K2L MOST Starter Kit for Freescale i.MX35

12th April 2011
ES Admin
Seamless connection to all speed grades of MOST for MS-Auto or Embedded Linux powered Freescale i.MX35 evaluation devices
Turn your Freescale i.MX35 evaluation board into a powerful MOST25, MOST50 or MOST150 node by just adding a K2L MOST Phy board (hardware) and by installing the K2L MOST driver and middleware solution Automotive Communication System (ACS).

The K2L solution takes care about all necessary interaction with the SMSC Intelligent Network Interface Controller (INIC) via the On-Chip MLB interface included in the Freescale i.MX35 device (3Pin Media Local Bus, max. 1024 FS, ~ 50MBit/s).

Experience a fully dynamic interaction with the MOST control, package, synchronous and Ethernet (available with MOST150) channels where all basics like low level driver (LLD) implementation and configuration as well as integration of the SMSC NetServices are already done for you.

Implement your own MOST applications based on ACS either by using a plain message driven approach like the K2L Tiny-MOST-interface or by applying generated MOST interfaces (out of the K2L MOST application, based on the XML version of the MOST function catalogue).

Please note, that other components like the K2L MOST Network Master or the K2L Universal Gateway (UGW) are also available as plug-in for the device. Experience the flexibility of the K2L Gateway technology where customized routings are realized without any re-compilation of the platform by just changing a gateway table located e.g. on a SD-memory-card.

All K2L software components are ready made and field proven, please ask for available mass production licenses and further information!

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