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29th October 2009
Potting Compound Working Life Exceeds Conventional Potting Epoxies

Master Bond’s newly developed EP29LP‑1epoxy is an attractive potting compound for use in large potting and encapsulating applications. Presenting a gamut of significant potting properties, good compound flow, easy set up and convenient handling, it exhibits a remarkably low exotherm, maximum pot life and desirable electrical insulation qualities . The very long working life at ambient temperatures exceeds 6 hours and qualifies this compou...

16th October 2009
Two Part Epoxy Assures Dimensional Stability

Master Bond’s newly developed EP30LV-1 is a low viscosity, optically clear epoxy for general purpose bonding, coating, sealing and casting. Linear shrinkage after cure is 0.0003 inches/in. Its dimensional stability and low shrinkage make it an ideal optical epoxy.

1st September 2009
PCB Conformal Coating Features Fast Tack Free Cure

Moisture-curing silicone conformal coatings are ideally suited as protective coatings for sensitive board components in demanding environments. However, electronic manufacturers avoided the use of silicone coatings in electronic packaging due to their long cure schedule that did not allow rapid assembly. Master Bond has developed a rapid tack free, ready-to-use silicone conformal coating called Master Sil 773, formulated to provide excellent pro...

14th February 2008
Conductive Adhesive Withstands Severe Conditions

Master Bond EP11SIC is a cost effective, silver-filled epoxy-resin system featuring exceptionally high electrical and thermal conductivity .It offers the application convenience of a one component system in addition to flexible cure schedules so as to best meet specific processing requirements. It has superior adhesion to both metallic and nonmetallic substrates with a tensile strength greater than 6,000 psi and a tensile shear strength over 1,5...

27th December 2007
Heat Curing Adhesive Features High Shear Strength and High Temperature Resistance

A one component epoxy resin system called EP11HT has been developed by Master Bond Inc for high temperature bonding applications up to 205°C . Master Bond Polymer System EP11HT is a heat curing, structural epoxy adhesive featuring high shear strength and easy handling.

18th November 2007
Reinforced Epoxy features low shrinkage and high physical strength

A nanosilica filled one-component UV curable epoxy called UV22 has been introduced by Master Bond Inc. It has been developed for coating, sealing and encapsulation applications. It features high abrasion resistance, excellent optical clarity, low shrinkage and high physical strength properties. UV22 cures rapidly at room temperature upon exposure to a UV light source and is not oxygen inhibited. It has a service operating temperature range of ...

25th September 2007
Adhesive offers Strength, Toughness and Chemical Resistance

Master-Bond EP30D-12 is a 7500 psi tensile strength adhesive with a 440% elongation that resists thermal cycling, chemicals and water/humidity. Easily processed due to its low viscosity, it adheres well to many substrates and cures with minimal shrinkage. Operating temperatures are -50˚C to 120˚C.

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