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10th April 2024
Next Gen IoT Connectivity With DECT NR+

DECT NR+ is the first non-cellular 5G standard driving a new age in IoT with its secure, standardized mesh networking for widespread device connectivity. With its reliable, dedicated spectrum, it supports applications across industrial IoT, smart metering, and smart cities, fostering a smart, interconnected future. KYOCERA AVX’s antenna 1001013, now optimized for DECT NR+, provides exceptional performance in a small footprint.

15th March 2023
Kyocera named among top 100 global innovators for seventh year by Clarivate

Kyocera Corporation has announced that it has been recognised as a Top 100 Global Innovator 2023 by Clarivate. This year marks Kyocera Corporation’s seventh appearance on the list, including consecutive listings in 2022 and 2023.

24th November 2022
The smallest GaN laser chip by Kyocera

Kyocera has developed a new thin-film process technology for making unique silicon (Si) substrates for gallium nitride (GaN)-based micro-light sources, including short-cavity lasers and micro-LEDs.

11th November 2022
Kyocera’s On-Board Optics Module - big bandwidth, low power

Kyocera has developed an On-Board Optics Module that achieves a bandwidth of 512Gbps (gigabits per second). The module is expected to support high-speed network applications, such as data centres.

Component Management
29th June 2022
KYOCERA AVX unveils component search tool

KYOCERA AVX has launched a new interactive component search tool.

15th June 2022
Electronic components accelerate technological innovation

KYOCERA AVX is a global manufacturer of advanced electronic components engineered to accelerate technological innovation and build a better future.

9th June 2022
KYOCERA Corporation wins iF DESIGN AWARD 2022

KYOCERA Corporation has announced that two product designs – the “Moeye” autonomous vehicle concept car and the “Anshin SMARTPHONE” (KY-51B) – were awarded Germany’s prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD for 2022.

7th April 2022
Horizontal wire-to-board connectors for industrial and commercial applications

KYOCERA AVX, a global manufacturer of advanced electronic components engineered to accelerate technological innovation and build a better future, expanded its line of wire-to-board connectors with the release of the new UL-approved 9296-400 Series 4mm-pitch horizontal poke-home connectors.

Test & Measurement
12th January 2022
KYOCERA AVX launches evaluation board for testing antenna band switching performance at CES 2022

KYOCERA AVX launched its evaluation board for testing antenna band switching performance at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

Artificial Intelligence
30th June 2021
Smart checkout system with AI object recognition

Kyocera has announced the development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based smart checkout system. This low-cost object-recognition checkout system offers significant productivity gains for retail commerce while reducing physical contact that can transmit viral infections.

18th February 2021
Floating board-to-board connectors for automotive

Kyocera has introduced a new 0.5mm-pitch floating board-to-board connector series (F/P1 = 170%) for high-speed 16Gbps data transmission. Sold under the 5652 Series designation, the new connectors can float within ±0.85mm for easy and accurate mating. They are available now.

16th September 2020
Compact connectors suit wearables, game consoles

The 5811 Series Board-to-Board connectors from Kyocera have been miniaturised to be 50% smaller than conventional products.

3rd August 2020
Kyocera MIP technology displays open up new applications

Kyocera has launched the latest MIP Technology (Memory in Pixel) for a new solution for LCDs on the market. The Japanese ceramic expert combines three essential factors: The displays are outstanding with low power consumption, high image quality and fast switching times.

20th July 2020
Kyocera develops high-quality displays for medical use

The displays by Kyocera Automotive and Industrial Solutions bring long duration and are built for unusual surroundings. With seven to ten years of availability and stable features built for special operational readiness, Kyocera Automotive and Industrial Solutions (KAS) has released highly technological displays that are well suited for medical use.

31st March 2020
Kyocera to acquire Japan-based Showa Optronics

Kyocera has announced that it entered into a share transfer agreement with NEC Corporation on March 25th, 2020 to acquire all of NEC’s shares in Showa Optronics, an optical components manufacturer (SOC).

13th December 2019
Collaboration for injection molded structural electronics solutions

Kyocera and TactoTek have announced the signing of a marketing agreement which aims to bring IMSE solutions to several new market segments, including industrial and automotive components, electronic devices, and more. 

17th September 2019
Board-to-board connector with extremely low stacking height

Kyocera has announced its new 5655 Series electronic board-to-board connectors optimised for high-speed data transmission, featuring a 0.5mm-pitch and a stacking height of just at four millimetres, reportedly among the world’s thinnest for this class of connector.

21st June 2019
Duo to collaborate on integrated energy system for EVs

  Kyocera and BYD have announced a joint project to develop an integrated renewable supply-demand energy system for EVs. By combining renewable energy from Kyocera’s solar power generating systems and BYD’s electric buses, the collaboration will maximise the effectiveness of renewable energy, greatly reduce power losses, and maintain a stable supply-demand energy balance.

24th April 2019
Innovative solutions provider undergoes name change

On April 1st, 2019, the Display Department of Kyocera was renamed Kyocera Automotive and Industrial Solutions. With this change, the company is also acknowledging its own development from a traditional display manufacturer into a system provider and specialist in the field of man-machine interfaces.

Events News
9th November 2018
Firework display of innovations at electronica 2018

electronica, the international fair for the electronic industry, presents innovative technologies and trends. Thousands of exhibitors contribute to the trade fair and demonstrate the breadth and variety of the product range and fields of application. This year, Kyocera presents a whole host of new products from different areas of the company.

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