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28th July 2022
Panasonic Wi-Fi Modul PAN9520 in Rutronik portfolio

The Panasonic PAN9520 is a 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n embedded Wi-Fi module based on Espressif's ESP32-S2.

26th July 2022
Panasonic Industry launches Bluetooth 5 Low Energy module

Panasonic Industry is launching a Bluetooth 5 Low Energy (LE) module that includes a uFL connector which enables the use of an external antenna.

News & Analysis
30th June 2022
Panasonic launches Capacitive Knob ready for standard touch sensors

New Microchip Panasonic Magic Knob for standard touch sensors in automotive Center Information Displays

8th June 2022
Proven performance: antenna-less PAN1316C

 A modern device’s housing is supposed to fulfil several criteria at the same time: Being compact and, for instance, rugged or waterproof at the same time might lead to the undesirable consequence of radio waves hitting an impermeable housing  structure.

19th May 2022
Motion Controller GM1 launched by Panasonic Industry

With up to 32 axis synchronized torque control, the GM1 offers a compact solution for complex motion control applications.

18th May 2022
Panasonic Industry’s surface-mounted Power Choke Coil

For quite a while now, ‘the electrification of everything’ is one of the major trends in automotive engineering: more electronic devices, electric motors, inverter systems and ECUs are to be integrated in cars. So, mounting space is precious, but the requirement to handle high currents is essential as never before.

7th April 2022
Panasonic Industry’s SP-Cap portfolio of Aluminium Polymer capacitors

Panasonic Industry’s SP-Cap portfolio of Aluminium Polymer capacitors is the ideal choice wherever a low ESR would be the primary consideration for identifying the most suitable capacitor. 

Alternative Energy
18th March 2022
Panasonic takes action in driving its Europe’s net-zero goals

Panasonic has hosted a media briefing and panel debate, welcoming experts from across the sector to address key issues around the future of electric vehicle technology and its effects on decarbonisation.

2nd March 2022
'World’s smallest' 1b type MOSFET relay

It was only to be expected: After the first models of the CC series – all normally open (NO) relays in TSON packages – had been very well received in the market, Panasonic Industry is now introducing the corresponding normally closed (NC) type of its ultra-miniature PhotoMOS types.

22nd November 2021
Panasonic collaboration with Claas Saulgau GmbH

Panasonic Robot and Welding System Solutions, a department of Panasonic Factory Solutions, and Claas Saulgau GmbH, the well-known producer of agricultural machinery with over 100 years of experience, announce their extended collaboration.

Events News
9th November 2021
Smart energy solutions to be presented at Enlit 2021

Panasonic will present smart energy related solutions in various sectors at Enlit 2021 including smart metering devices

9th September 2021
New dual-band Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5 module PAN9028

Panasonic Industry now presents the PAN9028 Wi-Fi® radio module with integrated Bluetooth® wireless functionality. Nowadays, the fast-paced product development cycles in almost any field of applications require designers to resort to efficient solutions that enable quicker prototyping, shortened certification processes – and a reasonable BOM.

7th July 2021
Panasonic Factory Solutions partners with SMD-Tec

Panasonic Factory Solutions, a division of Panasonic Industry Europe, and SMD-Tec, have announced their collaboration. SMD-Tec will distribute the Panasonic Factory Solutions portfolio,  particularly Smart Factory software solutions as well as high-end automation products such as Pick & Place machines, printers for various industrial sectors.

2nd July 2021
Avoiding fatal contact failures in electronic components

During the recent ICEC conference, Panasonic Industry’s component researchers addressed solutions to overcome contact resistances caused by phosphorous outgassing. The company has published a whitepaper on the subject and can be download for free.

18th June 2021
Another leap in autonomous driving technology

Panasonic Industry and Sensible 4 have announced research and testing collaboration with a new IMU for full autonomous driving software.

10th June 2021
High-power photovoltaic MOSFET drivers released

Modern industrial automation solutions, energy systems and professional equipment are often extremely specialised devices that require high safety and design flexibility for switching elements like semiconductor relays. A photovoltaic driver for galvanic separation in combination with a distinct MOSFET power switch leaves nothing to be desired. 

2nd June 2021
PAN9520 WiFi module for secure networking

The new PAN9520 is based on the Espressif ESP32-S2 microcontroller, which includes a high-performance 32-bit Xtensa LX7 CPU, a high sensitivity wireless radio, a baseband processor, bootloader and 320kbytes of SRAM. An encryption unit supports a range of security and encryption protocols, including CCMP, TKIP, WAPI, WEP, BIP, and AES.

1st June 2021
PAN1781 Bluetooth 5 low energy module launched

The PAN1781 is a Bluetooth 5 Low Energy module based on the Nordic nRF52820 single chip controller and is, in a way, the lightweight version of the PAN1780. Bluetooth 5 features additionally a higher symbol rate of 2 Mbps using the high speed LE 2M PHY or a significantly longer range using the LE coded PHY at 500kb/s or 125kb/s.

19th May 2021
2021 Access IoT conference at Panasonic Campus Munich

On June 17th, the 2021 Access IoT conference takes place as hybrid event at the recently opened Panasonic Campus Munich – with renowned speakers focusing on various aspects of key IoT technologies.

5th May 2021
New micro switch with diagnostic benefits

An application’s functional safety is - first and foremost - a matter of its components’ being as failure-proof as possible. Panasonic Industry now has a new product for anyone interested in functional safety.

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