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13th December 2021
Report on most impactful technologies in sustainability

Lux Research has provided insight into the key technologies that business leaders need to learn about and engage with in their annual Foresight report.

4th November 2021
Laboratories of the Future

AI, robotics, and IoT sensors are included in the ever growing momentum for digital technology in lab research.

22nd October 2021
6 opportunities in CEA to capture $78bn

The global market size for controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is set to reach a market value of $100bn by 2030, with six potential opportunities capturing $78bn in market share, according to new data from Lux Research, a provider of tech-enabled research and innovation advisory services.

24th September 2021
Lights-out manufacturing less than a decade away

As more tasks become automated across manufacturing, these environments will rely less and less upon manual human labour, with the ultimate goal of 'lights-out' manufacturing. Lights-out manufacturing is a methodology in which manufacturing is fully automated and requires no human presence so that the lights and even ventilation can be shut off. Achieving lights-out manufacturing is a major goal for many companies,&n...

25th March 2021
Autonomous vehicle market to be a $50bn opportunity

Few mobility technologies hold as much disruptive potential as autonomous vehicles (AVs). Despite having applications in logistics, robotaxis, and personally owned vehicles, AVs have remained on the cusp of transforming the automotive space. The commercialisation of self-driving cars would be the biggest technological advancement of the auto industry.

4th March 2021
Top 5 technologies for innovation leaders in electronics

Digital transformation is one of the hottest topics in every industry, and as consumers are eagerly adopting increasing amounts of digital tech, electronics, and IT players have a unique opportunity to impact more industries than ever before. To help guide innovation in this booming space, Lux Research released its annual report, 'Foresight 2021: Top Emerging Technologies to Watch.'

20th November 2020
Top emerging technologies to watch in 2021

After a tumultuous 2020, organisations need to re-examine their outlook on what emerging technology innovations will be critical for their future opportunities. To help them do so, Lux Research, a provider of tech-enabled research and advisory services, released its annual report on the top tech innovations that will have the greatest impact over the next ten years, b...

12th November 2020
Battery electric vehicles will be less reliant on lightweighting by 2030

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) are poised to be the future of the automotive industry. Looking toward the future of BEVs, a new report from Lux Research, 'Electric Vehicle Lightweighting 2030' analyses the future of vehicle lightweighting and necessary BEV success factors over the next decade.

5th November 2020
Sensors are key to overcoming supply chain disruptions

Supply chain and logistics have seen massive disruptions as a result of COVID-19, creating new challenges for retail and manufacturing operations worldwide. In the new report 'Sensing for Modern Logistics', Lux Research identifies how sensors can be used to improve and modernise logistics across various industries to shore up global supply chain infrastructures.

5th November 2020
How can AI and quantum computers work together?

Forbes recently published an article called ‘How Can AI And Quantum Computers Work Together?’, which caught the attention of Lux Research Analyst Lewie Roberts, and below he has offered his take on the article, and the topic at hand.

2nd October 2020
Digital transformation for the new consumer journey

Accelerated by COVID-19, emerging digital technologies, especially AI and IoT, are fundamentally changing the consumer journey in the consumer product market. A new report from Lux Research, 'The Digital Transformation of the Consumer Journey', outlines how companies can apply digital technology to enhance the consumer journey for their benefit. 

30th September 2020
Are antimicrobial coatings effective against COVID-19?

COVID-19 has drastically changed the perception of hygiene and cleanliness, spurring interest in antimicrobial coatings, according to a new report from Lux Research. These coatings previously struggled to find widespread adoption due to difficulties in quantifying their impact on human health, but the pandemic has drawn attention to them as an important safety measure.

31st August 2020
Organisations must capitalise on China’s innovations

China’s emergence as a global innovation powerhouse has proven to be a double-edged sword for global companies – presenting challenges as China seeks to make its companies more competitive in the international market while also bringing historic opportunities for the technology ecosystem.

20th August 2020
Five COVID-19 trends shaping tech innovation

COVID-19 has drastically changed the landscape for businesses across all industries, forcing immediate changes – but ones that will have long-term consequences. In the latest report by Lux Research, ‘The Impact of COVID-19 on Tech Innovation’, Lux has outlined five key trends that will define how the world beyond the pandemic will be different.

Alternative Energy
14th August 2020
COVID-19 accelerates the energy transition

The past year has been an unprecedented time, with COVID-19 having an immediate and significant impact on all aspects of the energy sector. Despite the dramatic consequences COVID-19 is having on the global economy, Lux Research has predicted the energy transition will be accelerated by several years.

7th July 2020
Lux establishes framework for selecting robotics vendors

Businesses are increasingly using robotics across a wide variety of industries, but many companies still fail to understand what’s currently possible with today’s technology or which vendors can provide the solutions they need. In its new report, ‘Building Robotics Solutions’, Lux Research has created a framework for selecting robotics vendors based on the key capabilities and level of customisation required.

22nd June 2020
The tech that will get us back to work

COVID-19 poses major challenges for players in every industry, and companies now face unprecedented hurdles as they struggle to get back to work. A new report from Lux Research, ‘Back in Business: Using Technology to Open During COVID-19’, addresses the key technologies businesses need to adopt to fight against COVID-19 in the workplace.

18th June 2020
The critical technologies for surviving COVID-19

COVID-19 poses major challenges for players in every industry, and companies now face unprecedented hurdles as they struggle to reopen. Lux Research’s new report, ‘Back in Business: Using Technology to Open During COVID-19’, addresses the critical technologies businesses need to adopt to fight against COVID-19 in the workplace.

11th June 2020
The $500bn effect of digital transformation

The chemicals and materials industry has mostly seen only incremental innovation in recent decades, with growth coming primarily from expansion into new geographic markets, and very little from product innovation, but how will digital transformation change this? 

11th June 2020
EVs drop in price, but most remain unprofitable

The automotive industry is under pressure to reduce emissions, both from government regulations and from consumers who are growing more conscious about the environmental impact of their vehicles. In the world of EVs, electrified powertrains are a promising avenue to reduce or eliminate vehicle emissions for automakers.

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