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14th July 2022
James Anstee

With the ODU-MAC Blue-Line, ODU offers economical solutions for medical devices as well as test and measurement applications, among others

Whether you need robust connectors for test and measurement equipment, frequent mating cycles in the medical sector, or to meet heightened safety requirements in the field of e-Mobility – the ODU-MAC Blue-Line combines cost-effectiveness with simple and space-saving handling for a wide range of applications. Thanks to the expanded range of tasks in the last two years, these high-performance connectors can also be successfully used in the high-voltage range or as an interface for testing printed circuit boards and assembled control units.

ODU, based in Mühldorf am Inn, supports its customers with tailored connector solutions that allow them to serve new growth markets quickly and with the highest degree of reliability. A current example of this is a mobile cleaning device developed by the pan-European company ProLog AirClean GmbH out of Freiburg. It cleans, disinfects, and rids the air of contaminants, such as the coronavirus, bacteria, allergens, and odors. Indeed, the last two pandemic-stricken years have shown that clean indoor air is more important than ever.

Thanks to ODU’s technical expertise, the substructure of this mobile, autonomous robot unit was equipped with a quick-change function for different use cases – based on a customised connector.  With the matching attachment, this allows professionals in the care sector to use the ProClean AGV as a mobile ward trolley for their morning rounds. Afterwards, the trolley attachment can then be removed and the cleaning attachment mounted for a different task altogether.

The modular design of the ODU-MAC Blue-Line made it possible to configure and combine the various applications in accordance with the customer’s wishes. The fact that the main electronics can remain under the cover during the changeover has also increased safety for employees.

Over the last decade, ODU has continued to refine its range of variants for its modular rectangular connectors – including the current Blue-Line series – via the addition of a large number of modules and numerous cable-hood versions in seven sizes, and has thus greatly expanded their range of possible applications. The company’s flexible connectors are also in demand in the medical sector (C-Arm X-ray machines, devices for shock wave therapy, etc.) as well as in industrial test and measurement applications (e.g., automotive testing, hardware in the loop).

ODU’s use of space-saving crimp-clip contacts allows compact designs with a high packing density. Handling is also greatly simplified thanks to assembly and disassembly without the need for additional tools.

For cable assembly, the double-shell plastic housing combines low weight with high durability and meets the strictest safety requirements for assembly and handling. ODU contact technology ensures stable contact resistance over the guaranteed 10,000 mating cycles. Especially in medical applications and the test and measurement sector, this is crucial in terms of achieving measurement results with the highest possible accuracy. Safe handling is also ensured thanks to ODU’s proven spindle locking, which reduces the risk of injury. The connector expert from Upper Bavaria is also the first manufacturer to offer the option of a new push-lock housing for its range of rectangular connectors based on its proven push-pull locking system.

Thanks to many years of research and experience, the company also offers the ODU-MAC Blue-Line for the safe transmission of combined media such as signals, power, high current, high voltage, coax (HF), compressed air, fluids, data, and fiber optics. One of the latest modules in the series also enables the transmission of high voltages up to 4,000 volts within a Blue-Line connector. In particular, high voltages are required in the automotive industry. For example, the company’s 2-contact high-voltage module is already being used for high-voltage measurements in battery storage systems. Maximum user safety is ensured thanks to the clearance and creepage distances, which have been extended accordingly.

Another recurring topic is the demand for maximum safety and reliability during the transmission of highly sensitive data. This is especially true in the field of test and measurement technology.  As a suitable solution, ODU offers several data technology connectors with 360° shielding that can be integrated into the ODU-MAC Blue-Line system – naturally, also fully assembled and with certified data technology. The connector specialist from Mühldorf supplies off-the-shelf solutions for standard transmission protocols, such as HDMI standards, CAT 5 and CAT 6A, USB 2.0 and 3.2 Gen 1x2, Ethernet, SPE and Display Port 2.0. Maximum reliability is the name of the game, especially in the field of automotive testing.

With the newly introduced ODU-MAC Black-Line, ODU is exploiting the potential of the Blue-Line series for use in mass interconnect systems in the area of test and measurement technology. At the same time, the large number of available modules ensures maximum flexibility. The focus here is on testing printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronically configured units. This is an essential task, especially in production and development departments.

Specifically, the ODU connectors provide the interface between the devices/units under test (D/UUT) and the respective test instruments. The tester side (receiver) is coupled with the test adapter (ITA = Interchangeable Test Adapter) on the side under test. The coupling options include a mechanical version with a manual lever and an innovative, electromechanical locking system, actuated at the push of a button. This allows automation via remote control. Twelve individual, floating docking frames with guiding pins ensure a smooth mating process and high contact safety. Without this matching interface system inside the test adapter, the verification process would be far more time consuming and prone to errors.

Thanks to its high vertical range of manufacture, close contact with customers and markets, and complete service from a single source for the development of customized connector solutions (including assembly), ODU offers tailored systems that are extremely cost-effective.

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