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1st June 2016
Tool solution is designed to aid in all stages of development

K2L has announced the OptoLyzer CAN FD tool solution which combines the OptoLyzer MOCCA FD hardware interface with the feature-rich OptoLyzer Studio software. The combination of these two offerings provides a flexible solution that can be applied to different phases of the automotive and engine control unit (ECU) development cycle. It is designed to aid in all stages of development including prototyping, simulation, implementation, analysis and v...

10th September 2015
Automotive network designers reduce complexity & speed development

K2L has announced the latest version of its OptoLyzer Studio software development tool, which enables automotive CAN and LIN network development with reduced complexity, cost and time for designers, testers and system integrators. This modern and easy-to-use .NET-based tool leverages cost-effective system and device development, allowing the use of common file formats and offering users the opportunity to create software extensions by adding thei...

26th June 2015
Tool kit is optimised for the latest MOST standard

To further ease the simulation of MOST technology-based automotive infotainment systems and devices for rapid prototyping, verification and test, K2L has released version 4.2.0 of its MOST PCI Tool Kit.

30th April 2015
Datacomms design suite supports all leading automotive buses

K2L has announced its OptoLyzer StudioGUI software, for designing devices and systems that enable data communication over every leading-edge automotive bus, including CAN, LIN, FlexRay and MOST networks. The software includes support for K2L, Microchip and other third party hardware development tools.

Test & Measurement
19th August 2014
Automotive test system accelerates development time

Car owners want more features and the car makers increase these features to get a competitive edge. Teams of designers, developers, testers and system integrators work to bring these sophisticated systems to market and time is critical. To meet test demands K2L has launched its Automotive Test System (ATS), a singular hardware and software tool that supports all of the major automotive busses for all of the activities related to test and simulati...

25th March 2014
Tool chain helps develop auto systems using coaxial cables

Consisting of several elements that together provide everything needed to develop a MOST150-based automotive system or device using coaxial cables, the MOST150 coax (cPHY) tool chain has been unveiled by K2L. The toolchain provides application development, whole-system safeguarding, testing, simulation, deep-system analysis, verification, and stress scenarios. 

12th April 2011
K2L MOST Starter Kit for Freescale i.MX35

Seamless connection to all speed grades of MOST for MS-Auto or Embedded Linux powered Freescale i.MX35 evaluation devices

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