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8th May 2023
State-of-the-art technologies for automotive testing

The automotive industry is one of the largest and most important industries in the world.

9th February 2023
A complete profession under stress

According to the MLP Health Report 2022, even without the pandemic and other crises, a worrying development has been emerging for quite some time.

Aerospace & Defence
9th January 2023
Focus on innovation to stay at the forefront

High Eye specialises in manufacturing the Airboxer VTOL UAV, a heavy-fuel driven (Jet A-1) unmanned helicopter system for both civilian and military use. In 2021, it introduced the Airboxer, a long-range drone with a single three-bladed rotor that quickly gained popularity in the market due to its small size, lightweight design, and ability to function in extreme conditions.

27th July 2022
Bucking the market trend with fast shipping

ODU Express ensures rapid availability of the company’s standard products. Within 15 days, ODU can ship up to 15 modular connectors (ODU/MAC) or up to 150 metal circular connectors (ODU MINI-SNAP/ODU AMC) to its customers worldwide. 

24th June 2022
Robotic Autonomous Systems (RAS)

Armed forces around the world are integrating robotic and autonomous military systems and EVs into their operations.

16th February 2022
Medical Device Regulation (MDR)

The Medical Device Regulation (MDR), which came into force on May 27, 2021, changed the requirements for manufacturers that place medical devices on the market in the EU.

12th January 2022
ODU MEDI-SNAP in size 3.5

Flexible in use, easy to handle: ODU MEDI-SNAP in size 3.5 the plastic circular connector portfolio can now do even more

Events News
13th October 2016
ODU-MAC portfolio to be exhibited at SPS IPC Drives

At SPS IPC Drives 2016, the specialist in electrical connector technology, ODU, presents its advanced ODU-MAC portfolio including a new performance class. Thanks to a new structure, the ODU-MAC modular all-rounder now has three different product lines enabling a clear positioning.

Events News
31st August 2016
ODU to demonstrate ODU-MAC portfolio at electronica

At electronica 2016, 8th to 11th November in Munich, Germany, ODU will for the first time present its advanced ODU-MAC portfolio, including a new performance class. With the restructuring of the modular multi-talent ODU-MAC in three lines, ODU ensures a clear positioning and makes it even easier for customers to find individual solutions based on the modular design.

7th December 2015
High speed and high performance

ODU is expanding the portfolio for its ODU-MAC and now offers HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 modules in the standard portfolio. With a service life of at least 5,000 mating cycles, the specialist in electrical connector technology can now guarantee the reliable and loss-free transmission of signals and data.

16th November 2015
An array of connectors on show at SPS IPC Drives

At the SPS IPC Drives exhibition on 24th-26th November, ODU will be presenting its electrical connector technology. In addition to hybrid connectors and the miniaturised High-Density series, the ODU-MAC will take centre stage at the trade fair.

11th November 2015
ODU establishes Japanese subsidiary

ODU is strengthening its presence in the strategically important Asian market with a new subsidiary in Japan. ODU Japan K.K. guarantees optimum service and will be geared specifically towards the needs of local customers.

4th November 2015
ODU-MAC catalogue lists the extended portfolio in latest design

User-friendly, with a fresh ODU design and featuring the latest product enhancements, the latest ODU-MAC catalogue is out now. In addition to a detailed description, the specialist in electrical connector technology provides information about all of its latest products, optional applications and variations. Whether it's power, signals, data or media, various types of transmission can be combined in the compact hybrid connector.

28th October 2015
Advanced monitoring connector meets rising non-industrial demand

  In response to an increased market demand for embedded vision, an increased use in robotics and a rising demand for non-industrial applications, ODU has announced its advanced monitoring connector solutions for HD applications to the European, US and Japanese markets.

17th September 2015
Contact types for all requirements

ODU announces the successful expansion of its contact technology portfolio. ODU's four single contact types: ODU SPRINGTAC, ODU LAMTAC, ODU TURNTAC and ODU STAMPTAC, are suitable connector solutions for a wide range of applications. 

30th June 2015
EV socket contact enables automatable processing

The trend towards electromobility enables mobility not only for cars, but the entire electronics industry. Essential elements for the use of these vehicles are the charger plugs which ensure quick and easy 'refueling'. ODU’s single contacts are successfully used in this type of applications. The company's portfolio now includes the ODU STAMPTAC. The stamped and rolled socket contact enables automatable processing to be conducted by the auto...

4th June 2015
XXL system provides connectors with more space

A modular connector system that enables the configuration of connectors without any space limitation has been introduced by ODU. The ODU-MAC, offered in XXL housing, permits the maximum amount of multi-pole connectors with standard components.

31st March 2015
Modular connector system features spindle locking

THE ODU-MAC modular connector system, supplied by ODU, is now available in a white plastic housing with spindle locking as standard. The system, which is part of the company's MEDI-FLEX series, features a two-piece non-magnetic cable hood for ease of use. 

6th March 2015
Flow rate & operating pressure improved for compressed air/fluid range

ODU has announced that it now offers the entire compressed air and fluid range of ODU-MAC, with higher flow rates and/or operating pressure. The electrical connector technology specialists’ in-house development and production increase the flow rate for the compressed air valves by approximately 20%, while the operating pressure for the fluid modules is boosted by 10bar (145psi).

17th December 2012
Industry Standard Not Enough? Choose ODU For High-Speed Data Communication

The challenges faced by data technology in industrial applications continue to grow. While 100 Mbit was still seen as a sufficient standard recently, the data protocols are now moving towards 10 Gbit/s. The availability of more data within the shortest time is the goal for the future. Today many connection systems (such as USB, RJ45, M12) have been introduced that satisfy these requirements.

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