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18th March 2024
New series of tiny SMD power inductors

knitter-inductive has implemented the new SMD Power Inductor T-Series, which offers a large saturation current at a very small physical size, on the market.

Component Management
9th February 2024
New multi-variant all-purpose slide-switch series

knitter-switch has extended its product range of slide-switches. The MFP/MFS 126/226 series is a multi-variant slide-switch series for all purposes. 

5th June 2023
Low profile SMD common mode chokes

knitter-inductive implemented the new W-Series of low-profile SMD Common Mode chokes for noise suppression on the market.

6th October 2022
Long-life tact switch with IP67

knitter-switch, one of Europe’s specialist switch manufacturers, has extended its product range with a long-life tact switch.

9th June 2022
Joystick from knitter-switch

Joystick, based on hall-effect IC´s. It can be interesting for camera controller, devices for handicapped, positioning tables in medical and industrial area, instruments or stage equipment.

26th October 2021
Terminal sealing by moulding for push button switches

Knitter-switch, one of Europe’s switch manufacturers, offers a new quality of protection for push button switches.

23rd July 2021
Membrane keypad alternative to resistive touchscreen

knitter-switch has extended its product range of membrane keypads. The YFT KS TOUCH 21 is a membrane keypad which can be an alternative to a resistive Touchscreen. The very low operating force gives the user a touch-feeling as a resistive touch system.

3rd June 2021
New extended portfolio of micro/snap-action switches

knitter-switch has extended its product range of micro/snap-action switches available to the market. These products are used in diverse applications, such as: car comfort accessories, tooling and industrial machines, household appliances, adjustable furniture ie. desks or medical beds & bedside tables, stairlifts, and anti-tamper contacts.

26th March 2021
Special rotary coded switch with control button

knitter-switch has extended its product range of rotary coded switches. The SMR-SG 53 has a big control button with a white arrow provided for screwdriver operation. Applications can be industrial control or other control boards.

3rd March 2021
Small contactless absolute encoder from knitter-switch

knitter-switch, one of Europe’s leading switch manufacturers, has extended its product range of encoders. The new MAOP encoder series is a contactless absolute encoder in small form factor. Applications can be tooling machines, industrial controls or control panels for other applications.

10th November 2020
Robust panel IP67-pushbutton switch with flying leads

knitter-switch has extended its product range of pushbutton switches. The new MPD 16 Series are simple but robust panel pushbuttons with IP 67 rating and flying leads. It can be used for industrial remote control or for agricultural, communal or construction vehicles.

20th July 2020
Anti-vandal switches meet high design requirements

knitter-switch has extended its product range of Anti-Vandal Switches. The new MPPE 2 NB Switch is a miniature Push-Pull switch for the high requirements of the environment and design. It can be used for remote control, car accessory, industrial automation or 3D printers – for example as an emergency stop switch.

8th June 2020
SMD LAN transformers for Gigabit Ethernet and PoE

knitter-inductive has introduced SMD LAN Transformers for Gigabit Ethernet and PoE to their product portfolio. The new LAN transformers are available for the 1000BASE-T (1Gbit/s), 2.5GBASE-T (2.5Gbit/s) and 10GBASE-T (10Gbit/s) standard.

19th May 2020
Anti-vandal pushbutton switches in all technologies

knitter-switch has extended its product range of Anti-Vandal Pushbutton Switches. The new brochure can be ordered or downloaded on the knitter-switch homepage.

22nd January 2020
Space saving illuminated tact switch with RGB-LED and IP67

Knitter-switch has extended its product range of illuminated tact switches. The TSLE/TSSLE 6868 series are illuminated tact switches with a lot of high-quality features in a space saving design. Because of this a lot of different applications like multimedia equipment, computer accessories, measurement instrumentation, industrial automation or medical technology are possible.

11th May 2017
Resistant illuminated pushbuttons suit difficult environments

knitter-switch now offers an extended product range of pushbutton switches for difficult environments. The ICPE22 series are resistant illuminated pushbuttons with polycarbonate case. It is a lower priced alternative to the usual stainless steel switches. The field of application is also industrial controlling systems.

17th March 2017
Rotary coded switches are available with 4, 6 or 8 positions

knitter-switch has announced that it now offers an extended product range of rotary coded switches. The switches of the DRS/DRR/SMR 60000 series are now – in addition to 10 and 16 positions - also available with 4, 6 or 8 positions. The 20000 series is now available with 8, 10 and 16 positions and the DRS/SMR 15000/16000 series is also available with 4 positions.

Events News
13th October 2016
Fifty years of switches to be showcased at electronica

Switch manufacturer knitter-switch is to exhibit once again at electronica, the world’s leading trade fair for the electronics industry. electronica 2016 takes place at the Munich Trade Fair Centre from 8th to 11th November and knitter-switch can be seen at booth 273 in hall B5. 2016 is a special year for knitter-switch. 

14th June 2016
knitter-switch widens range of detector switches

knitter-switch now offers an extended product range of detector switches. Detector switches are used for recognition of variation or manipulation of movable or removable parts such as caps, covers, or connections. For example, they are used in printers to notify users when the papertray is empty. They are also responsible for recognising manipulation of smoke detectors.

22nd April 2016
IP67 pushbutton features high quality design

With an IP67 rating, the new DPY 1 CB pushbutton from knitter-switch is designed for ruggedised industrial applications requiring water-proofing. The DPY 1 CB features a stainless steel actuator and gold plated contacts. It is used on PC boards with a hole diameter of 16mm.

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