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30th May 2023
ODU at the Automotive Testing Expo 2023

ODU will be at the Automotive Testing Expo from June 13th to June 15th 2023 in Stuttgart.

6th April 2023
ODU offers even easier access to 3D data

ODU provides customers easy access to product information such as data sheets and 3D data of the connector solutions.

2nd February 2023
Digital options for product configuration

Device manufacturers face a large range of options when creating the interface between their product and a signal source, a remote point of testing or tooling point.

23rd January 2023
Resilience in security of supply

Delivery difficulties and price increases for intermediate products, raw materials, and energies affect companies in all industries. In addition to increased demand, the reasons for this are insufficient production capacities, transport problems, and production losses at suppliers. This results in new challenges. Beyond these higher purchase prices, longer waiting times, and increased planning effort, companies also have to accept sales losses, a...

22nd November 2022
Cable assemblies directly from the contact specialist

ODU can look back on 80 years of company history and establish itself early as a globally active contact specialist with currently over 2,500 employees – 1,400 of them at the main site in Muehldorf am Inn (Germany).

11th November 2022
Powerful yet compact

Whether for frequent mating cycles or challenging requirements in terms of modularity: as compact hybrid connectors, the ODU-MAC Blue-Line solutions combine cost-effectiveness with simple and space-saving handling.

30th September 2022
High-voltage connectors – Treading the fine line

Electronic devices will continue to become ever smaller and lighter in future. Accordingly, product developers are required to shrink the individual components to the same extent. However, despite the fact that the components are shrinking, their electrical output will need to increase at a similar rate.

17th August 2022
Robust fast and scalable solution for mobile command post

Has global security challenges are subject to fundamentally frameworks. The emergence of new risks and threats, as well as their management, continue to affect the global political security situation. 

17th August 2022
Laser marking in accordance with the UDI

The Medical Device Regulation (MDR) changed the requirements for manufacturers that develop medical devices for the European market. The goal of the new regulation is to increase the quality and traceability of medical devices. Accordingly, it influences the processes involved in manufacturing these products and entails additional testing and documentation.

18th July 2022
High-quality connector solutions from Mühldorf am Inn

What began in 1936 with Otto Dunkel's idea to manufacture interference-free wire spring connectors has developed extraordinarily since the company was founded in 1942.

14th July 2022
ODU provides flexible powerhouses in a compact format

With the ODU-MAC Blue-Line, ODU offers economical solutions for medical devices as well as test and measurement applications, among others

28th April 2022
Q&A on customer-focused connectors

This Q&A article covers ODU's Application Manager Thomas Neuburger and Design Engineer Stefan Seibuchner's thoughts on customer service in connectors.

10th March 2022
Situational awareness through secure data transmission

Recognising and recording environmental conditions and situational snapshots – and translating them into actions – can reduce risks for personnel, machines, and infrastructure.

14th February 2022
Robust docking solution with high tolerance compensation

 The ODU-MAC Silver-Line includes modular connectors for docking systems. A addition to the line-up is the P4+ frame, which effortlessly overcomes tolerance compensation challenges and ensures a durable interface for at least 100,000 mating cycles.

14th December 2021
Customisable cable over-moldings for small series

The trend towards ever speedier development of new, customised products poses fresh challenges, especially for the research and development departments in many companies. Time is of the essence here – the goal is to reach market readiness as quickly as possible.

22nd April 2021
Disposable receptacle part for push-pull connector

ODU has announced that it is expanding the portfolio with a one-piece disposable receptacle for front panel mounting. It is suitable for a variety of disposable applications such as catheters, electrosurgical devices, endoscopes or ablation devices. It can be flexibly combined with all ODU MEDI-SNAP Push-Pull connectors in size 2.

16th February 2021
MINI-SNAP for SPE and automotive Ethernet

The ODU MINI-SNAP for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) enables Ethernet connections via copper cables with a single twisted wire pair, while allowing for the voltage supply of terminal devices via PoDL – Power over Data Line. The simpler design of the new generation of connectors and the associated weight and space reduction are good for designers and developers in various areas.

Events News
30th August 2017
ODU will exhibit for the eighth time at DSEI

  At this year's Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) show, the international supplier of connection systems, ODU will be exhbiting with a range of its military connectors.

25th November 2016
Refined connector range showcased at SPS IPC Drives

During the SPS IPC Drives 2016 trade fair ODU presented its refined ODU-MAC portfolio, including a new performance class. “The automation business makes up ten percent of our turnover and continues to grow,” said Thomas Irl, the ODU Managing Director responsible for European sales.

24th November 2016
Major expansion of ODU-MAC now incorporated into connector series

ODU Connectors announce a major expansion of their ODU-MAC modular connector range – the result of technology transfer from their pedigree in military connectors – now incorporated into this industrial connector series. Three major variants provide the ultimate pick'n'mix - whether signals, current, data rates, air, or light waves – all can be incorporated. ODU-MAC Silver-Line The all-rounder for automatic docking - si...

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