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1st July 2020
Is the MOSFET figure of merit (FoM) still relevant?

  As gate drivers are now capable of efficiently meeting large Qg requirements and faster switching topologies create smaller, more efficient systems, some often ignored parameters have now become system-critical.

Events News
29th June 2020
Nexperia launches ‘Power Live’ 2020

Nexperia has announced ‘Power Live’, a virtual conference that will take place on 2nd-3rd July, and will cover a wide range of subjects related to power electronics including GaN devices, Silicon Germanium (SiGe) rectifiers, automotive applications and packaging technology.

29th June 2020
AEC-Q101 discretes in miniature rugged DFN packages

Nexperia has announced a wide portfolio of automotive-qualified AEC-Q101 discretes in space-saving, thermally-efficient, AOI-compatible DFN (Discrete Flat No leads) packages. The AEC-Q101 range of devices available cuts across all Nexperia’s product groups and includes switching, Schottky, Zener and protection diodes, bipolar junction transistors (BJTs), N- and P-channel MOSFETs, resistor-equipped transistors and LED drivers.

24th June 2020
Nexperia Power Live Event, July 2-3. Full event schedule released now

Join Nexperia’s Power Live Event and watch our resident power experts present a series of on-demand demonstration videos across a number of topics in Automotive, Industrial, GaN and Power packaging. Including GaN surface mount package technology and novel Silicon-Germanium rectifiers. Engage with like-minded people in live sessions to discuss common challenges and demands. Pre-register ...

28th May 2020
Silicon germanium rectifiers bring thermal stability

Nexperia has announced a range of new silicon germanium rectifiers (SiGe) with 120, 150, and 200V reverse voltages that combine the high efficiency of their Schottky counterparts with the thermal stability of fast recovery diodes.

13th May 2020
P-channel MOSFETs in robust, space-saving LFPAK56 package

Nexperia has launched a family of P-channel MOSFETs in the robust, space-saving LFPAK56 (Power-SO8) package. AEC-Q101 qualified for automotive applications, the new devices are a well suited replacement for DPAK MOSFETs, offering a reduction in footprint of over 50% whilst maintaining high performance levels. 

23rd April 2020
Ultra-tiny MOSFETs with lowest RDS(on) for wearables

Nexperia has launched a range of ultra-tiny MOSFETs in the DFN0606 package for mobile and portable applications including wearables. The devices also offer the lowest RDS(on) for their size and employ the commonly used pitch of 0.35 mm to simplify PCB assembly processes.

News & Analysis
24th March 2020
Scheper stands down as CEO of Nexperia

Nexperia CEO Frans Scheper is taking early treatment just three months after China-based Wingtech took a controlling stake in the company. 

27th February 2020
Developing a GaN-based EV inverter design

Nexperia has announced a partnership with automotive engineering consulting company, Ricardo, to produce a technology demonstrator for an EV inverter using GaN-based technology. Gallium nitrade (GaN) is the preferred switch for these applications as GaN FETs lead to systems with greater efficiencies at lower costs with improved thermal performance and simpler switching topologies.

30th January 2020
Low RDS(on) MOSFET improves performance

Nexperia has announced the release a low RDS(on) MOSFET. The PSMNR51-25YLH aims to set a new standard of 0.57mΩ at 25V. Utilising Nexperia’s NextPowerS3 technology, this performance is offered without compromising other important parameters such as maximum drain current (ID(max)), Safe Operating Area (SOA) or gate charge QG.

24th January 2020
Computing in cars

  Designing reliable hardware is challenging the automotive industry, says Jan Preibisch, application marketing manager, Nexperia

24th December 2019
Nexperia eyes China growth with new owner

Nexperia has a new owner. Wingtech Technology – a Chinese computer and telecom equipment manufacturer – has officially obtained a controlling stake in the company from Beijing Jianguang Asset Management (JAC Capital). The deal enables Nexperia to pursue a goal of increasing its business in China according to CEO Frans Scheper.

11th December 2019
Common mode filters feature integrated ESD protection

Nexperia has announced a fast common mode filter (choke)/ESD protection combination. The new PCMFxUSB3BA/C features a wide differential passband of up to 10GHz 3dB frequency and a very high surge robustness of up to 7.5A 8/20µs. It is designed to suppress common mode and single-ended noise while minimising the impact on the signal integrity of extremely fast data lines.

22nd October 2019
High quality, high reliability, AEC-Q101-qualified devices in DPAK

Nexperia has announced new high quality, high reliability automotive (AEC-Q101-qualified) and consumer/industrial-qualified MJD three and eight amp power bipolar transistors. The product family includes eight parts housed in the DPAK (TO-252/SOT428C) package and offered in both 80 and 100V NPN and PNP versions.

13th September 2019
Semiconductor company secures financing to fund future growth plans

Nexperia, an expert in discrete and MOSFET components and analogue & logic ICs, has announced the successful raise of $1,500 million equivalent of senior credit facilities. The proceeds will be used to refinance the existing outstanding debt and to partly finance the acquisition by Wingtech Technologies, a listed Chinese computer and telecom equipment manufacturer.

23rd July 2019
Nexperia wins Global Supplier Award

Nexperia has announced that it has received a Bosch Global Supplier Award in the category ‘Purchasing of direct materials, Mobility Solutions’. Nexperia was one of only 47 companies from Bosch’s 43,000-strong supplier base to be honoured with such an award for its outstanding performance and teamwork in 2017 to 2018.

15th July 2019
Diodes and transistors suitable for high temperature applications

Nexperia has announced that key parts from its SOT23-packaged family of high-performance, general-purpose transistors and switching diodes are now fully-specified for operation up to 175°C. Included in the range are high-speed switching diodes BAS16/21 and BC807/817 general purpose transistors.

1st April 2019
Automotive LED drivers deliver 250mA output current

Nexperia has extended its constant current LED driver family with eight new AEC-Q101 qualified devices to drive low- and medium-power LEDs up to 250mA. The 16V NCR32xx and 40V NCR42xx series are available in two package styles, the space-saving SOT457 (SC-74) and the SOT223 (SC-73), a slightly-larger option which delivers a higher power capability of up to 1,250mW.

25th March 2019
Lowest RDS(on) MOSFETs without compromising vital parameters

Specialist in discretes, logic and MOSFET devices, Nexperia, has announced that its lowest-ever RDS(on) NextPower S3 MOSFETs in Trench 11 technology has been achieved without compromising other important parameters such as drain current (ID(max)), Safe Operating Area (SOA) or gate charge QG.

6th March 2019
Automotive logic parts 64% smaller than leaded equivalents

Specialist in discretes, logic and MOSFET devices, Nexperia, has announced that over twenty logic types in the company’s space-saving leadless MicroPak packages are now AEC-Q100 qualified. These logic solutions claim to be the smallest devices of their type suitable for automotive applications and Nexperia’s Q100 portfolio exceeds the Automotive Electronics Council’s requirements.

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