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Test & Measurement
5th September 2022
Power line filters safeguard EMC test chambers

In most situations nowadays, systems must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and operate safely and securely without any interruption in service due to interference. That is no more so than in the universe of EMC test chambers. Such specialised chambers test electronic devices against regulatory standards applicable to both radiated and conducted radio-frequency (RF) emissions and immunity. MPE discusses.

11th August 2022
Is on-time delivery a thing of the past?

Paul Currie, Director, MPE Ltd provides commentary on the current supply chain challenges being faced by manufacturers.

Test & Measurement
25th May 2022
Plug-in TEMPEST filters for IT system security require no installation engineer

To prevent the covert interrogation of conducted lines, MPE Ltd design and manufacture TEMPEST specification filters, in both standard and custom formats, that offer high insertion loss performance across a very wide frequency spectrum.

Test & Measurement
25th May 2022
The emerging threat of tactical electromagnetic interference

During the past five years intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI) has emerged as a credible and increasingly likely threat to commercial and defence facilities alike, with a potentially crippling cost to individual organisations of such a localised attack. Paul Currie, Director, MPE Ltd discusses.

4th February 2021
Can an extended warranty ever equal reliability?

  Increasingly manufacturers are offering an extended warranty with a new EMC or EMP filter. That doesn’t make it more reliable or long-lasting, argues Paul Currie  

Test & Measurement
29th September 2020
Pre-compliance EMC testing on-site or in-house

MPE has announced that it now provides a sophisticated pre-compliance EMC testing service, which can be either on-site or in-house in MPE's dual-chamber screened room to suit customers’ needs where practical. Typical scenarios for applying this capability include military vehicles, test chambers, data centres, radar and communications facilities and control rooms.

Test & Measurement
12th September 2018
Pulse current injection compliance at first time of asking

The well-established procedure for checking compliance of a HEMP filter with the Mil-Std-188-125 specification is to inject a very high current pulse into the front end of the filter and monitor the residual current flowing through. Such Pulse Current Injection (PCI) testing is conducted independently of the filter manufacturer, by trusted test houses utilising specialist and often proprietary equipment. No test house in Europe offers such commer...

Aerospace & Defence
26th June 2018
The impact of solar superstorms on engineering infrastructure

The Sun has always been benign towards the Earth, providing light and heat essential to the growth of civilisations. However, as our technology has advanced, so the Sun has become a threat too, with its constantly changing surface plasma creating magnetic storms. Paul Currie, Sales & Marketing Director, MPE, discusses the potential impact of these solar storms in more depth.

25th April 2018
Protecting against ballistic missiles and military satellites

RAF Fylingdales located at Snod Hill, near Pickering on the North Yorkshire Moors, is an integral part of the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS) for UK and US defence, with a secondary duty of detecting, reporting and tracking satellite activity, given that many currently in orbit are of a military nature and able to gather intelligence using diverse covert techniques.

6th February 2018
Filters to safeguard satellite-based voice conferencing

Based upon satellites, Presidential and National Voice Conferencing (PNVC) is a second-generation follow-on communications capability with roots in the Milstar Survivable Emergency Conferencing Network (SECN). Ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the programme reside within the FAB-T Terminal Program Office and, with PNVC set to play a critical role in the future of the US nuclear command and control infrastructure, PNVC has received t...

Aerospace & Defence
1st August 2017
Keeping it cool with MPE HEMP filters

  Following a rigorous and extensive design proving exercise, MPE was awarded the contract to supply a quantity of its 1,200A HEMP filters for installation on a critical defence application in Virginia, US. The contract award was made via MPE’s distributor in the US, Technical Sales Solutions (TSS).

26th May 2017
Magnetrons designed for radiotherapy linear accelerator use

While the defence sector has historically been and remains MPE’s largest market, the same high levels of quality, performance and reliability demanded by this sector are also required by the medical and scientific markets. Accordingly MPE has been supplying its high-performance feedthrough products to e2v Technologies since 1999, some 18 years ago. Via its Medical Division based in Chelmsford, Essex, e2v have long supplied products int...

Events News
25th May 2017
Filter products for defence applications on show at IDEF

At the 13th International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF) which ran from 9th to 12th May at the TÜYAP Fair Convention and Congress Center in Istanbul, Turkey, MPE’s distributor in Turkey, IMCA Elektronik was present. The biennial IDEF remains the largest defence industry event in the Eurasian region and one of the top five defence exhibitions in the world. Building on their success at previous IDEF events and celebrating their 1...

Aerospace & Defence
21st February 2017
Defunct satellites are taking up space in space

  Space is becoming ever more cluttered with defunct satellites, spent rocket boosters and sundry stray pieces after the first satellite was launched almost 60 years ago.

Aerospace & Defence
8th August 2016
HEMP protection filters dedicated to commercial use

With a history of providing the aerospace and defence sector with HEMP and IEMI filters, MPE was well placed to introduce what the company claims to be the world’s first range of HEMP protection filters designed and developed specifically for the commercial marketplace - launched at the EuroEM 2016 event which ran at Imperial College, South Kensington, London SW7, from July 11th-14th. Image left shows a burnt out PCB following a HEMP attack...

Aerospace & Defence
1st August 2016
Supporting vehicle mounted comms and ISTAR objectives

The battlefield broadband, ground-based communications system from BAE Systems (used on the Falcon mobile shelter programme), is protected by EMC, EMP and TEMPEST specification filters from MPE.

Aerospace & Defence
6th January 2016
Filtering out the dangers

Nowhere is the progress of technology more evident than in the defence sector. In this article Electronic Specifier Design Editor Joe Bush talks to Paul Currie, Sales and Marketing Director of MPE, a manufacturer of EMC filters and capacitors, about the current dangers in the industry and the role his company plays in mitigating these risks.

Aerospace & Defence
21st December 2015
A practical response to the threat of IEMI

With the increasing use of electronics to control every aspect of modern life, from smart grids to driverless cars, Intentional ElectroMagnetic Interference (IEMI) is a growing threat. Various initiatives have been set-up to address the needs of specific market areas, and new standards are being worked on. William Turner, Senior Design Engineer, MPE, explains.

Aerospace & Defence
18th December 2015
Safeguarding vital electronics

As acknowledged by the Shield Act in the US and the recent Electric Infrastructure Security Summits, the intense electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from a single nuclear weapon detonated between 25 and 500 miles above the Earth, possibly delivered by rogue nuclear states, could disable civil and commercial infrastructures as well as defence computer and communications networks. 

Aerospace & Defence
17th December 2015
Keeping the Eurofighter safe during combat missions

MPE, a manufacturer of EMC/EMP filters and capacitors, has supplied many thousands of EMC filters for the multi-national European military Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft. The Typhoon was introduced into operational service in 2003. Currently, the type has entered service with the Royal Air Force as well as the Austrian, German, Italian, Royal Saudi and Spanish Air Forces. 

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