A guide to successful wireless sensor installation

28th September 2021
Joe Bush

Signal conditioning and sensor company Mantracourt has created an infographic to show how plant operators across many industries can achieve the best results from their wireless sensor instrumentation. This comes at a time where the number of automated devices continues to grow and plant operators need to understand how they can monitor the instrumentation performance in a reliable, cost-effective way. Mantracourt’s guide to wireless sensor installation is available on the company’s website.

Wireless sensors for test and measurement play a central role in plant operations. Compact, flexible and simple to install, they allow managers to gather and analyse data from their manufacturing equipment efficiently. However, certain steps must be followed to see all the benefits of wireless data technology.

“The trouble with wireless telemetry systems is that if simple steps aren’t taken to install it correctly, the equipment won’t be optimised to perform at its best,” explained Tom Lilly, Application Engineer at Mantracourt. “These challenges can be tackled by simply carrying out a site survey.

“Using a receiver like a T24 handheld device, the data capture capabilities can be assessed on-site, identifying where any dead spots are and whether any signal repeaters are needed. When this is done, all that’s left to think about is extending your sensor’s lifespan with power packs or solar panels and how is best to manage your data.”

With Mantracourt’s guide to successful installation, operators across many industries can easily measure and monitor data variables such as linear movement, wind speed, temperature, loads or torque. The flexibility and ease of installation of wireless sensors means that data can be collected cost-effectively and efficiently, saving money and improving automated processes.

Mantracourt’s T24 series, which features in the infographic, includes acquisition modules, transmitters, receivers and enclosures.

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