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6th March 2024
Nexperia unveils next gen low-voltage analog switches

Nexperia, the global semiconductor manufacturer, has introduced a new series of four- and eight-channel analog switches designed to monitor and protect 1.8V electronic systems.

13th February 2024
Nexperia offers automotive planar Schottky diodes in space-saving CFP3-HP packaging

Nexperia unveiled a new range of 22 planar Schottky diodes housed in the compact CFP3-HP package.

8th February 2024
Nexperia introduces energy balance calculator

Nexperia has announced the release of the energy balance calculator to maximise battery life.

9th January 2024
Nexperia LCD bias power ICs promise high performance in display devices

Nexperia has recently launched a new series of compact and high-efficiency dual-output LCD bias power supplies, designed to enhance the longevity of thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panels. 

25th December 2023
Beyond the chip: component packaging in next-gen electronic designs

Semiconductor manufacturers are continuously pushing the boundaries of their process technologies to enable designers, in turn, to explore the limits of existing circuit topologies while also developing new ones.

13th December 2023
CCPAK Power GaN FETs: industry-leading performance in a truly innovative package

As the pioneers of copper-clip packaging technology, Nexperia bring20 years’ expertise in high-quality, robust SMD packaging to itsGaN FET portfolio. Adopting proven technology, CCPAK gives industry-leading performance in an innovative package. The copper-clip, cascode designoptimizes thermal and electrical performance making them ideal to meet the demands of next-generation industrial and renewable energy applications. 

11th December 2023
Nexperia now offer GaN FETs in compact SMD packaging CCPAK

 Nexperia has announced that its GaN FET devices, featuring next-gen high-voltage GaN HEMT technology in proprietary copper-clip CCPAK surface mount packaging, are now available to designers of industrial and renewable energy applications.

30th November 2023
Nexperia’s first SiC MOSFETs announced

Nexperia has announced its first SiC MOSFETs with the release of two 1200 V discrete devices in 3-pin TO-247 packaging with RDS(on) values of 40 mΩ and 80 mΩ.

20th November 2023
Save PCB space and discover how to future-proof your design

Space-saving, thermally efficient, and robust semiconductor packages are needed for transistors and diodes. And while for many product generations, designers have relied on established packages like the SOT23 and SMA families, we see the high performing clip-bond and leadless package outlines such as CFP and DFN clearly winning on value for money.

13th November 2023
Nexperia and Mitsubishi Electric SiC MOSFET partnership

Nexperia has announced a strategic partnership with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation to jointly develop silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs.

11th October 2023
Ultra-low capacitance ESD protection diodes protect automotive data interfaces

Nexperia announced an extension to its portfolio of ultra-low capacitance ESD protection diodes designed to protect high-speed data lines in interfaces such as USB, HDMI, high-speed video links and Ethernet in automotive infotainment applications.

27th September 2023
High-power load switching in space constrained applications

Nexperia, an expert in semiconductors, has released a new series of 500 mA dual resistor equipped transistors (RET) in ultra-compact DFN2020(D)-6 packaging.

Eco Innovation
19th September 2023
Nexperia sets target for Carbon Neutrality by 2035

Nexperia is a rapidly growing global semiconductor company headquartered in the Netherlands, with over 60 years of history.

17th August 2023
Nexperia portfolio to include integrated 5V load switch

Nexperia, the essential semiconductor expert, announces the expansion of its analog and logic product portfolio with the introduction of the load switch product family.

17th July 2023
600 V IGBTs from Nexperia for class-leading efficiency in industrial applications

Complementing Nexperia’s growing high-voltage technology portfolio, and addressing the demands for efficient, high-voltage devices, Nexperia introduces 600 V IGBTs. Available in TO-247-3L packaging, choose between the medium speed (M3) or high speed (H3) series. Providing low conduction and switching loss performance with high levels of ruggedness in operating temperatures up to 175°C.  Learn more about Nexperia IGBTs at nex...

11th July 2023
Nexperia coin cell battery life and power booster

Nexperia has just introduced the NBM7100 and NBM5100, new types of battery life boosting ICs designed to extend the life of a typical non-rechargeable lithium coin cell battery by up to 10x compared to competing solutions while also increasing its peak output current capability by up to 25x compared to what a typical coin cell can deliver without a battery booster.

5th July 2023
Nexperia launch 600V range IGBT

Nexperia has launched its entry to the insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) market with a range of 600V devices, starting with the 30A NGW30T60M3DF. 

21st June 2023
Nexperia broadens package options for its NextPower 80/100V MOSFET portfolio

Nexperia announced a broadening of package options for its NextPower 80/100V MOSFETs portfolio, previously only available in LFPAK56E, to now also include LFPAK56 and LFPAK88 packaging.

11th May 2023
Interactive datasheets put MOSFET behaviour analysis at engineers’ fingertips

Nexperia, the essential semiconductor expert, has announced a significant raising of the bar in semiconductor engineer design support with the release of next-generation interactive datasheets to accompany its Power MOSFETs.

10th May 2023
E-mode GAN FETs for low and high-voltage applications

Nexperia, an expert in essential semiconductors, has released its first Power GaN FETs in e-mode (enhancement mode) configuration for low (100/150V) and high (650V) voltage applications.

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