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10th June 2021
High-power photovoltaic MOSFET drivers released

Modern industrial automation solutions, energy systems and professional equipment are often extremely specialised devices that require high safety and design flexibility for switching elements like semiconductor relays. A photovoltaic driver for galvanic separation in combination with a distinct MOSFET power switch leaves nothing to be desired. 

2nd June 2021
PAN9520 WiFi module for secure networking

The new PAN9520 is based on the Espressif ESP32-S2 microcontroller, which includes a high-performance 32-bit Xtensa LX7 CPU, a high sensitivity wireless radio, a baseband processor, bootloader and 320kbytes of SRAM. An encryption unit supports a range of security and encryption protocols, including CCMP, TKIP, WAPI, WEP, BIP, and AES.

1st June 2021
PAN1781 Bluetooth 5 low energy module launched

The PAN1781 is a Bluetooth 5 Low Energy module based on the Nordic nRF52820 single chip controller and is, in a way, the lightweight version of the PAN1780. Bluetooth 5 features additionally a higher symbol rate of 2 Mbps using the high speed LE 2M PHY or a significantly longer range using the LE coded PHY at 500kb/s or 125kb/s.

19th May 2021
2021 Access IoT conference at Panasonic Campus Munich

On June 17th, the 2021 Access IoT conference takes place as hybrid event at the recently opened Panasonic Campus Munich – with renowned speakers focusing on various aspects of key IoT technologies.

5th May 2021
New micro switch with diagnostic benefits

An application’s functional safety is - first and foremost - a matter of its components’ being as failure-proof as possible. Panasonic Industry now has a new product for anyone interested in functional safety.

Events News
26th April 2021
High power switching on PCB webinar announced

On June 10th, live in the recently opened Panasonic Campus Munich, Panasonic Industry and Vogel Communications / Elektronik Praxis are inviting you to a dedicated hybrid event spotlighting on the relevance, challenges and opportunities of high power switching directly on the PCB.

19th April 2021
Passive pyroelectric infrared motion sensors released

Panasonic Industry has announced that with its latest 'Flat Square Type' it now offers an evolution of its successful PaPIRs (passive pyroelectric infrared) motion sensor, coming with an inconspicuous flat and square 9.6x9.6mm lens that hides the typical motion detector look.

1st April 2021
Panasonic opens Customer Experience Center in Munich

Panasonic is consistently expanding its activities in Europe and at its Munich Ottobrunn site. Within the Panasonic Campus in Munich the new Customer Experience Center (CXC) has announced that it is about to open the doors. The building complex consists of over 6,000 square meters and invites B2B customers, trade partners, developers, start-ups, and universities to get valuable insights.

18th March 2021
Switching to a more digital PCB design

The seemingly endless quest in product design to simultaneously miniaturise devices while increasing functionality has rendered PCB-based engineering the silver bullet of contemporary applications efficiency.

16th March 2021
Inertial sensor for high-performance motion detection

The cars and machines of tomorrow will feature an increasing number of safety and comfort driver aids. Comprehensive sensing is crucial to support many purposes like motion detection, positioning, sensor fusion, inclination detection, and much more. For these purposes, Panasonic Industry Europe developed a six-axis inertial sensor series that provides installation freedom, additional functionalities to onboard systems with this one-chip-solution,...

12th March 2021
Industry 1FormA AQV209G PhotoMOS relay launched

The technological progress of industrial equipment has become almost dizzyingly fast - and so have the performance demands on the necessary components. Under these signs, the new Panasonic Industry 1FormA PhotoMOS relay AQV209G provides high power semiconductor switching – claiming a times higher switching capability than the previous generation.

11th March 2021
V-FH long life SMT aluminium electrolytic capacitor range

Good performance features are only worth something if they last. Only then can there be any talk of reliability. So, the durability and life-cycle of electronical components and capacitors is vital for the reliability of an entire application – let it be a simple smart home device or an industrial application’s ower supply.

9th March 2021
Active optical connectors speed up data transmission

Active optical connectors suit all environments where electromagnetic interferences are prevalent but electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) needs to be assured. Panasonic Industry Europe has given its successful V-series of its AOC connector portfolio another boost in terms of the transmission speed.

Events News
11th January 2021
CES 2021: The technologies moving us forward

At this week’s virtual Consumer Electronics Show 2021 (CES), Panasonic North America CEO Michael Moskowitz, announced the next generation innovations and emerging technologies that will be driving our society forward through these current challenging times and beyond.

4th January 2021
E-bikes come closer to Europe

It has been long time since Panasonic presented its first e-bike 1979 in Japan, that electrically assisted cycling has become a mass (and growth) market. Bicycles always enjoyed a particular attention within the global corporation, as company founder Konosuke Matsushita worked in a bicycle store in his youth, and have therefore been part of the product range since the 1950s. 

21st December 2020
Board to FPC connector for plug-in 5G data stability

To ensure devices like smartphones, routers and many others meeting those data transmission stability requirements, Panasonic Industry now offers a specific Board to FPC Connector (Flexible Printed Circuit) for 5G, connecting the antenna module with the main board and thus contributing to an immaculate data flow for applications operating in the range of millimetre-waves.

10th November 2020
High capacity switching solutions for automotive tech

When it comes to switching solutions, contemporary automotive application design resorts more and more to PCB mounted products. The primacy of miniaturisation and efficiency without compromises in terms of reliability and performance render THT or PiP mounted relays a perfect solution for multiple high current loads.

28th September 2020
SVT series introduced as part of Panasonic Industry OS-CON capacitors

Panasonic Industry Europe has announced that it is continuously developing new series of surface mount Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid OS-CON capacitors and has introduced the SVT series. This new series features low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) characteristics – even at low temperatures, excellent noise reduction capabilities, and frequency characteristics.

28th September 2020
Panasonic releases 310VAC rated safety class X2 automotive film capacitors

Panasonic has expanded voltage range of AEC-Q200 qualified ECQUA (Safety Class X2, for automotive) series to 310VAC. This metallised polypropylene film capacitor series from Panasonic Industry Europe benefits from original in-house patterned metallisation process with fuse mechanism function by Panasonic.

3rd September 2020
Panasonic intensifies collaboration with NXP

Panasonic Industry Europe has announced its Gold partner status under NXP Semiconductor’s Ecosystem member program. With the Gold partner status NXP recognises what it considers to be market leaders and strengthens the bond for future product development. It also underlines a strong strategic positioning between the products of both companies and the shared mindset for offering solutions to customers which are one step ahead ...

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