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6th December 2018
Coeur CST high current interconnect system introduced

  Molex offers the Coeur CST High-Current Interconnect System featuring a new float design that accommodates pin to socket misalignment allowing for ease of mating PCB to PCB, PCB to bus bar, or bus bar to bus bar without the risk of overstress damage to the socket contact system.

28th November 2018
Collaboration to provide Industry 4.0 solutions

With sensors providing the essential steps of analysing and communicating high-level data to cloud-based applications, a collaboration between Molex and Contrinex aims to further strengthen Molex’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution offerings and positions the company as an end-to-end solution provider for industrial automation.

22nd November 2018
White paper details home automation trends and opportunities

Molex has released a white paper for electronics design engineers and product developers addressing growing consumer demand for smart home automation technologies. It examines home technology trends as the IoT continues to drive the evolution from simply connected to truly smart and proactive — and outlines how electronics designers and manufacturers can successfully position themselves to maximise future opportunities and demand.

22nd November 2018
Float design supports easy damage-free pin-to-socket axial mating

The new Coeur CST High-Current Interconnect System featuring a new float design that accommodates pin to socket misalignment allowing for ease of mating PCB to PCB, PCB to bus bar, or bus bar to bus bar without the risk of overstress damage to the socket contact system is the latest innovation from Molex.

22nd November 2018
Automotive Ethernet network demonstrated at electronica 2018

To meet the increased demand for in-vehicle processing power, Molex showcased a lot of new technologies at this year's electronica. Molex understands that top tier automakers are facing new challenges as they strive to build next-generation, intelligent vehicles, they equire agile connectivity solutions with seamless end-to-end network integration across hardware, software and services. 

31st October 2018
Whitepaper details home automation trends

A whitepaper for electronics design engineers and product developers has been released by Molex, addressing growing consumer demand for smart home automation technologies. It examines home technology trends as the IoT continues to drive the evolution from simply connected to truly smart and proactive. 

22nd October 2018
Molex Showcases QSFP-DD with Ixia

Molex in collaboration with Ixia announce a joint demonstration at the European Conference on Optical Communication.

10th October 2018
Pitch connectors offer signal reliability in a compact form

  Two FFC/FPC connectors designed to serve the growing information market needs of automakers and television display manufacturers, as well as designers requiring small-pitch, high-reliability connectors, have been announced by Molex.

6th September 2018
Data centre solutions to address expanding data rate needs

Molex has announced its full line of next-generation data centre infrastructure solutions to address expanding hyperscale requirements, including higher bandwidth and increasing data rates. Molex data centre solutions are designed in close collaboration with customers and are based on decades of proven expertise in developing high-speed solutions for OEMs in the server, storage and networking industries.

31st August 2018
Collaboration on next-gen data centre solutions

Two global leaders in the design and manufacture of interconnects for high-performance electronic products have announced a Licensed Source Agreement which brings together innovations that provide a new generation of solutions to meet the evolving needs of 56G and 112G data speeds.

18th July 2018
Connector system ensures safety in medical applications

Molex has introduced the CP3.3 Wire-to-Wire Connector System, designed to allow multiple same-circuit connectors to be used in products ranging from electronics and white goods to industrial and medical applications. The colour-paired connectors ensure correct mating connection, which also reduces the time needed to properly connect circuits during assembly. The connectors are fully polarised with an inertia lock that enhances user safety while p...

6th July 2018
Collaboration in LED lighting

It has been announced by Molex that they are expanding their design portfolio of Molex PoE-Ready products, with the addition of Deco Lighting’s PoE-Ready Vector 2 LED light fixtures.

19th June 2018
Connector system is the fastest way to de-energise industrial machines

In this video, Molex looks at incorporating many options and components into a smooth, contoured design. 

18th June 2018
Waterproof connector provides IP66 and IP67 protection

Molex has introduced a D-Sub form factor Earthing Connector to help customers make secure and robust earthing connections without the use of special tools or specialist training. The connector is designed for hash environments and meets IP66 and IP67 requirements. The Earthing Connector protects equipment from stray voltages through a secure and low-impedance connection to earth.

23rd April 2018
Latest sealed connector system offers increased reliability

Molex has announced the Squba 1.80mm-Pitch Sealed Wire-to-Wire Connector System, designed to fit in small spaces and provide protection against liquid, dust and dirt. The connectors carry up to a 6.0A current and provide an IP67 NEMA rating on the seals. Seals are retained with caps to provide manufacturers of sensors, lighting, vending machines and liquid dispensers with a durable barrier from moisture and dust.

17th April 2018
SFP-DD releases updated specification for pluggable interface

The Small Form Factor Pluggable Double Density (SFP-DD) Multi Source Agreement (MSA) Group has released an updated specification for its pluggable interface. The MSA consortium initially released the SFP-DD specification (version 1.0) in September 2017.

16th March 2018
Portable tool helps first responders detect carbon monoxide levels

  Molex subsidiary, Sensorcon has introduced the CO Inspector, a portable meter that uses advanced electrochemical sensor technology to quickly detect and measure carbon monoxide, and alert fire, police and rescue personnel to dangerous levels.

Tech Videos
14th February 2018
Let's support the future of connected mobility

In a continuing effort to support the future of connected mobility, Molex has developed a connected vehicle technology ecosystem. 

6th February 2018
Custom combo blade headers eliminate the need for pin insertion

Provider of electronic components and solutions, Molex, has introduced Custom Combo Blade and Pin Setters, which eliminate the need for pin insertion and stitching equipment, creating a more flexible and more robust pin interface. Randy Tan, Global Product Manager, Molex, said: “Because Custom Combo Blade and Pin Headers are soldered into the board instead of press-fit, it creates a stronger connection.

2nd February 2018
Connector provides high performance in compact size

Molex has released the Micro-Lock Plus Wire-to-Board Connector System as a suitable solution for customers seeking high performance, compact size and retention security. Featuring a 1.5A current rating, small footprint and positive latch, Molex has developed a comprehensive terminal solution for OEMs working in space-constrained environments.

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