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17th November 2021
Nexperia showcase a range of A-selection Zener diodes

The comprehensive product range covers precise voltage reference with the industry’s lowest tolerance of ±1%, every application from 1.8V to 75 V.

8th November 2021
Nexperia expands high-performance silicon carbide diodes

Nexperia has announced its entry into the high-power silicon carbide diodes market with the introduction of 650V, 10A SiC (silicon carbide) Schottky diodes. This is a strategic move for Nexperia, already a trusted supplier of efficient power GaN (gallium nitride) field-effect transistors, to expand its high-voltage wide bandgap semiconductor device offering.

4th November 2021
Webinar Package Technology: increase power density and reliability, reduce size and parasitics

To demonstrate highest levels of component reliability under harshest conditions, Nexperia is testing “beyond AEC-Q101”. If you want to learn what is behind Board Level Reliability testing and get more insights into modern package technology like clip-bonded CFP and leadless DFN, join next week’s live webinar “Package Technology for Electronic Design Engineers” November 10th (10-11am CET) and 11th...

21st October 2021
Tough at the top - Nexperia CFP15B power diodes

Tier 1 automotive suppliers are demanding the highest levels of component reliability for the cars of the future. Read why and learn more about Nexperia’s CFP15B clip-bond FlatPower package that has just passed Board Level Reliability (BLR) testing.

21st October 2021
Low clamping bidirectional ESD protection devices delivered for USB4 standard interfaces

Nexperia announced two PESD5V0R1BxSF low clamping and capacitance bidirectional Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection diodes. Based on Nexperia’s TrEOS technology with active silicon-controlled rectification, the devices ensure optimal signal integrity for USB4 (up to 2 x 20 Gbps) data lines on laptops and peripherals, smartphones and other portable electronic equipment.

20th October 2021
Selecting ESD protection for USB4 data lines

USB4 is the next step on the roadmap to increase the data transfer speed for the most ubiquitous interface. ESD protection devices support these data rates with low insertion loss and return loss values. A low inductance of the protection device is becoming as important as a low capacitance in the 10 GHz range.    

15th October 2021
Nexperia’s application specific MOSFETs

At Nexperia we combine our proven MOSFET expertise with broad application understanding to create Application Specific MOSFETs (ASFETs). By keeping individual application requirements front & centre of our design process, ASFETs optimise the parameters that matter most in a particular use-case and feature enhanced parameters for specific applications.  

6th October 2021
Silicon germanium rectifiers from Nexperia

Silicon Germanium (SiGe) rectifiers from Nexperia offer engineers cutting-edge efficiency, thermal stability and space savings in new product designs. The SiGe rectifiers, which are now being shipped by Farnell, are available with 120V, 150V, and 200V reverse voltages that combine the high efficiency of their Schottky diode counterparts with the thermal stability of fast recovery diodes.

15th September 2021
Nexperia surface-mount device passes BLR requirements

Nexperia, the expert in essential semiconductors, has announced that one of its surface-mount device packages - the clip-bond FlatPower package CFP15B - has, for the first time, passed Board Level Reliability (BLR) testing for automotive applications by a leading Tier 1 supplier. Initially, it will be used in an engine control unit.

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30th August 2021
Nexperia reveals ‘Power Live’ conference highlights

‘Power Live’ is Nexperia’s second annual virtual conference. It runs from from September 21-23.

27th August 2021
ESD protection for automotive high-speed video links

Autonomous driving is one of the big trends predicted to change the future of the automotive industry.  Its successful adoption is dependent on overcoming barriers such as the need for more safety and information for the driver and the passengers. This in turn is driving the development of Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) and safety infotainment applications for use in future autonomous vehicles.

17th August 2021
Minimising derating and improving current sharing

Nexperia has announced the new 80V and 100V ASFETs with enhanced SOA performance, targeting hot-swap and soft-start applications in 5G telecom systems and 48V server environments and industrial equipment needing e-fuse and battery protection.

29th July 2021
Nine New Power Bipolar Transistors

Nexperia have announced nine new power bipolar transistors, extending its portfolio of products in the thermally and electrically advantageous DPAK package to cover applications from 2A to 8A and from 45V up to 100V. The new MJD series parts are pin-to-pin compatible with other MJD devices in DPAK-package, and they also offer significant reliability benefits.

27th July 2021
Small and thin standard logic DHXQFN packages

Nexperia has announced small, low profile 14,16, 20 and 24 pin packages for standard logic devices. For example, the 16 pin DHXQFN package is 45% smaller than the industry-standard DQFN16 leadless device. Not only has it reportedly got a smaller footprint compared to competitors, but the new package also offers a 25% saving in PCB area.

16th July 2021
Nexperia obtains 100% ownership of Newport Wafer Fab

Nexperia has completed the transaction to acquire Newport Wafer Fab (NWF), contributing to the company’s growth ambitions and investments to boost global production capacity. With the acquisition, Nexperia obtains 100% ownership of the Welsh semiconductor production facility. Nexperia Newport will continue to have a strong position in the Welsh ecosystem and technology development and will secure the current jobs at the Newport site and oth...

7th July 2021
ITEC emerges as independent semiconductor manufacturer

ITEC, the semiconductor equipment manufacturer founded in 1991 by Philips (now Nexperia), has announced its launch as a separate independent entity. ITEC remains part of the Nexperia group. This move will allow ITEC to address the third-party market in time to serve the current semiconductor boom. It provides manufacturers worldwide access to disruptive manufacturing solutions that are built to last.

28th June 2021
Eight-inch wafer line in Manchester gets underway

Nexperia has announced that the first products to be made in the company’s new eight-inch wafer line in Manchester, UK, will be low RDS(on), low Qrr 80V and 100V MOSFETs using its latest NextPower silicon technology.

17th June 2021
Nexperia invests $700m to boost production capacity

Nexperia has announced the latest stage of its global growth strategy, confirming a $700m investment over the next 12-15 months at its European wafer fabs, assembly factories in Asia and global R&D sites to increase production capacity.

28th May 2021
Low RDS(on) 40V MOSFETs deliver high power density

Nexperia has announced new 0.55mΩ RDS(on) 40V power MOSFETs in the high-reliability LFPAK88 package for automotive (BUK7S0R5-40H) and industrial (PSMNR55-40SSH) applications. These devices are the lowest RDS(on) 40V parts that Nexperia has ever produced and more importantly, they deliver greater power densities than traditional D2PAK devices.

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7th May 2021
New Trench Schottky rectifiers increase efficiency

Nexperia has extended its portfolio of Trench Schottky rectifiers with devices rated at up to 100V and 20A. The new parts feature excellent switching behavior and leading thermal performance. They are available in Nexperia’s Clip Bond FlatPower (CFP) packages which have a much smaller footprint than SMA/SMB/SMC components.

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