Digital options for product configuration

2nd February 2023
Harry Fowle

Device manufacturers face a large range of options when creating the interface between their product and a signal source, a remote point of testing or tooling point.

Whether this interface is for the transmission of an electrical signal, power, fibre optics, an alternative medium or a combination of all, the options are almost limitless. Selecting a connector supplier with a large product portfolio is a must when searching for the right connection solution for customer requirements. Besides having a broad portfolio, the main challenge for the supplier is to be able to offer the device manufacturer a simple methodology to find the ideal solution for their products.

The classic way to offer the most suitable connector is to have engineering support and manpower available for in-depth design-in discussions. Understanding the requirements in detail and creating the ideal solution together with the client is the best building block for a long-lasting business partnership. For a wide range of customer-specific requirements, this methodology remains the best-in-class way to ensure the optimal solution. Quite often, an adaptation to an existing connector design or even a completely new concept is the result.

However, for a wide range of applications customers increasingly want to navigate their own way through the product offerings and expect to have access to advanced search engines. While print and online catalogues remain important as a complete compendium for the product offerings, search engines offer not only detailed product specifications for direct comparison but also a selection of 3D files in the corresponding format for easy integration into the client’s own design tools.

ODU offers both methods of Design-In support and has thereby recognised the growing importance of online search engines in today’s engineering and procurement environment. Whether via Traceparts, Digi-Key, or Mouser, ODU is highly integrated into external online platforms. ODU’s own website offers the product finder, which is optimised for steering customers towards the optimal connector solution. This intuitive, easy-to-use filtering system finds the right product and creates the required connector data sheet in an easy-to-read format without ploughing through a catalogue.

Another advantage of the ODU product finder is the identification of products that are included in the ODU Express Delivery Service. Within 15 working days, ODU ships up to 15 modular connectors (ODU-MAC) or up to 150 metal circular connectors (ODU MINI-SNAP/ODU AMC) to its customers worldwide. This service can significantly shorten time-to-market targets and give device manufacturers a clear advantage when entering new markets.  In addition, ODU provides technical samples for design-in purposes free of charge via the online tool. 

Another feature of the ODU product finder is support in creating a suitable cable assembly, which is integrated both for series production and for small batches for more and more products. Customers should thus be able to configure and order the desired product quickly and without great effort. ODU circular connectors - easy to find, easy to design, easy to order - simply easy.

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