Automotive Ethernet network demonstrated at electronica 2018

22nd November 2018
Anna Flockett

To meet the increased demand for in-vehicle processing power, Molex showcased a lot of new technologies at this year's electronica. Molex understands that top tier automakers are facing new challenges as they strive to build next-generation, intelligent vehicles, they equire agile connectivity solutions with seamless end-to-end network integration across hardware, software and services. 

Molex solutions provide an end-to-end Ethernet-based solution that operates at high bandwidth across multiple hardware and software components. A fully-integrated platform provides industry standards-based, scalable and agile networks in the vehicle and beyond to the cloud.

Molex brought a live demonstration of its most recent development – a connected vehicle technology ecosystem which includes a high-speed 10Gbps automotive Ethernet backbone solution that integrates highly reliable signal integrity, prioritisation, scalability and security at electronica.

“Automakers are demanding solutions that not only address today’s vehicle needs, but that are also compatible with future developments” said Dave Atkinson, director of business development, connected mobility solutions, Molex. “The automotive Ethernet ecosystem we have developed is designed to enable OEMs to deliver their vision for the car of the future. It is a future-ready, automotive-grade network platform that delivers seamless integration across multiple hardware and software systems as well as legacy automotive protocols.”

This in-vehicle network solution features a fully functional 10Gbps Ethernet backbone, with secure over-the-air updateability for software and firmware, helping avoid the need for vehicle recalls and enabling in-vehicle diagnostics. By investing in key technologies and working alongside industry-leading suppliers and collaborators, Molex has proven that complete end-to-end signal integrity within a full vehicle network is not only possible, but also commercially viable.

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