers

Perforce Software today released version 2009.2 of its Software Configuration Management (SCM) system. This new release offers a variety of major productivity improvements with the addition of shelving, real-time metadata replication and additional functionality for working offline.

3rd November 2009
Perforce Software Launches Instructor-led Online Courses Starting December 2009

Perforce Software is offering its most popular software configuration management (SCM) classes in an online format. The new virtual learning environment eliminates the time and expense of travel and provides attendees a high quality learning experience by blending live instructor lectures with student discussions and a virtual lab environment.

18th August 2009
Perforce Software Releases a Pure Java SCM Plug-In for Eclipse Integration

Perforce Software announced the release of a pure Java version of its Perforce Plug-in for Eclipse. With this release, developers can employ Perforce version control tools that previously have not been available from within the Eclipse environment. Perforce, the Fast SCM system, versions and manages source code and digital assets for enterprises large and small.

18th August 2009
Perforce Software Releases Pure Java API for its Award Winning SCM System

Perforce Software has announced the release of P4Java, Perforce’s pure Java API for accessing Perforce SCM services from within Java applications, servlets, plug-ins, and other Java contexts. P4Java allows developers to tightly integrate Perforce functionality into tools such as CruiseControl, Maven and Ant, and in environments such as J2EE-based web application and web service frameworks. Perforce SCM versions and manages source code and digit...

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