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Plug-in TEMPEST filters for IT system security require no installation engineer

25th May 2022
Paige West

To prevent the covert interrogation of conducted lines, MPE Ltd design and manufacture TEMPEST specification filters, in both standard and custom formats, that offer high insertion loss performance across a very wide frequency spectrum.

Now the company is supplying convenient, plug-in TEMPEST filters in 1-, 2- and 4-socket and inline versions for UK, European and Korean socket types.

They are designed to the IT equipment safety standard EN 60950-1. Requiring no electrical contractors for their installation, these filters could therefore not be quicker, easier, or simpler to deploy to meet an immediate need. Thousands of units in different versions with different current ratings have already been supplied for UK and European sites, who recognised the advantages of the new product.

To satisfy the increasing demand for both its UK and EU pluggable TEMPEST variants, MPE has instigated a stockholding of finished units and has also explored ways of reducing the manufacturing lead-time for any models not in stock.

This means that demands for small quantities or urgent requirements can be met straight away, given that most models are available for immediate shipment. Furthermore, MPE is now able to supply any units not in stock within a six-week period.


A longstanding concern of governments, armed forces, municipal authorities, and companies has been the fact that electrical and electronic equipment such as computers and peripherals give off unintended electromagnetic emanations which can then be reconstructed as intelligible data. Accordingly, to maximise information security, countermeasures for TEMPEST – often regarded as an acronym for ‘Transient ElectroMagnetic Pulse Emanation Standard’ – are aimed at preventing eavesdropping on data radiated as signals via conducting lines (such as power, telephone or control line cables).

Such a signal may be intercepted by an enemy’s intelligence services, or a competitor, rival, or fraudster. Thus, for instance, a classified signal from a laptop inadvertently picked up and transmitted down an unprotected telephone line could potentially be accessed by putting a clamp around a telephone cable many miles away. Just as susceptible are incoming power cables, which can be monitored over similarly long distances. Accordingly, the danger is ‘clear and present’.

Plug-in filters from MPE – an effective & convenient solution

Fully compliant with NATO SDIP-27 Levels B and C, MPE’s 250V AC, 50/60Hz, pluggable TEMPEST filters cater for 6A, 13A and 32A currents. The units provide EMI suppression across the full frequency spectrum. Accordingly, they meet the TEMPEST protection standards applied to individual pieces of equipment of 60dB insertion loss performance over frequencies from 100kHz to 1GHz.

The 6A and 13A types of connection unit feature 3-pin plug input and socket outlets to BS 1363, whilst the 32A comes as standard with an IEC 60309 Commando connector input and BS 1363 socket outlets. Versions for European and Korean sockets are also standard, whilst alternatively terminated filters, such as IEC, Powercon and Schuko, are easily supplied upon request.

What is more, the new units, in smart and durable stainless-steel enclosures, are significantly smaller and lighter than traditional TEMPEST filters. All components are manufactured by MPE in Liverpool under an ISO 9001 quality regime. There has been a zero-failure rate on the many hundreds of MPE TEMPEST filters currently in service around the world.

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