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19th May 2022
Combining proven GaN technology with packaging expertise

Nexperia and KYOCERA AVX components salzburg agree partnership for gallium nitride automotive power modules.

19th May 2022
How DFN packages reduce device size while delivering on thermal performance

The increasing number of electronic functions in modern cars must be realized within a given space necessitating components to shrink in size. However, smaller packages need to dissipate the same amount of heat on a reduced footprint, leading to a higher power density on the board. DFN packages with their compact dimensions and thermal properties are the right choice. 

16th May 2022
Nexperia offers Clip-bonded FlatPower packaged diodes

Nexperia has announced the release of 14 rectifiers for power applications in its new CFP2-HP (Clip-Bonded FlatPower) packaging. Available in standard and AECQ-101 versions, these include 45 V, 60 V and 100 V Trench Schottky rectifiers (with 1 and 2 A options) including the PMEG100T20ELXD-Q, a 100 V, 2 A Trench Schottky barrier rectifier.

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12th May 2022
Nexperia launches new application specific MOSFETs

Nexperia launches new portfolio of application specific MOSFETs (ASFETs) for automotive airbags

12th May 2022
Application specific MOSFETs save automotive design space

Two announcements for the automotive industry were made by Nexperia at PCIM Europe. The company announced additions to its ASFET (application specific MOSFET) portfolio and additions to the rectifiers available in its 'copper clip' packaging.

27th April 2022
Discrete components in miniature DFN packaging with side-wettable flanks

Nexperia announced its latest product additions to a growing range of discrete devices which it provides in leadless DFN packages with side-wettable flanks (SWF).

8th April 2022
Accurate next-generation simulations for rapid prototyping of power electronic designs

Nexperia’s new advanced electrothermal models for MOSFETs accurately represent both the static and dynamic characteristics of the device. A powerful tool which provides design engineers with the capability of accurate circuit and system level simulations to assess the electrical, thermal and EMC performance before committing to build a prototype.

24th March 2022
Nexperia's enhanced electrothermal models for MOSFET devices

Nexperia has announced the release of enhanced electrothermal models for its MOSFET devices.

23rd February 2022
Nexperia expands portfolio of ESD protection solutions

Nexperia have announced an expansion to its award-winning portfolio of automotive ethernet ESD protection devices. The three new devices are AEC-Q101 qualified and OPEN Alliance IEEE 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1 compliant ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) protection devices designed to protect two bus lines from damage caused by ESD and other transients.

16th February 2022
Nexperia's SD card level translator has 40% smaller footprint

Nexperia has announced the world's smallest Secure Digital (SD) card level translator IC - NXS0506UP. Housed in a 16-bump wafer-level chip-scale package the SD 3.0-compliant bi-directional dual voltage level translator has a footprint measuring 1.45mm x 1.45mm x 0.45mm, 0.35mm pitch, 40% smaller than previous 20 bump devices.

7th February 2022
Nexperia reflects on past achievements

Nexperia marks five years as an independent company as it invests in the future.

5th December 2021
How to protect high-speed video links without compromising signal integrity

The exploding demand of infotainment and safety in modern car systems requires very sophisticated and robust high-speed solutions which pass the EMC compliant test. ESD can cause a malfunction or even irreversible destruction of the system. Therefore, ESD protection devices are necessary to avoid those failures and leverage the system to a highly reliable and very robust level. 

17th November 2021
Nexperia showcase a range of A-selection Zener diodes

The comprehensive product range covers precise voltage reference with the industry’s lowest tolerance of ±1%, every application from 1.8V to 75 V.

8th November 2021
Nexperia expands high-performance silicon carbide diodes

Nexperia has announced its entry into the high-power silicon carbide diodes market with the introduction of 650V, 10A SiC (silicon carbide) Schottky diodes. This is a strategic move for Nexperia, already a trusted supplier of efficient power GaN (gallium nitride) field-effect transistors, to expand its high-voltage wide bandgap semiconductor device offering.

4th November 2021
Webinar Package Technology: increase power density and reliability, reduce size and parasitics

To demonstrate highest levels of component reliability under harshest conditions, Nexperia is testing “beyond AEC-Q101”. If you want to learn what is behind Board Level Reliability testing and get more insights into modern package technology like clip-bonded CFP and leadless DFN, join next week’s live webinar “Package Technology for Electronic Design Engineers” November 10th (10-11am CET) and 11th...

21st October 2021
Tough at the top - Nexperia CFP15B power diodes

Tier 1 automotive suppliers are demanding the highest levels of component reliability for the cars of the future. Read why and learn more about Nexperia’s CFP15B clip-bond FlatPower package that has just passed Board Level Reliability (BLR) testing.

21st October 2021
Low clamping bidirectional ESD protection devices delivered for USB4 standard interfaces

Nexperia announced two PESD5V0R1BxSF low clamping and capacitance bidirectional Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection diodes. Based on Nexperia’s TrEOS technology with active silicon-controlled rectification, the devices ensure optimal signal integrity for USB4 (up to 2 x 20 Gbps) data lines on laptops and peripherals, smartphones and other portable electronic equipment.

20th October 2021
Selecting ESD protection for USB4 data lines

USB4 is the next step on the roadmap to increase the data transfer speed for the most ubiquitous interface. ESD protection devices support these data rates with low insertion loss and return loss values. A low inductance of the protection device is becoming as important as a low capacitance in the 10 GHz range.    

15th October 2021
Nexperia’s application specific MOSFETs

At Nexperia we combine our proven MOSFET expertise with broad application understanding to create Application Specific MOSFETs (ASFETs). By keeping individual application requirements front & centre of our design process, ASFETs optimise the parameters that matter most in a particular use-case and feature enhanced parameters for specific applications.  

6th October 2021
Silicon germanium rectifiers from Nexperia

Silicon Germanium (SiGe) rectifiers from Nexperia offer engineers cutting-edge efficiency, thermal stability and space savings in new product designs. The SiGe rectifiers, which are now being shipped by Farnell, are available with 120V, 150V, and 200V reverse voltages that combine the high efficiency of their Schottky diode counterparts with the thermal stability of fast recovery diodes.

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