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Test & Measurement
27th May 2021
Measuring strain using low-cost Bluetooth technology

In measuring strain, engineers often feel like they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to wireless data acquisition, with wired setups adding complexity and some fully-fledged cloud setups being time or cost prohibitive. Here Matt Nicholas, Product Design Manager at Mantracourt, has explained how the company’s B24 Bluetooth strain transmitter offers a good balance between wireless functionality and cost.

26th May 2021
Measuring strain using low-cost Bluetooth technology

In measuring strain, engineers often feel like they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to wireless data acquisition, with wired setups adding complexity and some fully-fledged cloud setups being time or cost prohibitive. Here Matt Nicholas, Product Design Manager at Mantracourt, explains how the company’s B24 Bluetooth strain transmitter offers a good balance between wireless functionality and cost.

22nd March 2021
Three steps for a successful wireless sensor installation

As the number of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) grows, so does the need for reliable yet easily deployable sensors. Luckily, wireless sensor technology is evolving, providing manufacturers with practical and cost-effective solutions to monitor the performance of their equipment. Here Tom Lilly, Application Engineer at Mantracourt, explains how to achieve the best results from a wireless sensor installation.

Mixed Signal/Analog
9th August 2019
In-line strain gauge analogue amplifier to streamline calibration

A new in-line strain gauge amplifier from Mantracourt Electronics is set to streamline the calibration of a sensor thanks to its digital potentiometers and extremely simple and intuitive toolkit. Designed to convert strain gauge or load cell inputs into a 4-20 mA output, it provides more filtering than the existing embedded strain gauge amplifier range (ICA), and due to its small design, it can be easily integrated into compact installations.

10th May 2018
Wireless sensor system designed to monitor wind speeds

A new wireless wind speed system aimed at the crane industry has been launched by Mantracourt. The new solution, comprising the wireless wind speed display (T24-DWS) and transmitter module (T24-WSSp), is pre-calibrated, making it simple and easy to use. It is a suitable solution for tower cranes, mobile cranes and crawler cranes, effectively monitoring wind speeds, transmitting the data to a display and fully conforming to the Radio Equipment Dir...

Mixed Signal/Analog
31st August 2017
The USB strain module designed for speed

  Manufacturers of strain gauge and load cell signal conditioners, wireless telemetry and high performance analogue to digital converters, Mantracourt Electronics has announced their latest sector-beating device: the FSU-SSB.

Aerospace & Defence
25th April 2016
Wireless systems improve aircraft weighting

All aircraft gain weight over time and as such, it is vital to accurately weigh an aircraft. This is particularly the case in larger aeroplanes, with paint applied, painting and not stripping, configuration changes and cabin equipment modifications. On smaller crafts, such as lighter planes and helicopters, additional equipment such as cameras and communications apparatus will also add to the weight, as may certain repairs.

19th April 2016
Wireless telemetry system chosen by Aussie research centre

An exciting vehicle testing project has been developed by Mantracourt Electronics working with an Australian distributor.  The project was collaboration between Mantracourt and Applied Measurement Australia who were approached by the Australian Automotive Research Centre (AARC) to help renovate and update a Tilt Table that was used to test vehicle stability by tilting to an angle of 45º.

12th October 2015
Wireless telemetry system gets transmission range upgrade

A new, upgraded version of its T24 wireless telemetry sensor system for multiple data acquisition in real time has been released by Mantracourt. The new sensor system’s improvements include a 4x increase in transmission range, improved security features and smarter diagnostics. 

24th July 2014
Load cells monitor Turkish tunnel project systems

Mantracourt Electronics’ SGA load cells are being used within the monitoring systems of the Marmaray Project, a major new rail tunnel project in Turkey. The 76.3km long tunnel is the deepest immersed tunnel in the world and is regarded as the foremost challenging infrastructure project in Turkey.

Tech Videos
11th July 2014
Simply pair and calibrate T24 wireless telemetry

This video demonstrates the simple pairing and calibration of the Mantracourt T24 range of wireless telemetry.

Tech Videos
11th July 2014
Introducing Mantracourt's T24 wireless telemetry

This video highlights the Mantracourt T24-ACM wireless sensing module for load cell and strain gauge data acquisition applications.

26th June 2014
Mantracourt Load Cell Amplifier Enables Robot Stability

Mantracourt has announced that its ICA2 load cell amplifier is being used within the design of the Mantis, a hexapod robot, designed and manufactured by Micromagic Systems Robotics Ltd. 

Mixed Signal/Analog
21st May 2014
Amplifier supports up to 10 350Ω load cells

The LCA20, a flexible digital signal conditioning amplifier for single or multiple load cell applications, has been launched by Mantracourt. The LCA20 load cell weight indicator offers options of 3 programmable digital inputs including Auto Tare, Peak Hold and Reset, whilst also providing two relay outputs for control or alarm functions. This is able to support up to ten 350Ω load cells. 

16th December 2013
Wireless relay enables 16 inputs from T24 devices

Offering dual power relays capable of mains switching, Mantracourt's updated T24-RM1 wireless relay module allows 16 inputs from T24 wireless instrumentation devices. The module can also sum up to two groups of eight acquisition modules and provides new relay operation modes.

Test & Measurement
28th October 2013
Monitoring software updated to allow remote viewing

The latest version of Mantracourt's acclaimed T24LOG100 instrumentation monitoring software has now been released.The new 24LOG100 includes advanced features such as a web server that allows remote viewing of instrumentation data on tablets, iPads and smart phones.

19th August 2013
Mantracourt announce 100mm wireless LED display

Mantracourt has today introduced a new large format LED display that has been designed to integrate into their highly respected T24 wireless instrumentation product range. A four digit display with 100 mm (4 inch) character format, the T24-LD1 enables the remote display of instrumentation data from multiple wireless sensors such as strain gauges, load cells and wind speed sensors.

22nd July 2013
Superyacht Sail-track developed by Wireless Stain Gauge System

Mantracourt's T24 wireless instrumentation system has been used by New Zealand based Southern Spars. Using custom load cells designed to measure multi-directional connection forces between the sail and their sophisticated sail rolling mast-track system, the T24 wireless telemetry system was used to relay real-time data whilst under sail.

Test & Measurement
29th April 2013
Mantracourt Launches New Design Strain Gauge to USB Converter

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new redesigned strain gauge to USB converter (DSCUSB). The new design offers a more compact solution, with a smaller and more stylish enclosure. Internally the product remains unchanged and will perform identically to its widely acclaimed predecessor.

13th February 2013
Mantracourt Expands Workforce

Mantracourt announces the expansion of their workforce in recent months in order to address an increasing demand for measurement products and to help further grow overseas sales. Recent additions to the workforce include Jonathan Purdue (Technical Sales), Louise Stubbs (Marketing Coordinator) and Andrew Edkins (Production Coordinator).

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