How can AI and quantum computers work together?

5th November 2020
Alex Lynn

Forbes recently published an article called ‘How Can AI And Quantum Computers Work Together?’, which caught the attention of Lux Research Analyst Lewie Roberts, and below he has offered his take on the article, and the topic at hand.

Roberts commented: “This article achieves its intended goal: quickly point out some areas where quantum computing could be useful. That said, I think it's worth pointing out that quantum computing, while a potentially powerful tool, will be a niche tool. It will sit alongside high performance cloud computers to perform certain tasks, but will pass the main work back to existing computers to perform the remainder of the tasks.

“Just like helicopters are helpful for moving people in some cases, we don't use them every time we need to go somewhere. But the times we do, like for a medical emergency, it's really helpful to have them. That's how I think about quantum computers working with the tech we have today.”

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