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29th January 2016
World's largest floating solar farm to be built in Japan

What happens when a country wants to boost their generation of solar power, but doesn't have enough land for the number of panels needed? Well, the Japanese, among a few others, have been developing a novel solution: float them on large reservoirs. This week saw the country begin construction of the largest floating solar farm in the world, in which panels will eventually cover two million square feet, and with an aim of producing enough electric...

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12th October 2015
Technologies for 2020 to be exhibited at CEATEC JAPAN 2015

The Kyocera Group will be exhibiting featured products and technologies at the CEATEC JAPAN 2015 tradeshow, one of Asia’s largest showcases for pioneering IT and electronics, from 7th to 10th October at the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex.

27th August 2015
Touch feel technology for real button feeling

A technology for real touch feeling and force feedback in display screens has been developed by Kyocera. The development of a real button sensation is expected to create a new type of user interface. It can be used in touch panel or touch pad products for a broad range of applications such as automotive and industrial equipment or in the field of information and communications.

5th August 2015
Wide format WXGA TFT-LCD displays target industrial applications

Wide format (16: 10) 10.1” and 12.1” WXGA TFT-LCD displays have been introduced by Kyocera. Wide format TFT-LCDs provide a modern design look and allow more information to be displayed on the screen. The increased resolution and wide aspect ratio provide greater details and achieve a sharper image, making them suitable for industrial applications including medical, agriculture, test and measurement, and marine applications.

30th July 2015
Abandoned golf course in Japan is repurposed as a solar farm

Kyocera has announced that Kyocera TCL Solar LLC, its joint venture with Century Tokyo Leasing, has commenced construction of a 23MW solar power plant on an abandoned golf course in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. The plant will generate an estimated 26,312MWh per year, enough electricity to power approximately 8,100 typical local households.

29th May 2015
TFT LCDs display clear colours in bright weather

Kyocera has introduced two next-gen TFT LCDs which display bright colours clearly, even in intense sunlight. Suitable for industrial applications including medical, aerospace, aquatics, T&M and Industry 4.0 equipment, the 10.4" XGA (TCG104XGLP) and 12.1" XGA (TCG121XGLP) TFT LCD modules feature 1024x768px resolution and high-efficiency, long-life LED backlights offering 1300 and 1200 cd/m², respectively.

25th March 2015
TFT LCDs operate across a -30 to +85°C temperature range

  The T-57152GD042H-LW-AAN and the T-55923GD050J-LW-ABN, small-format TFT LCD modules designed for use in harsh environments, have been introduced by Kyocera.

11th December 2014
LCD modules significantly reduce EMC problems

Two 7” widescreen (800x480px) WVGA on-cell touch LCD modules, featuring built-in touch sensors, have been introduced by Kyocera. The TCG070W VLRPC-GD117 and TCG070W VLRPC-GD118 expand the company’s range of LCDs. The capacitive touch sensor is built into the display’s front glass, resulting in a compact on-cell touch display.

7th October 2014
Displays' backlights last for 100,000 hours

Kyocera has revealed that the company has extended the backlight lifespan to 100,000 hours in 26 of its LCD modules. Available in sizes between 4.3 and 21", the long-life portfolio includes standard modules and modules suitable for use in extended temperature ranges, extremely bright light and in applications that require very wide view angles.

6th October 2014
Kyocera presents ground-breaking “non-magnetic”, high temperature resistant packaging solution for microelectronic components

Kyocera’s development of this innovative ceramic packaging is based on established HTCC technology (High Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics), which is currently used with specific “non-magnetic” piece parts and plating options. Kyocera is now presenting a new type of HTCC with platinum metallization on the top surface and in ceramic multilayering. Besides the “non-magnetic” property of platinum metallization, this unique ...

6th October 2014
KYOCERA joins imec’s industrial affiliation program on advanced silicon solar cell technology

Belgian nanoelectronics research centre imec and Kyocera Corporation announced today that Kyocera has joined imec’s industrial affiliation program (IIAP) to advance next-generation crystalline silicon solar cells. 

18th June 2014
LEDs produce colour spectrum close to natural sunlight

Kyocera Corporation has announced that it has developed a new type of LED that produces a color spectrum very close to natural sunlight — making it ideal for color-inspection applications. The products offer low power consumption and extremely long life in an array of lighting options, including fluorescent tubes, standing lights and compact handheld lamps — making them a perfect alternative to large, heat-producing xenon lamps in are...

18th June 2014
LCD module stands up to the toughest of conditions

Kyocera is expanding its LCD portfolio to include the TCG121WXLPAPNN-AN20, a new 12.1” WXGA LCD module with a 16:10 widescreen format and a 1280 x 800-dot display. Featuring materials that are perfectly suited for demanding use in industrial applications, this display stands up to the toughest conditions thanks to an expanded temperature range of -20°C to +70°C, a 170° horizontal and vertical viewing angle and sturdy c...

14th March 2014
LCDs boast 170° horizontal and vertical viewing angles

Three LCDs, featuring wide 170° horizontal and vertical viewing angles and extreme brightness of 1200cd/m², have been launched by Kyocera. The displays are suitable for almost any interior or exterior application.

11th December 2013
Raspberry Pi demo kit operates all Kyocera TFT modules

Kyocera have introduced a new Universal Demo Kit (VIP Kit) which enables all current Kyocera TFT display modules to be operated quickly and easily. The VIP Kit includes a converter which adapts HDMI graphics data from a Raspberry Pi so that they can be viewed on a Kyocera display panel. There is no need to worry about resolution or format - everything can be displayed in real time and at a high resolution.

19th March 2013
New Advanced Wide View TFT LCDs From Kyocera Display America Deliver True Color And Optimum Optical Performance In Larger Size Panels

Kyocera Display America has announced four new TFT-LCDs that are being added to its extensive product line. The new 10.4” SVGA and 12.1” SVGA TFT-LCD displays feature Kyocera’s Advanced Wide Viewing (AWV) technology. Advanced Wide Viewing technology delivers true color and the best optical performance and enables people to view images with vivid color (no grey inversion) from any angle. And, one version of each size also feature...

13th February 2013
Kyocera Display America Introduces New High Brightness Super Wide View TFT LCDS With Integrated LED Driver Circuits For Sunlight Readable Applications

Kyocera Display America has announced three new TFT-LCDs that will be added to its extensive TFT-LCD product line. The three new products are a 7.0” WVGA and two 8.4” SVGA TFT-LCD displays. All displays feature Super Wide Viewing (SWV) technology and two of them are super high brightness for sunlight readable outdoor applications.

20th September 2012
New TVL Industrial Flat Panel Series - Value Line Displays

New cost-effective TVL industrial flat panel series will be added to the Kyocera Display linecard of long term available high quality industrial displays.

3rd April 2012
Kyocera acquires Optrex to form Kyocera Display Corporation

Kyocera Corporation, Kyoto, Japan, has acquired LCD manufacturer Optrex Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, to form Kyocera Display Corporation.

3rd February 2012
MyGenflex, KYOCERA’s Latest Solar Energy Kit, Offers Increased Flexibility and System Monitoring for Optimal Efficiency

Kyocera Solar, Inc. announced that its MyGen Kits — all-inclusive kits for residential and light commercial solar energy installations — have expanded to include MyGenflex. This latest addition offers increased versatility for installation, expansion and monitoring services, featuring Kyocera’s premier KD240 watt solar modules, and new M215

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